16 days, 23, 040 minutes, each bursting with sunshine, moonlight, diamond stars, dripping blood-warm seas, renaissance skies, curdling waves, battalions of twittering parrot fish ever wriggling, side winding speckled snakes carving out S-shapes on the soft yellow sea bed. And then hot stony treks to the jungle of Anse Mamin…Where the dark ghosts of the African slaves whisper to each other in ancient, long dead tongues, through the wind-kissed trees.

The darkness slowly fades and the two great heaving breasts of the Pitons are revealed in all their succulent splendour, and then up and down, up and down the jagged stone steps to the tree house to scoop my spoon into the bulging, cool wet slices of ruby red tomatoes, and scoop up the crispy, thin sliced emerald green cucumber, and curls of smoked salmon, without end, and yes, the creole bread is on its way….While tiny hopping birds hop from chair to chair, to beating hearts, I am an easy prey and am flattered by their trust in me and share some bread crumbs with these small delights of nature. Watch their perfect feathered wings, its miraculous speed as it retreats in the face of the larger, black beaky ‘Gestapo’ birds, whose imperious nature demands their fill as if by right…The little bird, my friend with the red patch on its neck, returns to me and we might even share a few seconds to demonstrate our bonding.

Pour the coffee and myriads of thoughts like fire flies dance around my head…The memories of so many breakfasts of yesteryear, where I sat and sucked in the pure green breath of the forest beneath me…And ‘how was your day?’ endless choir of teak-brown shiny faces, teeth like pearls, eyes like agate stones, smiles like a curtain rising as two coral pink lips part as the voice of the island, a black soul flutes out….’how is your day?’

The tourists eat or study the menu with stony eyes like rapacious hawks, their children silent, the souls long sucked out by greed, need and weed, their dead eyes fixed to their smart phones as if forever and so sadly miss the miracles of nature flutter-dancing, pouncing, twittering around them...But never mind, The Gods appeared to us as we opened our eyes in our manmade caves and we were awake to see them on the Pitons craggy faces.

Two great stern, frightening masks carved by the artistry of the wind on the rock and by our imagination. We see them each and every day and watch their mood alter with the light, but always scrutinising us with fierce unforgiving eyes. We watch as the armies of clouds slowly but deliberately sail past, carrying and shaping as always the grim, gaunt faces of the long dead...As if immortalised forever in the regurgitating puffy ether…Drifting slowly forever and content to be shaped into a human cloud, as maybe I will be. One day if I earn the honour...Drifting slowly, my features turned upward happily drifting for eternity over the Pitons and a keen eye, a dreamers eye, who watches for the faces of friends in the clouds might say...‘Oh look up...Doesn’t that look like Mr. Berkoff?’ Yes, perhaps for a few misty seconds it will be possible.

Steven Berkoff, December 2015

What a view! Thank you for everything! We had a great stay and were very grateful for the amazing room.
M/M Lane

Jade Mountain was by far the most relaxing and unique vacation we have experienced. All of the staff was helpful and friendly. To be honest we were not sure what to expect being exposed to the elements of the outdoors in “luxury”. Jade Mountain provided a once in a life time experience where we felt pampered yet secluded in a beautiful and serene setting! Thank You!
M/M Wright

Beyond expectations. Wi-Fi – Excellent, Emerald Farm tour – Excellent!
M/M Cole

This was an amazing experience all around. The sanctuaries and views speak for themselves but it was the staff that truly made this such a memorable once of a lifetime honeymoon for Virginia and myself. The staff all around was friendly, always had a huge smile and always took the time and effort to make our stay as special as possible. We will look to Jade Mountain again for future wedding anniversaries. Thanks to all!!!
M/M Kane

All were very nice. Staff was very consistent, exceedingly friendly and helpful. Wonderful experience.
M/M Fink

The room was amazing, even better than pictures and what we expected. Loved it, the food was also amazing, our butler Teclus was the best. He was way over the top.
M/M Harbagh/Davis

The Sanctuary is a memorable asset to this resort. The level of service was in a timely manner. We will definitely pass on the information to friends, family both here and abroad. I must commend the chef and his co-workers who make the dishes/menu; very nice and tasty; not forgetting other waiters, who always smile and this made us very very happy. We enjoyed every bit of it. May the good Lord continue to bless this resort. Your Resort is one of the best. Everything was excellent. Thank you.
M/M Augustin

We remained in bliss the entire time and will carry that feeling in association with this place always. Incredible. I appreciated the gluten-free options – even on the Jazzy Cruise! It meant a lot… I was able to fully enjoy all those different types of butter at dinner on gluten-free bread! Delicious!
M/M Kane

Thank you for giving us a few days of absolute paradise! This hotel has been on my bucket list for some time now and I am so grateful I got to enjoy it with my husband and baby on the way. This was the perfect “baby-moon” and an experience we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. The service here is unparalleled. This is truly heaven on earth!
M/M Rosen

The overall experience at Jade Mountain was excellent. Butler service was exceptional, Teclus did a great job and really enhanced our experience here with his attentiveness and fun personality.
- Room = Amazing.
M/M Garber

Jade Mountain = Incredible, Amazing, Beautiful and Stunning.
M/M Cecil

We have travelled the globe, and this by far, was the most amazing, magical, incredible and memorable place we have ever been to. We had high expectations, but this blew them away. Best place we have ever been. The room, the food, the service and the facility was amazing. We cried when we got here and will cry when we leave. The butlers are what made it even more magical. LOVED EVERYTHING! This place is Amazing!
M/M Schor/Kedme

The amazing welcome with news that we would be spending our entire holiday at Jade Mountain set the tone for our fabulous holiday. Thank you. The “Butler” phone and service works very well in enabling you to co-ordinate and meet your requirements during your stay. All our butlers were incredibly welcoming, helpful and informative. Each meal was a gastronomic experience, particularly in the Jade Club. The service, flavours and presentation were awesome. And the infinity pool – what more can we say? Thank You!
M/M Mead

We had an awesome vacation, one of our best, if not the best.
M/M Helmer

Absolutely beautiful! Service was excellent!
M/M Masters

- Excellent Service.
- Pristine accommodations.
- Unprecedented craftsmanship in detail with the resort.
M/M Sadowski

The Jade Mountain Club servers were really pleasant.
M/M Woody

Massages were incredible, Service – Outstanding, Food – Awesome. This place is incredible and we will see you next December!
M/M Ziffra

Airport Reception - The mint towel’s a lovely touch, Taxi to Hotel – very informative. We loved it
M/M Davenport/Soysa

This vacation was so special in every way, from the sanctuaries and facilities to the friendly and helpful staff. Jade Mountain is truly heaven on earth.
M/M Clancy

All the service we received while at Jade Mountain was outstanding – everyone was very friendly, attentive, helpful and informative. Our Major Domo’s Christus, Teddy and Tony really made our experience special by making arrangements/ an itinerary for us for activities, draining bubble baths, helping Derek when he stepped on a sea urchin J. The food at Jade Club was also AMAZING – loved the different vegetarian entrees. Also, Sherman with NO Limits Taxi Service really made our mud bath experience extra special!!
M/M Wallace

Best view in the world! The guide (the doctor) at the farm was the best. He loved his work and was passionate about it. First class! We also really liked the sailing captain, snorkeling guide and bike guide.
M/M Rykhoek

