AUGUST, 2017

Wonderful staff! The best butlers in the world. Excellent service, food is fresh and delicious. Lovely ambiance and view. The best honeymoon resort/getaway ever.
M/M Jaber

It is breathtaking! We don’t know if it is possible to top the magnificent views and service. Thank you!
M/M Chruney

Our Major Domos were excellent.
M/M Kouvas

Our stay at Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations. The moment we walked into the sanctuary we were captivated by the breath taking view and instantly realized that Jade was a truly unique resort. We felt relaxed the entire time. The staff and services were outstanding. We returned home feeling refreshed and well rested.
M/M Schreiber

Major Domo’s have been excellent.
M/M Tsui

It was a wonderful vacation. The food was exceptional! The entire staff and experience was simply amazing. I will carry this place and the Pitons in my soul and feel such gratitude for our experience. We shall return.
MM Ballard

This is by far the best vacation we have ever been on! There are tons of things to do and the service was phenomenal!! All of the staff are so welcoming. Thank you for everything! Every person we saw greeted us smiled and inquired about our stay, such a friendly atmosphere. All of the guides were friendly, knowledgeable and humorous. They made excursions even better.
M/M Clyne

Everything was amazing!
M/M Duncan

Our stay was special, our Major Domo treated us very nicely. He met our every request making our experience exceptional. He was a pleasure to have.
M/M Varghese

We both really enjoyed our time at Jade Mountain. The staff was truly wonderful from the moment we arrived until the time we left. We felt pampered and well taken care of. We never knew the reception we would get as an interracial, same sex couple, and all I can say is we were never given a sideways glance and made to feel quite comfortable.
M/M Hughes

The Hotel is amazing. In general, everyone was polite and friendly.
M/M Pavel

The Major Domos were amazing! Great service, housekeeping was so awesome! The Jade Club was
unbelievable!! Loved everything we ate.
M/M Leslie

All three of our Major Domos were excellent! We will recommend and be back.
M/M Erdman

We were awestruck by the beautiful room. The Staff and service at Jade Mountain were truly exceptional! We hope to be back in the future and would not hesitate to recommend Jade Mountain to our friends and family.
M/M Fleming

We had a wonderful stay and thought everyone was excellent and friendly. It would be unfair to mention particular people as everyone was outstanding and a credit to the hotel.
M/M Dalby

Excellent place! We will miss this spectacular lovely place!
M/M Balikjian

I am really very satisfied. Everything was a pleasure; in particular the personnel at the restaurant and on the beach. We are so very satisfied and we promise you that we will return and tell our friends.
M/M Noirtin

Our Trip was absolutely wonderful.
M/M Kline

Without question it was the most perfect resort for us. The open rooms, stunning views and clean, delicious foods were fantastic. Service was excellent. All the Major Domos were very attentive. We noticed that every staff we passed (sweeping, walking and gardening) spoke to us and asked us how our day was going and if we were enjoying ourselves, etc. They were very friendly and welcoming.
M/M Deffebach

Thank you so much for such a pleasant stay. You all went above and beyond to make our honeymoon extra special. It is heaven here. Thank you again for everything!
M/M Chavoustie

We enjoyed every aspect of our stay. There was no reason to leave our sanctuary. The food and beverage were fantastic and the service was friendly and professional. We are already looking forward to our return.
M/M Cochran

Love it and we will be back!
M/M Macciomessenbrink

Service from our Major Domos was very good. They attended to our needs throughout our stay. The staff was friendly and helpful and service was prompt and very good. We enjoyed the snorkeling trip as well as the evening sail and we also enjoyed the exquisite pool.
M/M Lawrence

Dinner at Jade was exceptional.
M/M Candeto

We love coming to Jade Mountain. The food is amazing and the staff is very attentive.
M/M Jann

The views were amazing.
M/M Hayat

All of our Major Domos, wait staff, scuba center staff, excursion staff and everyone at Jade Mountain were amazingly nice and accommodating. Each person strived to make our honeymoon incredibly romantic and special. This will be one trip we will never forget! We cannot wait to be back!
M/M Abercrombie

We had a wonderful experience! Everything was exceptional.
M/M Clement

Absolutely spectacular in every way! Congratulations on a superlative resort. 5 star +++. Thank you so much for a perfect vacation! It was worth every penny. The food was beyond exceptional and literally out of this world. Loved the Galaxy Suite!
M/M Misch
We had a wonderful experience at Jade Mountain. The service is exceptional and the staff go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable and having a good time. Each staff member is wonderful. We hope to be back again soon.
M/M Roychowdhury

Wonderful experience, would love to come back. Best experience ever! Loved every moment.
M/M Pinjolli


JULY, 2017

Paradise, literally. Everyone was so friendly and attentive and the food was great! The Yoga Instructor was great! We will be back soon.
M/M Sage

Loved our time here so relaxing and we have been so spoiled! Will definitely recommend to friends and family and we will be returning in the future.
M/M Burns

Jade Mountain is magnificent.
M/M Julius

Extremely grateful for all the staff at Jade Mountain that made our baby moon a memorable one! The food, room/sanctuary, and service were top notch. We look forward to our return in the future.
M/M Pattishall

The Beach Bar has the prime location and excellent food. Entertainment was good. Honestly we have never been to a resort more customer service oriented than Jade. There are too many good things to say about the overall staff. Everyone was amazing. You all exceeded our expectations. We were treated like Royalty!
M/M Janajri

Everything was beyond amazing! Al was the best Major Domo, when Al was gone we missed him but the lady who filled in for him was also amazing!!!! Everyone was so nice and generally happy. I can’t say one bad thing about the service at all!
M/M Scotto D’Antuono

Bike Tyson with Jungle Biking was amazing. We had a great time with him and we learned a lot. He was so nice and knowledgeable! Also the Farm guide we had on Thursday, July 6th 2017 was also amazing. We had such a great time learning about all the fruits, vegetables and plants. He was really nice.

We will always remember Jade Mountain with a smile on our faces to send you an array of customers to JE1. Thank you again!!!
M/M Guajardos

This place is magical. We have never had customer service as incredible as the staff at Jade. Everyone was friendly and made us feel so special. We will definitely come back. The food service staff was perfection! The best place we have ever stayed! Thank you!
M/M Copley

The most memorable experience I have ever had. Best resort accommodations we have ever had. This truly was paradise. Thanks for making our vacation perfect.
M/M Sampsom

Incredible place where we enjoyed every moment like we were in paradise. I want to congratulate everyone from the staff who are doing their job very well and even better than well. All the activities are amazing, food is excellent, and all music bands are well chosen.
M/M Kachaou

We really enjoyed our stay here and the staff was always incredibly friendly and helpful. The Infinity pool was the perfect temperature, both beaches were great for snorkeling, relaxing and watersports.
M/M Stewart

Absolutely wonderful. A special shout out to our butlers Teddy who was just amazing and such a joy to talk to and Ashley who did our special beach set up dinner for two nights. He was so great the first night we booked from the table for the next night and requested him again. And Davidson set up our special dinner in the villa. What an amazing job and he was so knowledgeable about wines. Housekeeping seriously did an incredible job. They were always so thorough and nice too. Our drivers were always great. So nice and even remembered our names! We’ve stayed at Six Senses, Yao Noi, Tugu Bali,0 and Lombok several four seasons and Peninsula hotels. We honestly cannot think of anything they did that you didn’t. You’ve got it down perfectly.
Thank you so much for an utterly amazing vacation. Your hotel is world class and a true wonder. I honestly can’t say enough good things about every aspect. My husband, Mark, who was the Chairman of the Board of United States Green Building Council (creator of LEED) greatly took note of all of the sustainable aspects. We look forward to many more stays with you. Finally I’ve taken Mark somewhere truly spectacular that isn’t 18 flight hours away, but four. ‘One of the very best in the World!’
M/M MacCracken

Beautiful experience. The property was exceptional, Thank you for creating such a destination and experience.
M/M Costello

The resort and facilities are absolutely amazing – once in a lifetime experience we came to celebrate our anniversary, we loved the view and the pool in our room and absolute must! The service at most places was wonderful.
M/M Houck

Great experience, the food and service was terrific.
M/M Skogg

An absolutely amazing experience. Felt comfortable, relaxed and very fortunate from the minute we arrived.
M/M Bryant

Thank you for an incredible vacation. St. Lucia is beautiful as are the residents. We loved the Jazzy cruise, the volcano tour and the botanical gardens. We were so impressed with the food, it was delicious! The service at Jade Mountain was perfect. We will be back.
M/M Cummings