Amazing service and food. We had the best time.
M/M O’Donnell

We had an amazing time, the hotel is absolutely beautiful and the service was excellent, food was delicious. We can’t wait to come back next year!!
M/M Harris

The people are exceptionally nice here! Beach and Sanctuary are also well above our expectations. J
M/M Kolli

Amazing time. Our butlers made it PERFECT.
M/M Hingorani

Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations! The food at Anse Mamin was superb!
M/M Foote

A beautiful and stunning location. The restaurant food and service has been excellent. There is a huge number of very keen, pleasant staff. I do wonder whether it is as “joined up” as it could be?
M/M Lee

The sanctuary was very nice, all the amenities were beautiful, the view incredible, and the pool excellent. The service was premium. Great Experience.
M/M Travieso

Loved it!
M/M Lopez/Holmes

We had a great time. The staff service was Excellent!
M/M Walsh

Thank you for a lovely holiday!
M/M Silich

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay! The five nights we stayed were exactly what we had hoped it would be. The staff is excellent, and the response time for every request was as quick as you could hope for. Thanks for spoiling us for a while. Wonderful.
M/M Hutchens

We had a great time overall! The staff was extremely nice and the Jade Mountain facilities are wonderful.
M/M Ford

This place is truly one of a kind. We had an amazing week with your friendly staff and beautiful views. We don’t have any complaints about anything, except that we have to leave. We love the Jade Club and the whole staff up there did an amazing job all week. The beach staff was exceptional as well. The entire staff was friendly and willing to help. Thanks to all. You have something really special here. We will be back and recommend it to all friends and family.
M/M Mangan/Barra

The dinner on New Year’s Eve was spectacular.
M/M Potteiger



We had an excellent time. Every member of the staff was kind and beyond willing to help. We could not have imagined a better vacation.
M/M Barrett

This place is the best vacation ever. I will tell all my family and friends to visit this place and will return.
M/M Patel

Jade Mountain’s appeal is its hotel and the customer service. Everyone we met was warm, friendly and attentive to our needs. You can tell the attention to detail and that the resort continues to strive for exemplary customer service. We loved our stay here.
M/M President/Horsford

This place is Awesome.
M/M Cherry

Truly an amazing experience. The location, the staff, the food – incredible! We will definitely be back!
M/M Ottaway

A wonderful experience.
M/M Mott

Thank you! Overall an amazing trip that we will recommend to others.
M/M Mack

The staff was wonderful especially our Major Domos they were amazing. What an amazing experience.
M/M Brown

Amazing resort, great staff, very good service and very good food.
M/M Zelman

Exceptional property, Sanctuary and Service!!
M/M Starr

Excellent grounds and rooms. The food was spectacular. Best views of any hotel.
M/M Vios

We LOVED every second we spent here! Everything is top notch and the entire staff is so wonderful and friendly. Our first day hopefully not our last!
M/M Campbell

This was a birthday gift from my fantastic husband and everyone at Jade Mountain added to this special experience. Thank you All. Fantastic “Sanctuary”.
M/M Leary

The Hotel Architecture is unique and the sanctuaries are excellent. The views of the Piton are also wonderful. The entire staff was responsive and helpful.
M/M Velella

It was such a memorable trip and we can’t wait to come back. Hopefully next year.
M/M Binder/Saltsman

The hotel is an extraordinary experience. Not only is the sanctuary JE3 that we stayed in beautiful and unique, the service from the staff and the exceptional food make this the best and most unique hotel in the Caribbean. I will spread the word about this outstanding property! Thank you! For a magnificent stay!!
M/M Seibert

Although it was a short stay and we didn’t have time to check out everything there is at the resort, we thoroughly enjoyed our time here. Amazing facilities, breathtaking views, delicious food and wonderful staff. Thank you!
M/M Wuchner

Everything was great.
M/M Long

Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations in every way. Staying here was an experience of a lifetime. I simply cannot imagine in any way how it could be better! Everyone made our stay so personal by remembering details about us.
M/M Keating

2nd Trip. We did our honeymoon here 4.5 years ago.
M/M Clyborne

Thank you for a lovely stay at Jade Mountain. We loved our vacation.
M/M Seraphim

We had a wonderful time! The facilities were amazing. We loved the food and drinks. The staff were all very kind and helpful. We definitely want to come back soon!
M/M Frederick

Loved every minute!!
M/M Siegel
The private beach was fabulous!
M/M Shenigo

BEST Holiday EVER! We will tell family and friends.
M/M Jacobs/Gersch

Many thanks to Daniel at our vow renewal. Excellent attention and care before and day of. Everyone associated with Scuba center, sailing and water taxi’s were so friendly and courteous.
M/M Warren

I have been to 100’s of hotels, and this certainly has ranked in the top 3. Amazing room, amazing service, amazing food and a very good selection of drinks. To cap it all, all the special touches, the beautiful flowers, warm card, beautiful bed display and excellent bath that was laid out truly made Ranjan feel like a PRINCESS which to me she is.
M/M Sadhuram

We had an amazing visit and loved our experience.
M/M Whealy

The hotel is amazing and the staff really does pamper you.
M/M Johnston

Loved chef Eli and especially that the menu changes nightly. Made us never want to dine anywhere else. Please DO NOT change to a la carte!
M/M Wunder

We had a wonderful time at Jade Mountain and everyone was incredibly friendly. Top professionals. We will recommend!
M/M Forrestall

M/M Lord/Jansson

Words do not justify this facility, it’s incredible. This was our honeymoon so J well worth it.
M/M Da Silva

We had an amazing time. The people that work in this resort are top notch! Everyone was super friendly and provided excellent service! It’s no wonder this is one of the best resorts in the world!! The chef is incredible! Loved it. Can’t wait to come back.
M/M Wade

M/M Richardson

Jade’s food was delicious.
M/M Haas

Excellent snorkeling, stunning views, great service, very friendly team. Holidays like in paradise.
M/M Bode

Loved the room – unique and magical. Best room so far! We loved the butler service.
M/M Mimms Jr.

This place exceeded my expectations! Everyone here made me feel special and welcome. I loved the cold peppermint towel! Thank you so much for the room upgrade. We loved every minute! I’m coming back at some point !
M/M Meyer

Wonderful honeymoon for us at Jade Mountain. Thank you for making the effort to make this trip special. Can’t wait to bring our families back with us.
M/M Mishra

Unique, beautiful hotel - very romantic. View beyond words, service attentive – everybody helpful, understanding and friendly. Culinary was great – not a single meal was disappointing - all excellent. Great selection of wine (fabulous Harvey –Thank You). We would love to be back!
M/M Gasior

Amazing! Dream Honeymoon experience! I am already begging my husband to bring us back for an anniversary!
M/M O’Maley

image002.pngEVERYONE was helpful and friendly. I almost feel bad for singling out only two! The butlers were excellent. Shuttle service was prompt and luxurious. Beautiful place. Looks like it was designed by upscale ewoks. Loved the Frozen Coco Joco, Stairway to heaven and Mango Fizz!
M/M Kaufman

Jade Mountain and all of the staff are absolutely amazing! We could not imagine a better honeymoon and we want to thank everyone for making it so special.
M/M Dennehy

Service was outstanding. The butlers are the best! They all have great attitude and made a difference during our stay.
M/M Gilbert

Everyone was professional, lovely and welcoming. We wouldn’t change a thing.
M/M Shakir