Excellent restaurant food, spectacular view and sanctuary, resourceful staff, good yoga classes and pristine spa services.
M/M Porciuncula

This stay was more than I could imagine!! The entire staff at Jade and Anse Chastanet were incredible.
Our room was spectacular and we appreciate all the items provided to assist with the bugs.
Everyone was so friendly and accommodating. All of our excursions were great.
M/M Migliore

We especially enjoyed the various tours we did with ‘Father Nature’. All in all a perfect honeymoon that we’ll always remember!
M/M Meyer

Combination of natural beauty and exquisite luxury. We had a wonderful time. Food quality, quantity and Service all around was outstanding.
M/M Lucas,

Thank you for making our honeymoon even more special than we could have hoped for!
M/M Nelson

Breathtaking and Amazing!
M/M Stalker

Beautiful rooms and design. Service was always very professional.
M/M Todd

While St. Lucia is beautiful, both Jon and I felt that the staff and guides at Jade are what made our trip so memorable! Everyone from the butlers to the beach attendants were warm, welcoming, and made us feel right at home. We cannot say enough good things about the people on the island, and certainly plan to return (as soon as possible!!!).
M/M Willard

Loved the mint towels upon arrival at the airport. The taxi driver was amazing and very knowledge and stopped to show us Piton Beer where my husband had on from a side shop. The receptionist was amazing I loved her tour and her knowledge as well. She was funny and super inviting.
The food at Jade Club is beyond amazing! The variety is fantastic and so upper class like the stay here at Jade Mountain. The chef deserves kudos! He is fantastic!
M/M Rifas

Farm tour was fantastic and chocolate lab was awesome.
M/M Sawyer

Our experience was exceptional. Everyone was kind to us and helpful. The food at Jade was wonderful. The activities were great. Our room was lovely and the service was very good. Your employees are the best I’ve ever seen! Loved our time here.
M/M Groomes

We had an excellent vacation at Jade! Thank you!! Service at Jade Mountain was good and always a different experience each night. We enjoyed the meet and greet with staff and other resort guests on the Tuesday night. Must keep! Very much enjoyed our conversation with the Executive Chef Stefan. The food was very good. Appreciated meeting Chef Elijah and was surprised that he incorporated breadfruit balls in the menu one night after we had spoken! Furthermore, he served the lion fish to my husband’s delight 3 different ways for him to enjoy! Personal touches do not go unnoticed!
M/M Gratton

We cannot begin to thank you enough our Major Domos, Al and Filliner for making this trip the most remarkable time!! Our honeymoon has been an experience of a life time, and we will be counting the days until we can come back to this resort and its beautiful people.
M/M Gilmer

It is a crime to feel so good!
M/M Babaeva

Our honeymoon was fantastic! Loved every minute of our stay at Jade Mountain. Everyone was so kind and helpful at all times it made our stay so enjoyable.
M/M Harris

Truly beautiful! The two women masseuses who gave us the Swedish massage were excellent!
M/M Farabee

Fantastic! Wonderful! We so enjoyed our time at Jade Mountain.  Our senses were bombarded – by the sights and sounds of nature around us, by the amazing architecture and wonder of Jade Mountain’s beauty, and of course by our sanctuary, which was incomparable to any place we have ever stayed.  We fear that Jade Mountain has ruined us for any stay in the future in any other hotel/resort.  As my wife said after our return, it feels like it was a dream.  And so, the answer to the question of whether we would return is “yes!”  Perhaps for our 30th anniversary in 2019—if that’s not too far down the road to start planning!
M/M Recht

It was a dream thank you for making us feel so special. We just want to applaud our Major Domo’s Allain and Teclus they were so friendly, caring and thoughtful during our entire stay. We felt as if they were old friends sharing their recommendations and exhibiting expert hospitality during our stay in their home country. Words cannot do justice for the amount of praise we would like to give them! We hope to see them again on a return visit. Thank you for such a special and relaxing honeymoon in part to your wonderful staff!
M/M Davis

The Jade Club was very accommodating! Great Job! Our Major Domo’s Al and Filliner were absolutely wonderful! Their service is perfection and we loved getting to know them. Their personalities are so charming and they make you feel at home and well taken care of. We will be back for sure.
M/M Jarvis

Overall excellent experience. The little touches, like having a bath drawn for us when we got back from hiking added to the wow! Factor. We plan to return in the future.
M/M Becker

Everything was perfect. We had an amazing honeymoon and are already looking forward to a future visit.
M/M Borestein

Jade Mountain is unlike anything we’ve ever experiences in the best way possible! Can’t wait to come back.
M/M Persaud

Thank you!!
M/M Botteron

Staying at this resort was the best decision we made. Booking our activities was easy, the staff was more than helpful. We received great recommendations and having a guide during our tours were wonderful. Our stay was more than we hoped for. Thank you for all who made jour trip so memorable!
M/M Bisel

M/M Brewster

Expectations were high and you have exceeded them in almost every way BRAVO! It may be impossible to create a more amazing experience than Jade Mountain anywhere in the world. Thank you for making our 10th Anniversary so awesome to top this we’ll have to come back!!
M/M Honneus

We are so grateful for your vision and commitment to building and maintaining Jade Mountain. It is my favorite place in the world and we will absolutely be back for a third visit. We were able to spend two nights in JC5 which was our honeymoon sanctuary and the last two nights we had the privilege of staying in JD1 which felt like a dream. I was so sad to leave and I've been constantly looking through my photos since we left three days ago.
Again, my sincere thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Troubetzkoy for both of your gifts to the world. There is nothing like Jade Mountain and its beauty and charm will never be replicated.  We look forward to our return and we will be sending many friends your way as well.
M/M Nunley

It’s a beautiful island and resort with top notch service. Excellent!
M/M MacNaughton

Thank you Jade Mountain for an experience we will cherish always. Everybody was so attentive courteous, and genuinely seemed to care about our wellbeing and happiness. This is quite an amazing place and we hope to be back soon. Totally exceeded our expectations on every level. Would love to consider Jade Mountain for birthday celebration next year.
M/M Cohen

This place is Magic and your service impeccable. I would return every year it’s just the most beautiful relaxing place we have stayed at.
M/M Dresden

An unforgettable experience! Everything was excellent. The facilities, the food, the room, the views, the staff
Everything! Our major domos, were so kind, helpful and responsive. We will be back!
M/M Hoolenan,

Unique and amazing experience.
M/M Saccoccia,

We had a wonderful experience. Our major domos were lovely, attentive and absolutely delightful.
We can’t say enough about how lovely the staff are across both resorts. We had two wonderful spa treatments. The Dive masters were very competent and facilities were great. The night sail was perfect.
M/M Waxman

Absolutely lovely resort, great diving. The massages were lovely.
M/M Ziefle

Our stay was incredible, we will be back very soon. Chef Eli made some of the best food I have ever tasted as well. He was awesome.
M/M Patille


JUNE 2017

Most beautiful room I’ve ever stayed in. Will definitely be back.
M/M Franklin

Every single staff member we came in contact with was pleasant, friendly and very helpful. They made us feel special and seemed very interested in how our day was going. Dining experiences were sensational at every venue. The Jade Club was a premiere experience. It was an experience of a lifetime. When my husband found Jade Mountain on the internet under ‘10 Most Romantic Luxury Resorts in the World’, and suggested we splurge and come here for our 25th wedding anniversary, I thought he had lost his mind. It was so extravagant that I balked. But he reminded me that since we married so late in life for the first time that we probably won’t reach our 50th anniversary so we might as well make this anniversary ‘the big one’. The vacation reached heights beyond my wildest imagination! Never have I felt so privileged! Our sanctuary was private paradise. We went in the infinity pool at least 3 times a day enjoying the magnificent view. Truly heaven on earth! We enjoyed all of the activities, the food, the entertainment and the sanctuary. We want to come back so we’ll save up to do so – the sooner the better! Thank you for your vision of Jade Mountain and for sharing your resort with us. We are grateful to you. You have fulfilled the dream of a lifetime for me and my husband Jim.
M/M Green

All of your staff are to be commended for their attitudes and smiles. The family country band on Monday night was terrific.
M/M Fath

The Major Domos are excellent! Jade Club staff excellent. Spa staff good. Architecture very cool! Hike was great. Burger beach place was great.
M/M Truwit

We had a wonderful stay and loved the privacy and laid back atmosphere.
M/M Perla

Domo’s were all extremely attentive and courteous. They were always immediately available.
M/M Seeger

The Service is amazing. Always thinking ahead so guests don’t have to. Most relaxing vacation I’ve ever been on. We’ll definitely return.
Everything surpassed our highest expectations. The most unique experience we’ve had in a boutique resort or any resort for that matter. Incredible!
M/M Kelso

The sanctuary was amazing; we thoroughly enjoyed our room, pool, view and service by the Major Domos. We would absolutely come back! We appreciated the friendliness of all of the staff and especially appreciated the efforts of the Major Domos to make my husband’s birthday special.
M/M Cottey

The resort is exquisite. Every detail is attended to.
M/M Royce

M/M Collins

Spectacular experience!. We’ve never been in such a beautiful location with such welcoming and kind people. Jade Mountain is synonymous with paradise. Thank you for everything; we can’t wait to return.
M/M Saunders

Breathtaking views! Staff worked at 110% - everyone was very nice and very helpful.
M/M Thomas

Everything was absolutely wonderful. The sanctuary is unlike any other – so comfortable, gorgeous and beautifully designed. Every person we interacted with on the staff was lovely. The best service we’ve ever had! The restaurant and food in general were amazing. Please give our thanks to the chefs! We could not have picked a more perfect and enjoyable place for any honeymoon!!! We will be back.
M/M MacPherson

Loved the view from the room. Everyone was extremely helpful. We had a fabulous time. Everyone made our wedding renewal very special from the start of our day to the end of our day. Our vow renewal as intimate, special and far exceeded our expectations.
M/M Frye

Jade Mountain is an excellent facility and in a class by itself. We loved every minute of our stay and look forward to our return. We normally do not like resorts but when we saw Jade Mountain we know we would be pleased. The staff at the Jade Club is the best wait staff, very friendly, engaging and remembers you. You have done an excellent service with customer service and should be commended.
M/M Hunt

Excellent Yoga, Nelson was inspirational in his Yoga sessions which provided physical and mental wellbeing. It was an amazing experience in an amazing location.
M/M Coulter

Best food we’ve ever had!!
M/M Ray

Amazing place! We can honestly say you have the best service in all of the places we’ve been.
M/M Jobe

Jade Mountain is a magical place. We were swept away from the moment we arrived. Without a doubt, we will celebrate future Anniversaries here. We will remember every special touch brought to us here. Thank you for making our first week as a married couple unforgettable.
M/M Reilly

We’ve travelled plenty and visited many hotels, resorts and villas for personal and professional reasons. Y’all have been tremendous and exceptional in every way.
M/M Owen

My husband and I travel a lot but this experience was nothing we have ever seen. From the view to the black sandy beaches, the food and last but not least the Major Demo, they were available to your every need. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing, experience. Jade Mountain is a must do, even if it’s only once in your lifetime you must have this experience. I don’t know how anything else will compare.
M/M Godfrey

We had the best honeymoon at Jade Mountain!. The seamless check-in process was top-notch and set the tone for the amazing service we had all week! We enjoyed the Monday night cocktail hour and live music at the Jade Club. The Butler service (Teddy and Okeda) were fantastic. We loved having the A.I. option and the activities in the Total Romance Package. We hope to be back soon!
Many Kudos to the chef and the team at Emerald Farms. We did the farm tour and gained such an appreciation of the farm-to-table aspect of Jade. The main Agricultural Chairperson was so knowledgeable, as was the farm tour guide. We did the farm tour at the beginning of the week and it really enhanced our culinary experience, as we had a new appreciation for the process of sourcing the food each day.
M/M Adams

Great service!! Wow what a new best way to spend our anniversary. We were treated very well.
M/M Rich

Jade Mountain blew us away our entire stay. Allain took us on a tour of the resorts and did a great job explaining everything to us. Our In-Room dining experiences didn’t disappoint. The pull pork slider was incredible and were very impressed with the club.
M/M Dewberry

This place is amazing!! We had a wonderful stay. We cherished every moment during our stay, we hope to return in the near future. Thank you to all the people who made this place so enjoyable!
M/M Sellers

The rooms were perfect! It was like being in paradise. Everyone at Jade Mountain was super nice and friendly.
M/M Greenspan, JC1

Loved that we felt like we were at our own private sanctuary – no parties, noise, or media. Total escape and relaxation. The waterfall tour with Father Nature was very good.
M/M Weber

I am really impressed with the services and facility. You have exceeded my expectations. I wanted to make my 30th anniversary special and you have. I learned a lot about service that I will implement in my practice. Thanks again for a most memorable stay. I have travelled the world, and I must say, this has been my favorite.
M/M Martin

Allowing us to keep our room until 4pm for our taxi was unexpected. Thank you so much!
M/M Hobson

The Architecture is very cool! The hike was great and The Burger Beach Place was also great!
M/M Truwit

Awesome service by all!
M/M Brown

All the staff were well trained in giving quality service. Especially restaurant service like Ain. Everyone was warm and friendly and called us by name when greeted. Food was phenomenal. I appreciated the local fruits, vegetables and food items. The different daily snacks were great!
M/M Hord

We had the best vacation! This is an amazing place! What a treat it was! Thank you!!
M/M Dozier

Housekeeper provided and excellent service. Dinner on roof top was amazing, service was warm and friendly. We would like to thank each one of the staff for making this stay possible with excellent service. Great memories to take home.
M/M Ellis

Beautiful rooms and views! Jade Mountain was amazing. Loved the beaches and yoga!
M/M Anastasia

Quality at its core.
M/M Mendoza’s

Couldn’t imagine a better honeymoon trip
M/M Darragh

We had such a wonderful experience here at Jade Mountain. It was the first time visiting this slice of heaven and will not be our last. Your hospitality, culture and love made this incredible. Thank you for treating us like a King and Queen for 4 days!
M/M Klacza

We had a wonderful time and the resort exceeded our expectations. It was the perfect honeymoon!
M/M D’Elia

The views are amazing, the rooms are beautiful, but most importantly, the staff is perfect! So friendly and helpful! Room temperature was perfect and there was very little issue with bugs, loved the turn down service. Complimentary tour/activities were awesome, even though it was hard for us to leave our beautiful sanctuary. Thank you for an unforgettable honeymoon! We will definitely be recommending to friends and are already thinking about our next trip back!
M/M Grzybowski

Wonderful Resort best we have ever visited!
M/M German

Fantastic Place, Great service and Beautiful views!
M/M Lawrence

Had a very wonderful stay everything was excellent.
M/M McLean

The Spa service is excellent. Phillipa is a great therapist, Yoga was very good.
M/M Gold

We had a great time. Our Major Demo was amazing. Always quick and with a huge smile. She made the trip wonderful.
M/M Williams

We fell in love with Jade Mountain and have shared our photos of our trip with many on Facebook who have inquired about your property. It was a magical trip for us, largely because of our butler service treating us like Royalty! Very nice. The property design is amazing and the views breathtaking. I was concerned about mosquitoes prior to the trip, but we did not have any problem at all. I’m not sure how you control that issue because we live in Arkansas around rice fields and the mosquito could be our State bird! :o).
M/M Parker

MAY 2017

Amazing views. Excellent service, all of the staff we encountered were very pleasant and helpful.
Phenomenal food at Jade Club, we looked forward to seeing what items would be on the menu each night for dinner. My husband and I came for our honeymoon, would be fun to return for a milestone anniversary.
M/M Komula

All members of staff were absolutely outstanding!
M/M Luke

The setting, the food, the amenities, the architecture, the service – everything was amazing. I would say never change a thing! But from what you have created here it is obvious that whatever you do, it will be done with the perfect amount of artistry and restraint.
M/M Cunningham

All outstanding, the ones we didn’t fill out were things we didn’t get a chance to do.
M/M McClellan

Everyone was so friendly and welcoming! We had the best honeymoon here!! The staff was a huge part of that! Thank you!!
M/M Peterson

Phenomenal experience.
M/M Moore

Allain was one of the highlights of the trip… addition to the absolutely amazing sanctuary. The staff is incredibly friendly and this place is truly stunning. Amazing! Truly one of a kind experience.
M/M Prucz

Amazing experience.
M/M Peterson

I’m not sure where to even start. Everything was perfect, we will absolutely be back!
M/M Holt

Amazing stay! Thanks to everyone! Major domos were great, best hotel ever!
M/M Stahl

Staff are excellent, everyone so friendly and helpful. Nothing too much trouble. Thank you for everything!!
M/M Cooper