We had the most relaxing week. Every minute was easy and geared towards the guest. Great Job on all staff!
M/M Gould

Jade Mountain was the perfect end to our honeymoon! Everyone at the resort was so kind and helpful! Amazing food! Elijah is talented!
M/M Vargulic



Although these are the nicest rooms we have ever stayed in, what separates this resort from All others is the service. Will be coming back soon.
M/M Elefterakis

Phenomenal service and beautiful facilities. You all were amazing!
M/M Ortegon

Monday night band (family) was really amazing and half-day sail was my favourite excursion, perfect mix of active (snorkeling) and relaxing.
M/M Wilde

Everyone here is so kind and gracious. We really enjoyed getting a feel for St. Lucian people and their immensely hospitable ways! Thanks for all accommodations – the trip was super relaxing. Jade Mountain is very unique and relaxing.
M/M Vincenti

Everything was excellent, especially the staff!
M/M Taliaferro

We loved our butlers and the entire resort! We are already planning our next trip to come back! We want to stay in the Sun Sanctuary. J
M/M Snyder

Most beautiful place.
M/M Wilkinson

Incredible! Nicest room we’ve ever stayed in and the staff was wonderful- every single person.
M/M Jordak

We have never been so pampered in our lives.
M/M Alleyn

This was the perfect honeymoon, better than we could have ever imagined. The views were incredible, the food was amazing and the people are the best. We never left the Jade Club thanks to amazing service by Lester, Dwight, Jerome, Jean-Pierre, Stanley and Davidson. They made each night a unique experience and we looked forward to the next night each time. Mervin and Allain were incredible. We genuinely feel like we are leaving a new group of friends. We can’t wait to come back!
M/M Buhl
The facilities are wonderful, room service and butler staff were very helpful (extremely).
M/M Barkan

I am in the US military and we are very grateful you offered the Ying/Yang total romance package so that we may have a memorable and enjoyable honeymoon. We so appreciated the hearts of service every employee has at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet. We are truly amazed at the brilliant mind to create this facility! Thank you for welcoming us here!
M/M Curtis

We loved JD1! Definitely the best room in the house.
M/M Spiegel

All hotel staff should be proud of the certain knowledge that you are part of one of the best hotels in the world. The sanctuaries are unreal. The people are so friendly and attentive. The diving is easy, close and high quality.
M/M Bauer

Excellent overall.
- Butlers were great and attentive.
- Staff were very friendly; helpful.
- The Indian food at the beach was great.
M/M Yonker

Scuba center and waiters on the beach here at Jade are the BEST. Fast and courteous service. KaiCeil hairstylist was awesome. Food was great especially at Apsara (Indian).
M/M Kelly

The rooms are exquisite and the resort very interesting and unique.
M/M Wulfekotte

Breathtaking sanctuaries that are beautifully maintained – best views we’ve ever seen! The service is excellent and the staff are extremely friendly and warm. We will recommend a visit to our friends! Thanks for making our 15th anniversary a memorable and relaxing one!
M/M Clunis

Spent our 28th Wedding Anniversary here and loved every minute of our trip. Will definitely come back in the future.
M/M Bickerstaff

Amazing Honeymoon! This place is beyond words. Our butlers, food and entire stay was excellent.
M/M Stoll

Very nice hotel, good views, good service, delicious food! The people are very good. The beach is beautiful. We liked it very much. Bravo!!! It is a very good place! We are returning! We’ll be back with our friends.
M/M Timotin

The room was always cleaned for us. Thank you housekeeping!! The butlers were so kind and were very glad to help us arrange our schedules. All the waiters were very helpful and cheerful and close by to serve. Davidson even took pictures of us, last night at dinner. We experienced a wonderful vacation here!! Thank you!
M/M Baggett

The staff and service were amazing and should be commended for their work.
M/M Glover

Jade Mountain is the most incredible place that we have ever been in our lives. We are very grateful for the opportunity to visit this amazing place and it will be a pleasure to recommend this to all of my clients. Thank you for your brilliant hospitality and very warm welcome. I’ll be back 210% by hook or by crook ha-ha. Loved it!! Would recommend to anyone. It’s a must!!!
- Jade Mountain is part of our fine Hotels and Resorts programme at American Express and now my favourite hotel.
M/M Archer

We had a fantastic stay! Everyone was wonderful and ensured that we were happy! When one of us wasn’t feeling well, staff went above and beyond to help out. This is truly a one-of-a-kind resort and we couldn’t have picked a better spot for our honeymoon.
M/M Pollard

Excellent service. All were very helpful and knowledgeable.
M/M Rowatt

As always, the staff was terrific. We were particularly impressed by the Jade Club staff and the scuba team. Great job on our anniversary party and candy bars.
M/M Garland

Beautiful resort. We do not want to leave.
M/M Edwards

Thank you for a great stay. The hotel and sanctuaries are beautiful and all the staff we encountered were very pleasant and professional.
M/M Wasilenko

Fabulous Trip.
M/M Cote

Beautiful. Fantastic. Great food. Awesome butlers. Just perfect.
M/M Wan/Rodiek

Amazing! Almost too perfect. It will be hard to go back to regular resorts.
M/M Mitchell

Our stay was fantastic! Exceeded our expectations.
M/M Rackleff

Generally speaking the service has been OUTSTANDING!! The food was amazing every single time, breakfast, lunch and dinner. We hope to return for our honeymoon.
M/M Fowler

We had the best honeymoon possible!! Thank you so much for everything!
M/M Foor

The food in your restaurant is absolutely world class and Amazing!! Thank you for a truly unforgettable honeymoon.
M/M Skladany

We had a wonderful time at Jade Mountain. The staff was friendly and hospitable. The food was exceptional – some of the best we ever had. Truly amazing. The hotel grounds are clean and very well maintained. We felt very welcomed as soon as we left the airport. We will definitely return. Thank you for making our honeymoon amazing. Also we loved the nightly poems left for us to read. Thank youJ
M/M Danatzko

We had a wonderful stay. The people were extremely nice. Great experience, wonderful honeymoon destination. We can’t wait to come back!
M/M Mitchell

Overall – Excellent!
M/M Klima

First stay and it won’t be our last! We loved it here!
M/M Clark

The service that we received while staying at Jade Mountain was outstanding. Our butlers were of course the absolute best but so were the Spa, the Shuttle drivers that drove us back and forth from the beach, housekeeping and all of the wait staff. I cannot wait to recommend Jade Mountain to all of my friends, family and clients. You have clients in us for life. Our first stay but not our last!
M/M Furline

Your property is amazing, your commitment to the environment and economy/tourism is commendable.
M/M Watrous

We had an amazing time. Loved the room, great service, facilities and would come again. Thanks All!!!
M/M Silver

Perfect beach island destination to get away from urban life. Cannot imagine a more secluded and romantic honeymoon!
M/M Lau

We were blown away by the level of service we received! Our butler went above and beyond to make us have a wonderful stay! The food was also amazing we did not have one we didn’t love! We will be back!
M/M Williams

There are few places where pictures and descriptions do not do them justice. This is one of these places. To fully appreciate how wonderful this place is, it has to be seen and experienced in person. You also did a fabulous job with the chef on wheels. It was a wonderful evening and the chef and sommelier were fun to chat with.
M/M Young/Queen