We had a magical stay at Jade Mountain, celebrating our 20th anniversary. It was possibly a “once in a lifetime” visit for us, but….one never knows the future. Everything was perfect, from the sanctuaries to the service to the food. We said many times “they have thought of everything!” It was a few days of pure luxury among stunning beauty. It exceeded our high expectations. When we first learned of the resort years ago, staying there was only a dream. We finally made the dream come true. It was incredible – pure joy from check-in to check-out.
M/M Chaney

Jade Mountain is not just a place – it is an experience!
M/M Ventura

Great place to relax, no need to leave your sanctuary if that’s what you need. There are also plenty of activities if that’s what you want. Very attentive and awesome staff. The quality of the dining experience, service and food is second to none. We had a wonderful time just relaxing and recharging.
M/M Bontrager

This was our second trip to Jade Mountain. Overall the experience was incredible. The service and facilities are absolutely world class.
M/M Green

From arrival to a reluctant departure, the complete experience at the resort was exceptional!
M/M Grundy

Amenities just superb.
Food best ever (all the guests talk about it)
The people! Warm, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The spa! Wonderful treatments and people.
Jazz boat – really fun. Walk and snorkeling very enjoyable.
Our butlers provided exemplary service. We knew Allen best, he’s great.
M/M Peyree

This was the best Caribbean experience we have had. The members of the staff on every level are extraordinary, knowledgeable, friendly and personable. Yoga instructors great and nice variety between Nelson and Laura.
M/M Pfeiffer

Lion fish dinner was amazing!! Best dining experience I ever had.

Beautiful and relaxing stay at Jade Mountain. We enjoyed every aspect of our stay! Highlights were Anse Mamin’s fish burger and the great views from the celestial terrace.
M/M Everman

Your staff represent you to a standard that is always civil, polite and welcoming. What a credit to them.
M/M Baker

You literally have the kindest, happiest and upbeat staff – everyone was friendly, helpful and courteous. I love the towel/napkin swans. Beach activities were so fun. Beach attendants were great. Loved the nature everywhere and how such a high end resort can be so in-sync with the natural world. Spa staff who did my hair/make-up were miracle workers. I’ve never had better food in my life than we have enjoyed here Enjoyed the live musicians. This was my first ever trip and honestly had been the best week ever. We have already talked about that we will absolutely be back. Thanks to everyone for the best vacation and most wonderful wedding. Jade Mountain well exceeded my expectations. We will see you again!
M/M Bennett/Peel

Wonderful! Nothing like it!
M/M Ballard

We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for making our honeymoon so special and something we will never forget. We loved meeting so many kind people and learning about your beautiful island. Thank you for sharing your kindness and generosity to us. We hope to see everyone again! May God bless you all!
M/M Thompson

Great facilities, amazing food, very relaxing environment. Couldn’t have asked for anything more. Awesome experience.
M/M Abeler

Everything was wonderful, a fantastic honeymoon made even better by Jade Mountain.
M/M Harris

Pat and I loved our stay. Jade is a special place, so unique. The service and attention are wonderful! Thank goodness for the shuttles – the hill climbing is difficult. The food and its presentation are exceptional. Our domos were so well educated in service – everyone was so very friendly. The architecture/sanctuaries are incredible! Thanks for this incredible experience!
M/M Morgan

Everything was “top notch.” We enjoyed our stay immensely!! Exceptional on every level.
M/M Bernhardt

What a special place! Service is exemplary and the entire experience has just been so amazing. Words can’t describe it! Thank you so much for a memorable honeymoon!
M/M Coombs

Everybody was friendly, we would like to come again.
M/M Mackaness

This has been such an incredible experience. From the sanctuary, to the staff, food, excursions and culture – this is a trip we will never forget!
M/M Ward

We loved our week here at Jade Mountain. Beautiful location and such friendly, warm staff. Our majordomo Vito was superb, anticipating all of our needs. Very thoughtful, nice person. He was especially helpful with all of my wife’s special needs and medical limitations. The beach staff went out of their way to get Gatorade from town for us to help my wife’s stomach issues. Superb service from Jaqueline and her boss. Just superior, outstanding and caring.
M/M Gonzales

Excellent resort and experience! The food and service at Jade mountain club was especially superb! We ate here every breakfast and dinner and was blown away every time. The beach was beautiful and relaxing. Diving wonderful. All members from sanctuary staff/domos, restaurant members, diving and beach service attendants did an amazing job at making our honeymoon a week we will never forget.
M/M Sabates/Clapner

We absolutely love our stay! The resort is gorgeous and the staff are friendly and provide excellent service!
M/M Megan

It’s a fabulous resort and the staff is very friendly.
M/M Lane

Amazing experience. Heaven on earth.
M/M Williams

We had a wonderful stay at Jade Mountain. The service and accommodations were perfect! Thank you for making this trip so special.
M/M Harrison

This was our trip to the Caribbean and something of a special treat for myself and my daughters following the loss of their grandfather last year. We wanted a holiday that would allow us to rest and relax, enjoying the scenery and countryside as well as indulge ourselves. Your hotel is the perfect place for this. The facilities, staff and countryside will make this a holiday to remember. Thank You.
M/M/ Clarke

Thank you so much for your lovely email, rest assured that Bill and I had a wonderful time at Jade Mountain and we’ve already scheduled our stay for next April. We can’t wait! I want you to know that we fell in love with the island, with the resort and with the JM staff that took such a wonderful care of us. I’ve been telling friends that I’ve been spoiled forever and can’t imagine a resort that would top the Jade Mountain experience. It was the ultimate, not only because of the beautiful sanctuaries with the open room and private pool but for the butler service with the very attentive and pleasant major domos and the interesting and varied excursions and activities. The jazz sunset boat cruise was wonderful (I’m a huge jazz lover, so it was right up my alley!) and we also enjoyed the excursion to the sulfur springs. Diamond falls and Botanic Gardens. However, our favorite part of the day was touring Emerald Gardens where Jade Mountain grows its very own organic fruits and vegetables. So amazing!! We love the farm to table idea and think it’s so important on so many levels. Not many resorts think about sustainability, organic or the environment, so it’s very refreshing and appreciated. Thank you again and we look forward to our next stay at Jade Mountain.
M/M McCoy

We love Jade Mountain! It was such an enjoyable experience to be here with everyone! The staff is incredible and we appreciate everything you have done to make this experience unique and we will cherish these lifetime memories! So impressed with this experience! We would love to return in the future as soon as possible.
M/M Bolin

All of our servers at dinner (Jade) were exceptional. Food was the best we have ever had.
M/M McMahan

An absolutely AMAZING experience! Incredible service, incredible venue and an incredible honeymoon – thanks to everyone around!
M/M Marcus

Everyone works so hard to make the holiday relaxing. Thank you!!
M/M Bray

The food and service at the top of Jade was excellent. Very personable staff, super friendly and accommodating. The treehouse was good but no comparison as far as service and friendliness. The staff at Jade really take it to a superb level of excellence. Look forward to returning for sure.
M/M Mills

The experience at Jade Mountain has been outstanding and exceptional. A completely unforgettable experience. Allain, our major domo was brilliant! This has all been one of those completely blown out of the water experience which we will be telling everyone about. Both those who ask and those who don’t!
M/M Flood

Hotel reception very welcoming. Thanks for the fan. We are foodies and snubs when it comes to food. We never say wow when eating out….but WOW!! Complements to chef!
M/M Early

We will be back for sure.
M/M Tonseth

What a special place! Service is exemplary and the entire experience has just been so amazing. Words can’t describe it! Thank you so much for a memorable honeymoon!
M/M Coombs

All Staff was so friendly and helpful. The room was outstanding and we enjoyed spending time here. The pool was fantastic, we can’t wait to come back. The food was outstanding, so fresh and flavorful. The private tour of the chocolate lab was an added bonus.
M/M McGrath

This was by far the greatest trip/vacation we have ever taken before. I can continue on for pages talking about the resort itself, however my main focus will be on the staff. Between the 3 mentioned to the right of this paper, saying that the service was the absolute greatest we’ve ever experienced would be an understatement. Coupled with the amazing resort amenities and breathtaking, views, the service from these 3 gentlemen is a top reason why Jade Mountain has me as a client for life.
M/M Lucaj

A truly excellent and unique resort, this is the level that other luxury resorts should aspire to.
M/M Panchana

Overall incredible experience. I do not think you could find anything quite like this anywhere. My wife and I had a great time and the service was excellent. We both believe that is what separates Jade from anywhere else.
M/M Maun

Everyone was wonderful, friendly, helpful and beautiful! We cannot wait to come back!
M/M Greist

Service was outstanding!
M/M Reddick

Great vacation!
M/M Clark

Excellent, we will be back.
M/M Sandu

We wondered if Jade Mountain would be as spectacular as the second time around given we had such a good first impression, it did not disappoint in any way. The staff are amazing, our room was great as we remembered and the food was just terrific.
M/M Waman


APRIL, 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. All staff were extremely friendly and helpful.
M/M Johnson

The room was absolutely breathtaking. We were concerned there might be an issue with bugs or too hot in the room. Neither were an issue. The temperature/breeze was perfect and bugs were not around.
M/M Lazarie

The staff (all of them) are the friendliest we have encountered. Always wanting to please.
M/M Charlesworth

The stay was wonderful. All employees of Jade Mountain were kind and courteous. Loved the father and son cowboy country musicians at the treehouse bar one evening.
M/M Gregory

Amazing experience all around, memories for a lifetime.
M/M Lawton

Great luxurious accommodations and privacy.
M/M Chilton

Loved those cool peppermint towels we were handed many times. Jade Mountain’s signature scent! Our stay was absolute perfection! The views are so stunning that you could stay in your sanctuary the entire visit and still have a wonderful time. We were struck by the sincere warmth and hospitality of everyone associated with Jade Mountain. It was a pleasure to be here! We would love to return and will certainly tell our friends all about Jade Mountain.
M/M Grindler

We will definitely be coming back to Jade Mountain.
M/M Reynolds

Such an amazing vacation! Most beautiful place I have ever encountered. All of the staff are so friendly and take such pride in their work. Thank you so much!
M/M Thompson

Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations. We are so happy we chose to stay here for our honeymoon. The staff here was excellent and did everything in their power to make us comfortable during our stay. Beautiful!
M/M Malfa

My husband and I just stayed at your beautiful resort. We had a very stressful year and we were looking forward to a relaxing vacation. We never expected our stay to exceed our expectations. From the moment we arrived until we left the resort was by far the best vacation we ever had. Your property is amazing, our “sanctuary” was truly that. You should be very proud of your staff (we should have taken notice to everyone’s name) from the chef, the gentleman in charge of the farm, your many managers, wait staff and of course your butlers. Roland was our main butler and he made our stay absolutely perfect. He treated us like royalty. He was the icing on our cake!! Having someone like that helping us, making reservations, drawing the water in our hot tub etc. I could go on and on. He is irreplaceable!! I am not normally one of the people who write after having a good or bad experience but felt it would not be right if I didn’t tell you of our experience. Thank you for sharing with everyone your beautiful property!
M/M Lazarie

Peaceful and relaxing, a wonderful place to destress. So very relaxing that we want to come back again.
M/M Fudge

Phenomenal experience we cannot wait to spread the word. Truly easily accessible world class diving off the beach, friendly and open-armed staff was among the highlights of our experience. Overall, the entire resort has a unique background and a great story to tell. We particularly enjoyed the historical aspects of the site as well as the construction details (materials, phasing, methods, means etc).
M/M Thomas

Jade Mountain was the perfect weekend getaway. It was all that we anticipated and much more! Your staff and the service they offered was exceptional! We were wondering how we would have coped with the missing 4th wall but the experience was awesome. We loved every detail put into the sanctuary. We wouldn’t change a thing. The weekend stay was relaxing and the best ever!! My husband and I will definitely return.
M/M Jackson

We enjoyed spending part of our trip on the beach at Anse Chastanet and then moving up to Jade Mountain but we are glad we didn’t do it the other way around!
It was truly magical and a wonderful end to our vacation.
M/M Morehouse

Everything was incredible! It was awesome. Everything exceeded our expectation!!!
M/M Johnson

The service and amenities are absolutely first class, everything was very special.
M/M Brewer

Spa services excellent, service and food top notch.
M/M Pester

Beautiful property!! Open wall concept is fantastic!
M/M Ryan

The afternoon private sail was by far our favorite outing. Between that and our beautifully appointed sanctuary, we felt we were in paradise. The Grand Piton hike was very technical and extremely challenging, it was worth the mental and physical effort expended to summit.
M/M McCannon

Unsurpassed service – main restaurant is outstanding in service.
M/M Karpenos

The facility is great! I wanted an exotic location that was different for our anniversary and Jade Mountain fit that perfectly.
M/M Eddy

Amazing! Rooms are spectacular. Views to die for! Food especially good. Took us by surprise. People so friendly. Loved the tour of Emerald farm. Spa was great! Ground so well kept. Thank you all for a wonderful experience we will never forget!!!
M/M Stooks

We had a wonderful stay at Jade Mountain and also Anse Chastanet!
M/M Hofstetter

This is our honeymoon and we had high expectations of Jade Mountain and you all exceeded our expectations! We have been to a lot of nice resorts and none compare. From the time we arrived we have been treated like royalty. My wife now feels like a princess, so reality of going home is going to be tough on her. Haha . We thank you so much for an unforgettable honeymoon, one we will remember forever! Our next step is Secret Bay in Dominica but they have it rough as Jade Mountain is tough to beat. We are going to tell all our friends and family.
M/M Nunez

Everything was really fantastic. Thank you!
M/M Trautmann

We loved loved loved our upgrade on the last day we spent in this heaven on earth. We hope to return in 2 years after my husband’s retirement, God willing. Wonderful! We hope to return! Nature at its finest.
M/M Biggs

Simply extraordinary. We have been many places in the world….this was the most other worldly! Primarily because of the SERVICE. It is naturally stunning, the people are far more intuitive and pleasant in the way they serve than any other place I have been in the world.
M/M Greene

The view was amazing.
M/M Boyrazian

A truly memorable experience. We will be back! Awesome
M/M Lese

All of the amenities and offerings are wonderful.
M/M Klyn

The entire experience was phenomenal. My wife and I felt relaxed 100% of the time. The service is second to none. All of our servers were perfect, we hate to leave. Best vacation we have had since our honeymoon 12 years ago.
M/M Davis

Jade Mountain was above and beyond our expectations. The staff was friendly and helpful. We have already recommended friends to visit. We will be back soon!
M/M Sussman

We truly had an unforgettable experience at Jade Mountain. We have never visited St. Lucia before and we are so glad we had found Jade Mountain. We felt as though we were on a private, amazing getaway. Our honeymoon was elevated to a spectacular level due to the wonderful staff, delicious dining options and breathtaking views of the pitons. This getaway was one of a kind experience and we hope to one day visit again. We are both extremely dedicated to our careers and work and although we love what we do, this was the first time we were able to both completely unplug from work and focus on ourselves and each other. Jade Mountain has really touched our souls. We thank you for your wonderful service.
M/M Yamaski

Everything was excellent!
M/M Seale

This place is great, the service is on point. Will recommend this place to anyone, surpasses my expectation.
M/M Collymore

The total experience was unique and sets the bar of excellence. The entire staff is committed to providing the best experience possible and their joy really makes the stay that much better. Theo at the spa was excellent the best experience my wife has had with a massage.
M/M Santalucia

We were celebrating our 25th anniversary. It was nice to arrive and find out we had been upgraded. Thank you so much!! It was an amazing vacation – one we will never forget, we loved the pool. I woke up at 6 a.m. every morning and absolutely loved the view.
M/M Corselllo

Overall – everything was excellent. No complaints, we love Teclus and Alllain! Good bed and shower.
M/M Recker

Service, food, sanctuaries and overall experience was amazing. Both major domos were friendly and very helpful in their service.
M/M Chu

My wife and I had a spectacular time at Jade Mountain last week. Sometimes, visiting a place for the second time does not measure up to the first visit – the novelty and excitement of the first time are missing. This was not true for our second visit to Jade. If anything, it was better than the first time. Of course, this had much to do with the wonderful upgrade we received to JE3. You have obviously figured out how to run a luxury resort and we would not consider any other place for a Caribbean vacation. As before, the staff were great. Everyone is friendly and cordial but not overly so. I’m sure we will not be the first guests to note that Teddy is a pretty amazing major domo. I also very much enjoyed visiting with Lester during our breakfasts – he has a naturally warm demeanor.
M/M Henson

Thank you to the entire staff here for making us feel so welcome! Especially to our butlers Teclus and Allain!
M/M Okungm

We had an amazing time!!! It was an experience we’ll never forget.
M/M Weiler/Matullo

I love the concept, the best by mingling nature and architecture.
M/M Bonne-Smith