This was the best vacation ever, and Jade Mountain is the finest resort we’ve ever stayed in. We’re very sad to be leaving.
M/M Dodge

It was breathtaking!
M/M McClelland

Our time at Jade Mountain was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing honeymoon. Thank you so much for everything.
M/M Krueger

This was the 2nd most excellent week of our lives (2nd only to our wedding!) and was more than we could have ever dreamed a vacation could be. Thank you for making everything so enjoyable. From the butlers, to the wait staff, to housekeeping and all other staffers we interacted with, everyone brightened our days with their cheerful spirit and willingness to help make our stay amazing. An amazing way to start our married life and we will definitely be back.
M/M Gittinger

Overall, we had an amazing experience. The staff and butlers are outstanding and went above and beyond to make our honeymoon even more special.
Westalski, JA3

Wonderful place, people were wonderful. We will recommend to others. Our butlers were so nice, will definitely be the most remembered part of Jade Mountain. Amazing place - customer service is what made it so amazing
Malmquist, JC5



We saw no need to leave our room and that was exactly what we needed. Best Vacation Ever! Thank you.
M/M Saluja

Beautiful location, sanctuary and amazing service. We really enjoyed the pool. Sanctuary is very clean and relaxing.
M/M Camit

Overall, Jade Mountain was a very nice experience. Your staff made it so special. Everyone seems to go “above and beyond” to make it special.
M/M Horvat

Wonderful service, facilities and staff. Expect us back! The squirt gun in the pool was a great additive. We enjoyed the room, Wi-Fi access to the facilities. Wish we had a map because we enjoyed the walks as much as the shuttle. LOVED THE NO TV! KEEP IT THAT WAY!
M/M Wong

Staff is wonderful! Loved and appreciated everyone. Spa/Massage was great!
M/M White

Fantastic Holiday.
M/M Lawton

We have never seen such beauty especially from our room. Job well done! Our stay has been outstanding. Every staff member from housekeeping to butler has been wonderful. We would definitely return and recommend to others. Thank you for a wonderful stay.
M/M Rubero

Everything was top notch! Cannot wait to return.
M/M Francis

We loved our stay here!! Everyone/service was excellent. All butlers, staff, amenities were lovely. Thank you!
M/M Brown

M/M Whytlaw

Amazing Architecture, love the sustainability of the entire property. Service is what sets your place on a new level (in addition to the uniqueness). Loved the burgers at the Beach Bar.
M/M Brown

Nothing was short of amazing during our stay here. We had exceptional service from every single staff member at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet. The view from our room was like something you see in a magazine… Amazing!
M/M Moe

Have stayed in many Five Star Hotels, (Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis) and Jade Mountain blows them away! Exceeded expectations.
M/M Pederson

Ermin gave us an outstanding orientation and was warm and helpful throughout our stay. Al was the best Butler and Major Domo anyone could imagine! The service was outstanding, making our anniversary trip very special. Dinners were delicious at the Jade Mountain Club as were the meals served in our room. Everything had a special touch with flowers, extra touches of treats and thoughtfulness. An outstanding experience!
M/M Rose

We had the time of our lives! Thanks to ALL at Jade Mountain you made our 25th something to remember and cherish.
M/M Bickes

It was incredible. Beautiful and impeccable service.
M/M Smail

All of the staff was very friendly and accommodating. We loved the special touches in our room like the bottle of prosecco upon arrival, the rose petals, the drawn bath, and our little notes each night. We had a wonderful honeymoon – Thank you! We hope to return with friends in the next couple years.
M/M McConnell

Beautiful place. Staff is awesome, especially big Al. Jade Club was great, Beach food was pretty good. Really enjoyed the Spa.
M/M Goodston/White

We had such a great experience! We are already trying to plan our next trip here! Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations.
M/M Romannikov

We have started to plan a return trip already. This time with our family.
M/M Pasek

Morgan and I loved the trip.
M/M Womack
To the entire Jade Mountain Staff – can’t say enough. We are blessed to have stayed here and thank you for the memories. We felt like home/but felt like King and Queen. The food was exceptional.
M/M Lohonen

We had a super time. We enjoyed the stay a lot. It will definitely be difficult to think of many places like this. We are happy to have come and enjoyed this time.
M/M Kaba

Absolutely amazing place. Food and service were above expectations and far exceeded anything we have ever experienced. The whole place was magical. Every person that took care of us here – either Scuba or sailing or the butlers were just out of this world. We fell in love with Jade Mountain and everyone here.
M/M Morris

Beautiful resort, fantastic food. Amazing and friendly staff.
M/M Yacyshyn

Incredible. No words to describe the trip. In a way surreal. Couldn’t be happier. You should be extremely proud of your staff as every member was professional, kind, considerate and truly cared about making sure our visit was more than satisfactory. I can’t say enough about the people that work here. Obviously the accommodations were incredible but the staff is what truly made our stay a 10 overall. Thank you so much to all staff!!
M/M Falabella

From the second we arrived to the moment we left, we were catered to in a way we never thought possible. The food was fantastic and varied, the drinks delicious, and that stunning view from our room. Nothing was left out or forgotten. Totally relaxing, loved every minute and we will likely return.
M/M Wood

My wife injured her ankle on the second day of our stay while climbing the Piton. The staff at Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain went out of their way to minimize the impact this had on our honeymoon. Of note – the shuttle drivers went out of their way to minimize the walking we had to do. Peter (manager) noticed her ankle was wrapped while walking and immediately went out to find her crutches, which was a trip saver. The receptionist was also phenomenal with helping us reschedule.
M/M Howard

What an amazing experience – from the onset of our upgrade to the staff making us feel like royalty. The staff truly takes customer service seriously with their smiles and greetings. My husband will be giving an excellent review on Trip Advisor as soon as we return home. Thank you!!
M/M Ramteerath

Wow!!! Every single person we encountered was friendly, helpful and exhibited top notch service. Wow!!! The Sanctuary – truly remarkable views and pool. Very special.
M/M Peters

We were delayed arriving because of airport delays. Jade Mountain could not have been more gracious and helpful to us in getting here and losing as little of our honeymoon as possible. The beach at Anse Mamin was amazing! Impeccable service, fast, kind and fun. Beautiful beach and loved Anthony “Stone-man’s” efforts. The restaurants and culinary experience was top notch!
M/M Falder

Wonderful resort, outstanding service. We had a marvelous time! The Anse Mamin beach was the best! We went nearly every day. The day sail was a great time. Jade Club was great every night.
M/M Vincent

We have had an outstanding, enjoyable and relaxing time. While the facilities (especially the sanctuary) have been excellent (not used Spa or Fitness room) Jade Mountain is made by its staff. They are truly outstanding and have given us such a marvelous time.
M/M Muston

Food was amazing! Amazing stay and special anniversary celebration.
M/M Dean

It is paradise! The perfect place for brides to honeymoon and or get married. It truly is unmatched in the Caribbean. Everything was perfect! Staff was amazing and they went out of their way to make sure all of our needs were met! We loved it, can’t wait to come back.
M/M Myers

Thank you so much for another perfect week in our “happy place”! As beautiful as Jade is, your staff is even a bigger asset. Too many helpful people to name them all. We will be back! You guys are the best! Can’t wait! à4th Stay and it keeps getting better!
M/M Bakst/Stuart