Speechless, beautiful and extraordinary.
M/M Aldana

So wonderful! Thank you!!
M/M Volt

The food was amazing and one can really experience true farm to table dining.
M/M Aldana

Warmer pool, excellent staff, outstanding room and scuba was great!
M/M Ventre


MARCH 2017

Loved everything about the resort. The rooms/sanctuaries are fabulous! The staff was welcoming and sweet and always seemed to be in a good mood. The massage therapists were amazing as well.
Exceeded our expectations.
M/M On

The facilities and services are phenomenal. We will certainly return.
M/M Musso

The room was stunning! The staff MADE this trip so much more wonderful! Thank you!!
M/M Youngwall

Loved the extra touch of the petals, birthday card, wine etc. for my husband’s birthday, it made it really special and would like to say a big thank you for such a gesture from Jade Mountain team.
M/M Meer

Everyone was very friendly! We will be back – thank you for everything!! Food was good as well. Amazing property.
M/M Jones

From the moment we arrived, we were of course “blown away” by the amazing sanctuary! Thank you so much for the upgrade to JB1! But even more importantly the way in which we have been treated is so appreciated of course we have to start with Okeda who pampered us nonstop and always with a smile!! Our time with Teddy was good as well. Housekeeping was amazing! Beach service – Anthony and Jacqueline – took great care of us. Kerwin took us on an amazing sunset cruise – such a wonderful host! Jungle and Zita snorkel trip so much fun. Natasha gave us the most wonderful romantic beach dinner experience! Our dinner under the stars on Celestial deck was so special even in the rain! I am so sorry the young man’s name escapes me. He worked so hard to make that meal so special this service was far beyond his young age of 21!
M/M Fedell

My time at Jade has been fabulous. The helpfulness of staff and the willing ness to make my stay memorable I couldn’t fault. I have had a peaceful and very relaxing stay at Jade a great way to celebrate my birthday.
M/M Jules

This was a short 3 day getaway/splurge and so worth it! Such a unique property and setting worthy of an Aman resort but without the attitude. The views of the Pitons are everywhere (even the mirrors in the bathroom are angled so that you won’t miss the view)… the food (and the presentation) is amazing. We also loved exploring the different restaurants, especially the Indian food at Apsara and the lunches at the Jungle Bar and Grill. The room and especially the staff at this property were incredible. The ambiance is so wonderful in the evening for cocktails on the rooftop for drinks and to watch the sunset with 360 degree views of the bay, the Pitons and surrounding hills and later to star gaze. The next morning I had my first yoga class ever on the same rooftop. Snorkeling onsite down at the beach was terrific. Birdwatching too/reminded us of our safari experiences a bit with the luxury of truly gourmet meals and minus the hassle of bugs and trekking around. Returned feeling so happy and rejuvenated….so happy with our choice!
M/M Schaefer

I do not think I have ever been to a hotel with friendlier staff!! Amazing experience! Using this space to let you know how much I enjoyed farm tour and chef’s lunch! Learned a lot from very knowledgeable staff on two visits!
M/M Merlino

All staff very helpful and attentive.

Beautiful hotel!
M/M Marro

Amazing stay, gorgeous facilities, incredible rooms, Teddy and Okeda were the best.
M/M Weisfogel

Thank you! We know it’s a business but we are welcomed as friends.
M/M Glover

The visit was absolutely amazing. The views, the staff, the amenities were excellent. Breakfast was the best meal of all in Jade Mountain Club. Also loved Apsara dinner.
M/M Becker

Thank you so much for making this trip so memorable! We are returning guests and were absolutely thrilled by the upgraded room and amenities! This room was incredibly beautiful and the service was amazing. Thank you so very much. We will be anxious to return again!
M/M Sutherland

Amazing place, amazing service.
M/M Fuhrman

We had an amazing time here. The resort and room are breathtaking. All of the staff were so friendly and accommodating.
M/M Howard

Everything about this place is wonderful – the scenic beauty, the sanctuaries, the food, the beach, the jungle etc. But the true secret weapon is the people – everyone is so nice and helpful and kind. The people and their expert and generous service are extraordinary to all, a job well done!
M/M Butler

Outstanding stay. Staff was excellent. Particularly the major domos Christus and Vito. Housekeeping was prompt and excellent. Staff at Jade Mountain Club was super. In particular Lawrenceson our waiter.
Maire de at Jade Mountain club was friendly and remembered us. Made us feel welcome.
M/M Zarb

Wonderful facilities and an always friendly, attentive and helpful staff.
M/M Gregg

Most amazing place we’ve ever been. Everything we did was absolutely perfect, service at Jade Mountain should set the standard for all other resorts everywhere. The staff was the best my wife and I had ever experienced. We felt spoilt the entire time here and will no doubt return in the future. Thanks for such a wonderful week.
M/M McClure

Absolutely fabulous! Beautiful!
M/M Patterson

Staff (all staff) was beyond polite. This was one of the best, most relaxing resorts we have ever been to. Everything was just perfect!
M/M Valz

Overall, a stunningly good experience plus good wines .
M/M Bodenham

This is hands down the most beautiful Caribbean resort we have ever visited. The staff worked so hard to ensure we were happy (thank you!). The Castaway dinner was incredibly romantic and the food extraordinary. Special thanks to Jonathan – the chef. If “very good” had been a choice, that’s what the “goods’ would have been. Just “a hair” below excellent. I love the no ambient music, no TV, no clocks etc. Please keep it up. It’s almost as blissful as the pools and Anse Mamin beach. By the way, the Greek salad there is almost as good as the burger and the coconut ceviche! But drinks are better at the main beach bar.
Blissful and beautiful, the pools are amazing!!
M/M Zamore/Colinveaux

Thermal comfort was as best as could be.
M/M Aldredge

All of the staff are amazing and friendly – best in the Caribbean. The facilities/rooms are beautiful and grounds are well kept. Wonderful! One of the best travel experiences ever and we’ve travelled extensively.
M/M Garrett

Beautiful place, impeccable services.
M/M Schneider

Rooms are amazing. Service is excellent.
M/M Robinson

We had a lovely time. Thank you!
M/M/ Cherry

We came on our honeymoon and our expectations were greatly exceeded by the very breath taking rooms and views and the friendliness and helpfulness of all staff. Will recommend to all family and friends.
M/M Frazier

Phenomenal! So perfect! What a surprise to be upgraded to the Galaxy suite! Everything was wonderful and made my birthday so special. All of the special touches were an added bonus, so sweet and thoughtful. Everyone here really gets out of their way to make sure you have a fantastic experience, worth every penny spent. Food, service, sanctuary, people – all the best! Thank you so very much for spoiling us! We’ll be back!
M/M Coe

We loved our room JAI and the time we spent here! We are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary and it couldn’t be more perfect. The resort, the people, the service, the food, the view! Wow!
M/M Kroh

Everything was excellent.
M/M Quan

Wonderful experience, above our expectations, can’t wait to come back.
M/M/ Cloninger

Amazing overall.
M/M Azatullah

Overall the experience was amazing. The hotel and rooms are breathtaking, the food was great and the staff/service was impeccable. Highly recommend!
M/M DiPietro

I can’t say enough amazing things about our stay, the staff, the quality of our accommodations and the serenity of Jade Mountain. The service was nothing short of exceptional – from our taxi to the resort to our taxi out. We can’t get back to Jade Mountain fast enough!
M/M Furbay

Great experience; best view of the Pitons.
M/M Kuehn

One of the most amazing places I’ve ever stayed.
M/M Chester

The experience here was wonderful. Every staff member was friendly and always eager to please us.
M/M McEvoy

Mike got the fusion massage and thought it was the best he’d ever had! Elena got the de-stress massage and thought it was the best massage she’d ever had!
M/M Liroff

Food superb along with staff. Very friendly and informative. Willing to accommodate our needs at short notice. Enjoyed bubble bath, flower petals etc. We are so appreciative of our room upgrade. Thank you, thank you . Enjoyed the music provided at Piton Bar (vision, LM Stone band). Excellent. Workout facility was great.
M/M Martin

An unexpected evening and morning in paradise, courtesy of airline.
M/M Marino

We had an amazing time here at Jade. There is nothing that we didn’t like. Everyone is very nice. We really appreciate to live in touch with nature.
M/M Schnorf

We only had the opportunity to spend one night at your amazing resort as you hosted us when our WestJet flight was cancelled. We would love to return one day.
M/M /Dudycz

We had a fantastic time! The service here is the best I have ever had, thanks to great staff everywhere. Thank you for making our honeymoon memorable!!!
M/M Patel