Overall, we absolutely loved every second and sincerely thank you for making our honeymoon memorable. The food at Jade Mountain Club was phenomenal. We enjoyed all the activities – snorkeling, biking, sailing, and tours around the island. We loved the fish/under water presentation by Bernd from Germany. Everyone was so friendly. Wow …just wow…
M/M Rhee

This is my fifth visit to the resort. I remain impressed, in general with the standard of excellence of the resort especially the diving.
M/M Lenk

We had another amazing visit – everything was perfect. The staff does such an amazing job taking care of every detail. Scuba St. Lucia is by far the best Dive shop I have had the pleasure of diving with. Safety is always the priority and they make sure every diver is comfortable and having fun. We will come back again and again!
M/M Hall

Thanks so much for a lovely dive vacation!
M/M Chin

We booked this as our honeymoon and no word could describe how amazing Jade Mountain is. Everything was far above our expectations. Being told multiple times: “You are on vacation let us do the work!” was lovely! Unexpectedly being upgraded to the Galaxy suite was the cherry on top – we felt like celebrities! I am definitely recommending Jade Mountain/Anse Chastanet for anyone desiring relaxation, privacy, fun, adventures, and a once in a lifetime trip. Thank you! Thank you!
- Amazing! We couldn’t have asked for a better place to honeymoon! It was heaven.
M/M John

Thank you for a truly spectacular Honeymoon! Could not have picked a more special place to honeymoon!
- Hotel Reception – what a wonderful way to “check in”.
M/M Todisco

As always a wonderful stay. Beautiful resort with wonderful staff. Love the infinity pool. The Dive staff is the best I’ve ever had and take excellent care of all of us with special attention to the new divers. Housekeeping does an amazing job of making the rooms so inviting.
M/M DeMare

I was here 2 years ago. I’ve never been anywhere where I am treated so well. Thank you!
M/M Carter

Fabulous architecture and good service.
M/M Sharp

Excellent resort.
M/M Peck

Great time. Relaxing in sanctuary to Bike Jungle Excursions. Everything was great.
M/M Mervis

The food was amazing. The butler service was friendly and prompt.
M/M Urbauer

Fantastic stay. Nothing we would change.
M/M Burns

Exceeded expectations. Staff is friendly, funny and genuine. Biking was great, Sailing people were great. Now we know why Jade Mountain is the best hotel/resort in the Caribbean. Ya’ll have set the bar high for our vacations in the future!
M/M Dwiggins

Loved it!
M/M Schmidt/Trecciola

Great experience. Everything at Jade was 5 Star. Lunch at Jade Club was fantastic from service to food.
M/M Davis

Absolutely wonderful stay! Cannot wait to return. Staff and service were beyond outstanding! Loved our excursions- especially sailing and Jazzy cruise.
M/M Wilson

Very beautiful and the rooms were amazing.
M/M Mason

Great experience and stay, thank you for everything from the staff. We will definitely be returning.
M/M Henry

Outstanding Resort, couldn’t have picked a better place to honeymoon. In particular the staff was superb. If I could put 90% of the staff here I would. They all have worked so hard. Every single one of them should be entitled to at least three days off a week.
M/M Brooks

Our butlers were exceptional! They made our honeymoon very memorable.
M/M Robinson

Amazing experience and service!
M/M Raghavan

Very much enjoyed our stay. It was a special 25th Anniversary.
M/M Greene


AUGUST  2015




The hotel and its facilities were great and the views were amazing!
M/M Caldarella

Everything was perfect and the catering staff handled my wife’s gluten allergy very well.
M/M Patel

We came for our honeymoon. We will return. All of the staff was very nice and helpful.  Our stay was delightful.  Thank You!
M/M Harvey

Staff was exceptional.  We also stayed at Anse Chastanet and its staff was truly excellent too – always helpful and with a smile. Special Kudos to Peter, the GM at Anse Chastanet. He helped make our stay memorable.
M/M Barnowski

Truly magical.  Could not have felt more welcomed and at ease from the moment we arrived at Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain was out of this world dream like. Thank you for this incredible experience.  Peter you were truly right about Jade Mountain. Many, many thanks. We feel we’ve been swept off of our feet the moment we arrived.
M/M Whiley

The best people and service we have ever had! Meno was awesome! We took the plantation tour with him.  Our Major Domo’s made this trip and our experience amazing – Chris and Teddy were always there for us and did everything possible to make it a wonderful vacation- one we will return too! Spa was also the best services we have ever had!
M/M Smith

The service at Jade Mountain is incredible.  Everyone is friendly and very professional.  Our butlers Filliner and Allain went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable and worry-free. The snorkeling was incredible.  We would like to celebrate anniversaries here.
M/M Hubbard/LaFerriere

We had the most wonderful honeymoon at Jade Mountain! The location is incredible and the entire staff was so helpful.  We are already counting down to our return!
M/M Lambert

The staff has been exceptional and we would rate it very highly! The Sanctuary of our room is a piece of heaven.  I would definitely want to experience it again.
M/M Maknis

Most amazing vacation! Service was top notch!! We were treated like royalty! Anything we needed or wanted was taken care of!! And our room was breathtaking!!
M/M Cohen

Excellent facility – it will definitely be on my referral list.
M/M Solomon

M/M Gibson

We had the most amazing time at Jade Mountain.  The staff were wonderful, always had a smile and were so welcoming. The food was excellent.  Absolutely Amazing.
M/M Romadka/Mitchell

This was our first couples getaway since married.  We loved the happiness that variated from the workers of Jade Mountain as well as their professionalism throughout.  Everyone asked if you needed anything and did not hesitate to assist or get you the need that you needed.  The entire scenery and architecture is very mind blowing!  Everywhere and everything- kept super clean.  We are glad we chose Jade Mountain over the other resorts. Thanks.  A Paradise indeed, very courteous staff and exceptional service.
M/M Oyetunji

Everything was great!
M/M Goulet

Absolutely wonderful staff and services! Amazing facilities but the staff made all the difference!
M/M Campfield

Everything was perfect.  Jade Mountain staff made my wife 40th birthday, Unforgettable!
M/M Rich

Excellent Stay.  Everything was wonderful.  Thanks.
M/M Wiederkehr

Our butlers were amazing! Jade Mountain is truly a unique experience.
M/M Tye

This is our 2nd after visiting once before, we decided it would be a great place to celebrate our “Baby moon”.  We have loved our time at Jade Mountain.  The staff up here have all been wonderful and welcoming, truly making us feel at home.  Our sanctuary is beautiful and has been kept up very well.
M/M Renfroe

This was an amazing honeymoon.  The service and food exceeded all of our expectations.  I really appreciate all of you in making this a trip we will never forget.  We will be back.
M/M Wishon

Truly a once in a lifetime experience.  We saw pictures prior to arrival and to our surprise, it was better than expected and the pictures on the internet cannot capture how beautiful and amazing the facility and the sanctuaries are.
M/M Bark/ Lee

Amazing butler service!
M/M Hawkins

Excellent service all week! Loved our stay here!
M/M Turner

M/M Dobson

All the staff members were very nice! The services were wonderful and we really enjoyed our stay here!
M/M Gabel

M/M Ditzig

We really enjoyed our stay- the surroundings, sanctuaries, beautiful, but the hospitality was what made it special!  The Major Domo’s were all great- they took the burden of planning away! The plunge pool is the perfect antidote to the heat.
M/M Bell

Butler service is dedicated and excellent.  It contributed to the well being and comfort of our stay.
M/M Chaker

Thank you for a relaxing, indulgent, blissful Caribbean retreat! Our 1st trip to the islands was perfection – complete with breathtaking views and delectable cuisine.  A special Thank You for helping to accommodate our “Baby moon” restrictions/needs.
M/M Ferraro

From the minute we stepped out of the car, we were welcomed and very impressed with the service and beauty of the facility.  Online photos do not do this place justice.  Just beautiful.  We did the waterfall tour with Meno and he was just so knowledgeable about the island.  We loved learning so much of how people can live off the land.  He is a great asset.  We will be back!
M/M Tuller

Wonderful vacation of a lifetime.  Would love to return.
M/M Brewton

Thank you for making my wife’s birthday so special.  We had a fantastic time.
M/M Fernandez

Had a wonderful time, enjoyed it very much.  Excellent staff.
M/M Patel

This was my best vacation ever, very personable service, love the special attention to each guest.  I will definitely look for reason to come back to Jade Mountain.  Every staff member made our stay pleasant.  Dinner on terrace was very special.  Will return many, many times.
M/M Patel

Staff amenities and service is exceptional!!  We loved the Chocolate-To-Bar tour…  Keep it alive.
M/M Reddy

Very good experience, the service really made the stay worth it.  It was awesome.  My brother in law and sister in law used the butler’s phone like 2 full hours a day and it never went dead and the staff never complained.  Awesome!
M/M McNeil

It was a fabulous experience.  The room and customer service was very sincere, friendly and welcoming.  We loved our experience with Teclus, Okeda and our wedding coordinator Charlene.  They made our stay flawless.  These people in particular went over and beyond. Teclus went out of his way to look ahead and seemed very sincere in his actions.  One happy bride and groom.
M/M Smith

I couldn’t have been happier with our experience here.  Of course the hotel is beautiful, but the staff make the energy of the place and the people working here are the best I’ve ever met.  I’ve been lucky to travel the world, and I would tell people this is the most incredible place I’ve seen and we are coming back! Getting married here next year…
M/M Glassco

We had an enjoyable stay.  The facilities (lodging included) are wonderful.  The care provided is fantastic.  Not enough superlatives can describe how beautiful this place is!
M/M Coleman

Wonderful experience!
M/M Bolton

The service at Jade Mountain was an exceptional experience.  Thank you to all the staff members that made us feel very welcome.  Our time here has been absolutely Grand!!! Thank you.
M/M Augustin/Murunya

The staff was very accommodating!!! We loved the birds and frogs..  The beach burgers were very good! The Dive shop was the best part of our experience.  We would like to return at a future visit.
M/M Aukerman

We had the best vacation of our lives here at Jade Mountain.  The staff always had smiles on their faces and spread happiness every day.  The food was fantastic, the scenery was breathtaking and the facilities were emaculate.  Everyone and everything at Jade Mountain was exquisite.  We love our butlers! Best vacation of our lives!
M/M Clark

The stay was great! The service is great and the Sanctuary is beautiful.
M/M Feuerherm

We had a great time at the resort.
M/M Duffy

HEAVENLY EXPERIENCE at Jade Mountain.  I couldn’t imagine it in my mind so reality was even more mind boggling.  Wow! Wow! Wow!  It is beyond my wildest imagination.  Best Hotel experience of our lives.
M/M Mehya/Shandilya

Teclus was out of this world in a good way! And so were the staff overall.
M/M El-Rahi

Everywhere we went staff was wonderful – very friendly – would do anything for us.
M/M Grossmann

I’m blown away by your service and resort.  We’ve been all over the world and this is my favorite.  I own a business and I only wish my team performed at your level.
M/M Collins

Filliner, Mervin and Allain truly “made our trip” – The service was 2nd to none and far exceeded any expectation I could’ve had… They are such an excellent representation of your company.  I thank them again too for the packages they provided for our Boat Excursions (food, drinks, etc.)
M/M McKinnon

We loved everything about our stay.  Service was extraordinary.
M/M Hamlin

We loved our experience.  We can’t wait to come back.  Teddy, Anthony, Kerwin, Sherman and Harvey made our trip very memorable.
M/M Rogers

It was a good idea to allow guests who did not or could not enjoy the pre-selected excursions, to exchange them for like-value experiences they preferred.  We did this with Scuba, Mountain Bike and Snorkel for extra Spa sessions and really helped make us feel the vacation was perfect.
M/M Chen/Alvarez

We do quite a bit of traveling, including all-inclusives and cruising.  This has by far been the best dining experience (food and service) we have ever had.  Very much enjoyed hikes with Meno.
M/M Simon

It is our prayer that God continues to shine his favor and blessing upon the owners, the staff and the guests.  May Jade Mountain continue to be a rich resource of Beauty, Nature and Vision.  A true majesty that only God can be truly glorified for.  We will refer Jade Mountain to friends and business associates.  All our love,
M/M Hosch-Torres

Most amazing week ever, over the top everything and amazing service.
M/M Kohrs

I loved dining at Jade Club.  Food was amazing.  I loved the butler service with cell phones.  I felt very cared for.  I loved the Yoga with the man from India and the Indian Chef at Apsara.  I travel to India a lot so it was a familiar and appreciated feeling.  The rooms are spectacular! Thank you for this wonderful creation.
M/M Craig

By far the best resort we’ve been to.  The rooms are breathtaking and the service is outstanding.  All three butlers were extremely kind and helpful.  Awesome service to offer!! Scuba staff and tour staff were also amazing.  Lots of knowledge and memorable moments. Amazing experience! Wonderful resort and staff.
M/M Walsh

Fantastic honeymoon.  Excellent service.  Incredible dinners.  Fantastic Staff/Butlers/Major Domo’s at Jade Mountain.
M/M Punjani

We loved everything about our stay and can’t wait to come back!
M/M Uptain

- Enjoyed the books to read about St. Lucia that were in our sanctuary.
- Loved how most excursions were private/semi private, kept all trips very intimate.
M/M Maciariello

The view is breathtaking! The rooms are fabulous and with the view makes it outstanding.
M/M Counsell

JULY 2015



Teclus was amazing! Miracle worker.  Love the other beach (Anse Mamin).  Heaven.
M/M Bach/Fuller

We enjoyed our stay here at Jade Mountain! We had amazing butlers, who were excellent! We will definitely be coming back to vacation in the near future.
M/M Miles/Smith

We have loved our stay at Jade Mountain.  This has been unbelievable!! Food and service are amazing.  Everyone was amazing!!
M/M Barfield

Had an absolutely magical experience – The sanctuary could not have been any more perfect. It pains us to leave this very special place and we will cherish this time FOREVER.  Teddy, Chris and Harvey are pure gems – They went out of their way to ensure that our time here was exceptional! We will do a full exemplary review on Trip Advisor J.
M/M Kline

One of a kind experience! Thank you!
M/M Papile

The room was always clean.  The setup – always romantic! There were always very special touches to make our stay amazing! Filliner was so sweet and personable – She made our honeymoon extra special.  Who else gets a bath, bubbles and flowers on the last night?! She is so amazing! Allain was great as well – remembered that we loved mango 5 days after he met us! So sweet!
We couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon destination.
M/M Hood

- Hikes with Meno; he is exceptional.