Everybody was perfect, you take care of me perfectly, Thank you.
M/M Latourelle

Overall, great! Hope to come back sometime.
M/M Yang

Exceptional service, great views and accommodations, we had a great time and would love to return!
M/M Moreland

Had room service – excellent.
M/M Dowrick

Great place. Personalized service are the best we’ve ever experienced.
M/M Chester

Had a wonderful time! Food quality and variety perfect. Rooms and service perfect as well.
M/M Darrell

We felt like we had everything.
M/M Howard

All of our major domos. The beauty of the island and the amazing facility are both wonderful but the care, attention, kindness, happiness and politeness of the staff make the difference! The best service we’ve ever had!
M/M Butler

Staff are so friendly and seem to love their jobs – even maintenance staff, gardeners etc. all of them offered help, greeting etc. We appreciated learning about the concept of Jade Mountain and the ecological priorities. The way we were greeted immediately upon arrival and the transfer “vacation started here” was very indulgent/made us feel like celebrities. Simply heaven on earth! Love how much resort info was written in rooms.
M/M Bayliss


A truly remarkable place – Everything, especially the food, was tremendous.
M/M Hinds

Loved how genuine and nice all employees are, they go above and beyond to make it all happen. Amazingly beautiful.
M/M Johnson

Enjoyed our stay so much!!
M/M Brown

Absolutely the best resort we have been to! We really enjoyed our stay here. Thank you!
Top notch service, location and style.
M/M Charlene

Staff wise, the attitude and service was the best. We have been to top resorts, they were not stuffy or rude but genuinely happy and helpful (opposite experience from bad staff at sugar beach!). Food was excellent, fresh and lots of healthy choices. Rooms are best in the world! Clean and spectacular. Cooking class with Chef Frank was fun.
M/M Berritto

Great hotel and setting. Overall very good experience and would recommend it.
M/M Suchomel

Love the facilities and service. It is wonderful so many employees work there for a long time.
M/M Robinson

We love Jade Mountain. Best resort we have ever stayed at, the service was the best we have ever experienced. Beautiful smiles, non-pretentious yet professional. Entire staff seemed genuinely happy to be here and were so happy to serve us. Grateful to each and every one! Loved the facilities and how it blended in to nature.
M/M Stowers

We have loved our vacation and everyone we have met! Excellent, nothing can compare and so romantic.
M/M Kuehl

We had a wonderful experience at your resort.
M/M Leone

Excellent stay, world class views and service!
M/M Goodwin

Everything was amazing!
M/M Chopay

Breathtaking when we entered our sanctuary.
M/M Lauritano

Fantastic holiday, wonderful hotel, wonderful spa and delicious food. One small complaint on restaurant service and timekeeping very quickly rectified.
M/M Foster

The majordomo service was a huge upgrade from our last visit, wonderful service and the resort is as beautiful as any.
M/M Grimes

Overall an excellent experience. My gluten allergy was taken very seriously and I felt very confident eating the food! Having the servers “confirm” gluten free entrée etc. is greatly appreciated, this instills confidence in the food. We loved learning about the culture and history on all of our excursions. Everyone was wonderful. The view is unbeatable and breathtaking.
M/M Guglielmo

We felt extremely pampered and welcomed. Everyone was astoundingly well organized, without any fuss at all, so we were able to feel completely relaxed. The location and setting were perfect and the architecture only served to enhance that to its fullness. It was a privilege to stay here.
M/M Gabe

Our stay and honeymoon was unforgettable. We will always have St. Lucia and Jade Mountain in our hearts and minds. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to visit your beautiful location! Thanks for making it so special!!
M/M Connell

Our stay at Jade Mountain will forever be a memorable one. The hospitality of all the staff members was something we never experienced anywhere else.
M/M Fish

Lovely time. Wonderful massage at the spa.
M/M Ackerman

This was an outstanding vacation. We plan on returning.
M/M Smith

Love the outdoor concept of room. Lovely employees, the room and the beach is exquisite.
M/M Sarna

Everything was beyond amazing. Great service!
M/M Alley

We loved our stay at Jade Mountain! Everything was exceptional. Thank you for the precise attention to all of our dietary concerns. It made our meals so enjoyable. Every staff member was outstanding, the level of service was the highest we’ve ever experienced.
M/M Ghazi/Shamblin

Absolutely stunning! This is the most unique and beautiful place we have ever been. If that wasn’t enough – the entire staff here is also the most friendly and caring. The major domo service sets this place above all others. We felt so welcomed here.
M/M Head

Had a good experience, very good food and friendly staff. We would love to come again.
M/M Patel

Thank you for an experience that was better than my wildest dreams! We will back!
M/M Charych

Amazing amenities and service.
M/M Agypt

Well managed resort in a most beautiful environment. We truly enjoyed ourselves, our favorite spot in the Caribbean! People are very friendly and helpful. The beach is fabulous, snorkeling and all excursions are wonderful. We enjoyed the sanctuary pool, we’ll be back some day! Most beautiful and relaxing resort.
M/M Madden

There is no doubt that Jade Mountain is absolutely beautiful but the employees that you have make it shine and stand out far ahead of the rest! Starting from our chopper ride to when we left, we never met a single employee that did not smile and speak.
M/M Brown

All staff friendly and welcoming, especially those we have known from previous visits. Infinity pool truly amazing.
M/M Handford

Everyone was fantastic!! Our Piton climb guide was also wonderful!
M/M Haas

JD1 is such a special place, we love it and dream about it often during the year, waiting for our next visit.
M/M Tempany-Afdhal

Wonderful stay, wonderful food, so relaxing! We appreciate all the small details and extra touches!
M/M Honey

All-inclusive was outstanding. We have never experienced such exceptional food at every meal. Even in our own room, the plates were hot. Each morsel of food was placed & paired perfectly on the plate. We are in the food business and have access to the best restaurants. This was exceptional! Butlers were amazing.
M/M Renna

Best service we’ve ever experienced. The Major Domos were awesome, very friendly and accommodating, probably the best part of our trip (outside the amazing sanctuaries).
M/M Star/Walker

Butlers were very good! Valentine’s night set up - the room was so romantic!! Sanctuaries are incredible. Housekeeping did a great job keeping room clean. Everyone was super friendly! So beautiful and relaxing!
M/M Lobisser

The creation of this resort is awe inspiring – we loved the open air and constant flowing of water in our sanctuary. It was so peaceful, comfortable and quiet. Every meal was outstanding and every staff member we came in contact with was so friendly and helpful. We loved our walks with Meno (such a wealth of knowledge) and our creole class with Peter. The most amazing resort we have ever been to!
M/M Ruffle

Most excellent stay ever.
M/M Colen

Your architecture is divine! The food was divine! Thank you! Thank you! Jade Mountain is the best resort we have ever stayed in. Your staff made it that way.
M/M Nassikas

Incredible, very special, well done.
M/M Thompson

Our major domos were AMAZING!! Great at responding to requests and wants to the end.
M/M St. Hilaire

Anse Mamin beach and personnel great - very good level for a luxury resort and the majordomo service also.
M/M Pardo

Housekeeping – delightful attention to detail. Excellent choice in the treehouse and delightfully attentive service. We enjoyed the peace of Anse Mamin and beautiful jungle walks. We were given an upgrade from 15B which we also enjoyed – what a contrast, from treehouse to the sky! Whether it was to facilitate room management or just to show us what the jade sanctuaries are like (we were last here 20 years ago!) we so very much appreciate it.
M/M Berners-Price

We loved being here – love that there is no television or telephone!
M/M Johnston

Outstanding resort where we felt liked and were treated like royalty for the entirety of our stay!
M/M Chitalia

Compliments to the Chef. Food was exquisite, truly wonderful to experience all the flavors. Thank you.
All Staff: Thank you for making our 10yr anniversary unforgettable.
M/M Carpentieri

Beautiful setting, family-like feeling, knowledgeable and personal staff. Loved beach service, cold cloths, eucalyptus water spray and fruit kebabs.
M/M Kopecky

Made our honeymoon very memorable!
M/M Budge

M/M Reed

The architecture and design is stunning - it takes your breath away along with the view. Wonderfully informative books in the room – thank you for that, enjoyed them! Quite a haven of peace!
M/M Bedson

Room and view were best, closely followed by the major domos.
M/M Ponrartana

Jade Mountain resort beyond exceeded our expectations.
M/M Dalmazzo

This place should be on everyone’s bucket list.
M/M Baghdassarian


Thank you for a wonderful time. Major Domos were very helpful and a huge differential to other luxury resorts. Special nod to Christus and Teddy.
M/M Patterson