- Room/accommodations were amazing and the view didn’t disappoint.

- Personal touches, like handwritten notes, rose petals on bed, running bath water in Jacuzzi while out.

- Daily snack boxes are incredible.

- Butlers very friendly and accommodating.

- Orientation was very helpful, check-in very easy.

- Staff friendly and eager to help and Receptions are a nice touch.

M/M Bahmandar

Words cannot describe the wonderful experience we had at Anse and Jade.  The service is absolutely fantastic.  The scenery is astounding and the accommodations and facilities beyond expectations.  I look forward to sending many clients to you in the future.
M/M Rectenwald

We have had an excellent 6 days at Jade Mountain Resort which has exceeded our wildest expectations.  Attention to detail was fantastic.  We especially liked the way that we could contact the butlers at any time to help solve even the oddest of request i.e.  A bowl of muesli at 05:30am – delivered right on queue! The open walled rooms are superb with a brilliant view of the pitons and sea.  After 4 days the challenge of climbing Grand Piton proved irresistible soon my second last morning I took on the challenge and made it.  When we return I’ll be staring more at Petit Piton- who knows where that will lead me!
M/M Mathewson

Very Impressive! The view, organic food, and unbelievably excellent service were amazing.  The butlers were great, the last night touch with bedside cake and rose, and private service at dinner was lovely.
M/M Martino

The concept of this hotel is great  - the people are Amazing.
M/M Ferraez

All staff was Amazing! Made our anniversary trip- one we will never forget!
Thank you!
M/M Nesbitt

We greatly enjoyed our day on the “Searenity” boat.  Kerwin was a wonderful captain and host and made us feel right at home!
M/M Shea

Unforgettable Memories! “The view was to die for”! We truly enjoyed our stay at Jade Mountain.  What really hit home for us was the friendliness of everyone we encountered.  The wait staff was friendly, housekeeping, taxi driver, events people, and the list goes on.  We will be talking about Jade Mountain and the people of Saint Lucia for years to come. Thank you for making our honeymoon so relaxing and wonderful!
M/M Bells

We have stayed in luxury hotels around the world and this is by far the best! The rooms and hotel facilities are amazing! The service was outstanding! Every staff member we passed greeted us warmly.  The food was excellent! Every night was a culinary marvel! We loved all our package activities, I especially enjoyed the Farm tour.  Captain Jungle and Zita were wonderful! Sailing with Captain Kerwin was so much fun! And of course our outstanding butlers Al, Tony and Vito.  We could literally live here! They made sure we were constantly taken care of! I have never experienced better service in my life! Also the music and bands rocked! We will be back!
M/M Ruffino

This place is truly a dreamy resort.  We felt so well taken care of and pampered.
M/M Testwuide/Horrighs

Yasha Troubetzkoy provided us with the most unique room we have ever stayed in over 35 years of travel.  Thank you!
M/M Nicholson

This is our honeymoon and we enjoyed every moment of it.  Thank you so much.  We will return for another vacation.
M/M Samuels

Everything about our stay was amazing.  Our Major Domo’s Al, Vito and Tony were superb.  Earl down at the beach provided excellent service.  Dwight and Marvin, the shuttle drivers were so friendly! The room was amazing and we needed to force ourselves to leave to tour the island, but when we returned we immediately fell in love with the room again.  Can’t say enough good things.  We were on our honeymoon and it was an exceptionally amazing experience.  Already planning our return trip!
M/M Tankha

M/M Backer

It was my first time here at Jade mountain, and I found the experience to be absolutely extraordinary.  The staff is incredible and truly thinks of every detail to make one’s stay relaxing, comfortable, and quite simply wonderful.  The excursions were so much fun, the meals were exquisite, and the room and its views were out of this world stunning! What a special place to be able to spend time with the person you love.  I greatly appreciated as a non drinker, that Harvey had Cham-Dom for me at the second cocktail party.  For nondrinkers sharing an option like this at a cocktail party means a lot.Can we just never leave?
M/M Tantleff/Swindal

Our experience each day at Anse Mamin was exceptional! Anthony the beach attendant was informative, professional and simply excellent at his job! It was like being greeted by family each day! Flora at the bar and restaurant was super attentive and made us feel right at home remembering all our “favorites”!
M/M Shehab

This place is absolutely amazing.  So many things to do and everyone is so friendly, it’s a great culture.
M/M Atherton

Everyone was kind and helpful but our butlers were fun too.  We will recommend to friends especially for honeymoon.
M/M Taylor

Our stay here was absolutely wonderful across the board.  Our butlers and the whole staff was absolutely nice and always available, the food was incredible and the room is breathtaking.  We had an amazing honeymoon here and I will definitely recommend Jade to friends and family!
M/M Gioia

Loved it!
M/M Fuller

Excellent service and facilities.  Absolutely amazing views and location.  We had a fabulous time and can’t wait for our next visit.
M/M Smith

Fantastic! Very relaxing – Thank you!
M/M Morrison

It will be very difficult to top this vacation! We had an amazing honeymoon! Thank you!
M/M Attenhofer

This was the perfect honeymoon place!!
M/M Martin

We had a magnificent 20th Anniversary trip and loved the organic natural vibe of Jade Mountain which enveloped us.  We loved our rooftop dining experience especially loved the privacy and how Kieran made us feel.  The diving, snorkeling and Anse Mamin beach burger were excellent and I loved the manager cocktail parties to get to know other people and the staff.
M/M Romaine

Jade lounge’s food and ambience was superb.  Thank you for allowing us to create wonderful memories.  We will be back!
M/M Velez

Jade Mountain Staff,

When Michelle and I decided to spend money to celebrate our anniversary at Jade Mountain, we knew it would be a great time but you folks exceeded our every expectation! Your staff is second to none and stands head and shoulders above all resorts J.  We had a wonderful time making chocolate bars with Peter, and Teddy and Christus spoiled us like royalty! Thank you for the most wonderful 25th Wedding Anniversary .
M/M Green

Everyone has been so welcoming and excited to have us.  Our time at Jade has been absolutely wonderful and we will never forget our time here.  Thank you for making our honeymoon so special.  We look forward to seeing you guys again.  We will be back!
M/M Anderson

This place is perfect.
M/M Hawkins

Wonderful Experience.
M/M Gaebler

The natural beauty that exists here at Jade Mountain is impossible to describe in writing, on the internet, in a publication or Ad, however, the difference between this Amazing Hotel and other fine resorts around the world is the STAFF.  From the initial cold towel greeting in the car port to the last detail has been SPECTACULAR! The level of service that has been given by our butler’s (Tony, Vito, Al) is second to none.  We have travelled to many places and have never experienced this type of all out service.  Tony, Vito, Al did not know how to say “No”.  Every detail was fine tuned.  We fell in love with your creation here and hope to spread the word as missionaries that this could be the finest Resort in the World! That’s the Truth!
M/M Zeva

Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet exceeded our expectations and provided the honeymoon of our dreams.  It was the perfect place to escape and enjoy beautiful St. Lucia.  We would love to come back one day!
M/M Mossinger

We were delighted with our room and spectacular views.  Hot tub was superb.  Breakfast in room x2 was excellent.  All staff is friendly.  It has been excellent.
M/M Couch