Fantastic. Breathtaking. Impeccable service. Staff was wonderful – from room service to restaurant to shuttle drivers “A” plus. Will definitely come back. Thank you.
M/M Boyd

Great staff, lovely facility, wonderful activities. We also loved the food!
M/M Allen

Such an amazing and wonderful story here – The overall friendliness and warmth of the staff is superb. Thank you Nick and Karolin for your warmth and fantastic hospitality. We felt at home.
M/M Shoffner/Hill

We really enjoyed our stay here. We will be back. Everyone in Jade Mountain was outstanding from housekeeping to butler staff, everyone we met was amazing. Indian fusion was amazing. Private dinner on the beach was great, food was really good and server Ashlee was great.
M/M Oliver

We enjoyed Jade Mountain so much that we have already booked our 2018 stay. It is a wonderful place but the staff make it exceptional. We only ate at the burger bar at Anse Mamin – Outstanding food and staff!
M/M Collins/Giancola

All staff was friendly, polite and professional. A great tribute to Jade Mountain – Exceptional.
M/M McKeon

Everything perfect! Amazing stay. Best hotel experience ever! Most incredible room. Thanks!
M/M Rebelo/Amaral

Great room with great views. Great waiters at Jade Mountain and Tree-House. Sailing and Scuba were the best.
M/M Bailey

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Beautiful facility and great staff. We are leaving peaceful and relaxed!
M/M Abbott

Great location and friendly staff.
M/M Adams

Amazing place. Amazing staff. Happy place to be! Very relaxing.
M/M Deen

This trip was like a dream, absolutely incredible. A remarkable place with a remarkable staff. Thank you for making our honeymoon so so special and completely unforgettable! We will absolutely return!
M/M Muzikar

Very good vacation and experience.
M/M Huitema

Very relaxing place to stay! Major Domos were excellent! Housekeeping excellent! Service in restaurant is excellent! Bartenders are excellent!
M/M Thompson

We really enjoyed our stay, especially Jade Mountain sanctuary. The food was outstanding. We enjoyed our visit to Emerald Farm and gained a real appreciation for the quality of the food. We tried all the restaurants and really enjoyed them all.
Outstanding location with excellent food and service. Looking forward to our next visit.
M/M Brutto

Amazing! We loved the Sanctuary and the staff! We had the pleasure of having our wedding moon during our visit. The day of our wedding was perfect! From the weather, the officiant, dinner and the amazing staff. We greatly appreciated everything Daniel our coordinator helped us with to make it an extraordinary day. We would also like to thank our Major Domos for being so attentive and friendly! We’ve never had such great food at a getaway. Everything was amazing and tasted incredible! The food combined with the outstanding major domo service and facilities made this an incredible getaway.
Thank you Jade Mountain!
M/M Gumz

Thank you for your kind hospitality and letting us stay at Jade Mountain. Food and service was generally excellent.
M/M Seymour

What an amazing experience! Words cannot adequately express how much we enjoyed our stay! The room and view was breathtaking, the service first class, and the ambiance wonderfully romantic! We will definitely be back!!
PHENOMENAL!! It was such a special time Erin cried when we left our room for the last time! Thank you!
M/M Rensburg/Hardacre

Everything was spectacular. Our Major Domos provided excellent service without being obtrusive! The entire staff was very friendly. We especially liked the gentleman that maintained Anse Mamin beach.
M/M Thomas

We were a little worried about spending a whole week outdoors due to mosquitos and bugs. We had NO insects!! The experience we shared will be remembered forever. Thank you.
M/M Muto

Very nice holiday. We shall return.
M/M Brooks

The service and accommodation were top notch. The menu and food served at Jade were excellent and all dishes were delicious and beautiful. We loved the butler service and the Domos were very attentive and helpful. Wait staff in the restaurant seemed happy and glad to serve and were very pleased when they saw we were enjoying the food.
Excellent experience. Outstanding architecture.
M/M Wretling/Cruz

Overall we had an excellent visit to Jade Mountain. We had been contemplating a trip to Jade for several years but frankly had concerns about the completely open nature of the sanctuaries. I have traveled extensively in the Caribbean and know how warm it can be at night, and how mosquitoes and other insects can be an enormous problem. For the price of the trip, I felt that there was a lot of risk pertaining to these two things in particular. We finally had the opportunity to make this trip in the winter, which is probably the most ideal time given my concerns. Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations in almost every way.
All of our Major Domos were great. Really everyone at the resort was great. We found that the food at Jade across the board was exceptional. When staying in the same resort for a week, in a relatively remote location, it is often boring or redundant to have limited menus. We have encountered this on more than one occasions. At Jade however, we thought that each and every meal we ate was superb, and we never felt we lacked for creative dishes from which to choose.
We ate lunch a couple of times down in the Trou au Diable beach bar, and it was good as well. Not as high in quality as Jade, but still suitable. The burgers at the Anse Mamin Jungle bar and grill were outstanding. We enjoyed our one dinner at Apsara very much. We also had one dinner at Emerald which was also very good and very creative.
Across the board, the desserts were just spectacular, and we enjoyed the opportunity to see how chocolate is made in the Chocolate lab. WE WILL DEFINITELY RETURN!
M/M Aden

Great hotel, loved the location and the experience of the rooms.
M/M Orange

We had a fantastic stay! The staff were very friendly and helpful, and the food was really great
M/M Hutchinson

Jade Mountain is very special. We loved our stay!
M/M Schlather

Room was Gorgeous! Loved it!
M/M Sullivan/Seamon

We absolutely LOVED our time and accommodations here at Jade Mountain. What’s not to love? What a treat – we really were made to feel special. View/Privacy is unbelievable! BBQ Burger was AMAZING! EXCELLENT MASSAGE at a great price for resort of this level!
M/M Sierra

Friendly, engaged staff. Made us feel welcome. We were on our honeymoon, so we loved how romantic it was – i.e. candles in rooms, live saxophone player, views. The food is delicious – best vegetables I can remember having.
M/M Bedford/Foyt

We did not do “it all” because we enjoyed what we did do so much and were only here 3 nights. The staff at Jade Mountain Club restaurant was very helpful, the wine steward was not only helpful but very personable. All the resort staff from those that attended us personally to those that acted in support of the facility were very gracious.
M/M Gillispie

Our visit surpassed our expectations which were pretty high. We made some amazing memories here! Can’t wait to come back!
M/M Morea

We especially enjoyed the Jazzy Sunset cruise. The saxophonist was great and informative as well. The entertainment at Jade Mountain was also very enjoyable. We had a fabulous holiday. Thank you. The food was delicious.
M/M Lyon

Terrific standard of service.
M/M Field

Beautiful resort. Excellent service. Loved everything here.
M/M Holton

This was our 3rd consecutive year and we are planning to return next year. We had a wonderful time and always look forward to returning. This is a very special spot for us.
M/M Lenahan

Airport greeting was great. We can’t fully rate hotel reception as we never went. We made plans with domo. The rooms were BEYOND amazing, words and photos don’t do justice. Our Domos were THE BEST!! The food was some of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten. The service was also superb, although Jade Club was by far the most top notch. Our tours and even our taxi drivers were so educated and informative. We are sad to see our trip end. Jade Mountain/Staff truly made our honeymoon perfect.
M/M Forness

Fabulous vacation, I would totally recommend this place to friends and family. Thank you for such a special visit. It was not perfect, but no vacation or location ever is, but this is at the top of our list for near perfect locations!
M/M Davenport

Thank you! Jade Mountain fills our soul. Best place on earth for us.
Excellent job from every aspect of our stay.
M/M Morey

Everyone truly cared and tried to make our stay very enjoyable.
M/M White

I’ve had a great stay. All the staff were genuinely friendly and couldn’t do enough to help. The sanctuaries and other facilities are outstanding.
M/M Hancox

Overall Amazing vacation! Mostly everybody was super friendly and helpful.
M/M Golden

We love the way you keep improving our stay and giving us a “WOW”. Thanks.
All staff courteous and polite, hardworking and helpful. Thank you all for a wonderful 2 weeks.
M/M Hughes

Congratulations, Bravo and deep thankfulness to the Troubetzkoys and the whole team for carrying on the vision and breathing life and heart into it year after year.
An extraordinary oasis of integrity and beauty.
M/M Part

We love this place, and now the sanctuary pools are heated we’re looking forward to a stay in a pool sanctuary.
M/M Gunn





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