We had the most unbelievable experience here at Jade Mountain! Kieran and Teclus were both so wonderful and made our stay here truly unforgettable.  We could not have asked for a more perfect hotel, vacation, and experience at St. Lucia! Thank you so much!!! Can’t wait to return!!!
M/M Levin

We want to particularly thank Yasha for his kindness, generosity and understanding.  He helped us to have only the fondest memories of Jade Mountain and the friendly, courteous and accommodating staff, we will share only the highest praise for this special resort and encourage our friends to share in this wonderful experience.
M/M Flack

Most Romantic peaceful stay.  Wonderful place, service was fantastic.  People are friendly.
M/M Feldman/Kodish

Rooms/Sanctuaries  are one of a kind.  Views are amazing.  Wedding was great.  Burger at Anse Mamin was one Awesome Burger.  We had (3).
M/M Brooks

Everything was amazing! We will definitely return to Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain.  Sad to leave.
M/M Muldrow

Excellent Service! Amazing accommodations.
M/M Paige

Loved the Yoga at Jade Mountain.  The instructor was amazing.  Tours were great, Emerald Farm and Chocolate Lab was amazing.
M/M Hingley-Wilson

Beautiful resort, excellent service, friendly people.
M/M Maharaj

Our time at Jade Mountain has been delightful.  All service was fabulous! Breathtaking sanctuary! Unbelievable.  We would love to send our kids here on a honeymoon J.
M/M Ringley

Beautiful Resort.  Beautiful Room.  Great Experience.  Amazing.
M/M Fields

1st Class Service for all employees.  Hospitality taught well - I love background in the field.
M/M Reybitz/Petito

The taxi driver’s information throughout the drive was interesting.  Impeccable service throughout Jade Mountain.  Trips and Tours: ½ day snorkeling/sailing was fantastic with nice informative crew, good snacks, sailing beside dolphins.
M/M Ryan

We had a wonderful experience!!!
M/M Balan/Baetatu

Service was excellent! Rooms were breathtaking! We had a wonderful and memorable trip!
M/M Korst

Thank you for the most amazing experience we’ve ever had.  It will be one of our memories we will never forget! Hope to come back for our 1 year wedding anniversary! Amazing, can’t wait to come back!!
M/M Hickey

Beautiful rooms and views!
M/M Dwyer

To all -  Exquisite resort and facilities.  Our 10 years anniversary could not have gone better.  Al, Vito and Tony were courteous, helpful and gracious.  We have made so many lasting memories. We will be sure to tell our friends of our experience – better than advertised!
M/M Lackey

Best resort we’ve ever stayed in, incredible!
M/M Robin

Really enjoyed our experience.
M/M Greim

Thank you so much for an amazing holiday.
M/M Fry

With delayed flight, the reception at midnight was amazing and immediately relaxed us.  Shuttle service to/from beach was very prompt.  Everyone was extremely kind and immediately helpful.
M/M Cox

Big thanks to our butlers and the tour guides! Keither saved our camera on a snorkeling boat trip.  Berns kept us calm while diving and his patience and friendliness will undoubtedly lead to future dives/certification.  Our butlers and service staff made sure we were happy and well taken care of.  First stay but not our last!
M/M Beck

Allain went above and beyond his duty as butler to make our trip once in a lifetime.  Allain provided us the kind of 5-Star service we will tell all our friends and family about.  Filliner was amazing as well.  We have stayed all over the world and have found at the Four Seasons Bora-Bora.  The service at Jade Mountain exceeds all our expectations mostly due to our butlers. Best experience we’ve had truly.
M/M Rindos

All the staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful.  Thank you so very much for our special few nights in Jade Mountain after Anse Chastanet.  Both resorts are fantastic.
M/M Mortimer

It was the most amazing honeymoon.  From the point of view of two teachers who have had the opportunity to travel around the world, let us begin by saying that we have never met a staff nor establishment that could compare to Jade mountain.  There was a blend of unimpeachable professionalism and friendliness that set the stage for the most meaningful of memories.  Because of the staff, we felt a level of comfort and familiarity allowing us to share, experience, and relive each moment.  There are no words that can express the impact of this.  As two who are beginning their lives together, you all provided us with a spring board of excitement and cherished moments to look back on.  There was not one person who took away from this. There were certain individuals that we would like to mention that made a special impact.  Starting with our Domo’s Allain and Filliner.  They went beyond meeting our requests and anticipated our needs.  To them we will cherish the kindness and care each time we saw them.  Every hand shake and hug will be missed.  We recognize that their care for us comes from the dedication of a complex and large staff.  The house keeping team, particularly created a sanctuary that not only maintained a heavenly feel, but also a comfort of a home away from home.  We love food.  We love drinks, We have never taken pictures of a menu as a memory until now.  To cook, plate, and present a dream is what we got with every meal.  Kerwin, Bradley, Davidson, and Jerome were individuals we looked forward to seeing at dinner.  We have never dined like kings and still felt that family was serving us.  Chef Don also deserves our mention for he went out of his way to create time to share in his ever growing passion.  Lastly, Rodger whom drove us countless times and never did we leave the van without laughing or learning.  I could write forever and never fully express our thanks and the pleasure we felt.  With much love and gratitude.
M/M Svaldi

JUNE 2015


Food and Service are the best.
M/M Yordanova

The attention to detail is incredible.  The small things all added up to a world class experience.  It seems like all the staff is anticipating our next step and is there to help.  Also, it is very refreshing for the staff to say Hello and Good Morning when we walk by.  Very nice touch.
M/M Cecchetti

We had an amazing time at Jade.  We only wish we could’ve stayed longer.  The room facilities/dinner, breakfast in our room and our butler Teclus were all great!
M/M Gogia/Blaskar

Jade Mountain is wonderful.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful and the food is amazing! We thoroughly enjoyed every part of our vacation.
M/M Sheafes

We had a fabulous time.  We especially enjoyed the jazzy sunset cruise, our waterfall hike, and our private dinner on the beach.  The views from the Celestial Terrace are still the most amazing thing about Jade Mountain! We will definitely be back!
M/M DeWolf

Amazing! Everyone is so nice!
M/M Butler

Loved It!
M/M Fernandez

Service was excellent all around.
M/M Aran

Overall a beautiful resort and a wonderful vacation.
M/M Ferro

Excellent Stay, Wonderful Hotel and natural beauty and fantastic people.  Lived up to all expectation.
M/M Benedetto

Romantic Stay – Thank you for making our honeymoon one to remember.  We will be back!
M/M Root

We had a great time here.  Food, service personnel were all great and friendly.  Overall A++
M/M Atwood

We didn’t think it could be as good as our 1st visit, but it was even better! Outstanding! Thank you to all the chef’s who did the most wonderful Gluten Free/Dairy free meals.  They took beautiful care of me.
M/M Jones

It is beautiful here.  Hope to come back on our anniversary.  Kieran was amazing! He was very friendly and welcoming.  He provided excellent service and made our stay enjoyable.  Kieran was very prompt and provided a high level of service.
M/M Luckhardt

A magical hotel, superb rooms and idyllic surroundings.  Every member of staff has been friendly, professional and above all happy.  A memorable stay for us as I assume all of your guests.  The food is amazing, the local farm ensures freshness every day.  Thank you for creating a wonderful experience, it has been a holiday of a lifetime.
M/M Hyett

Beautiful Sanctuary/room.  Wonderful staff and service.  Special thanks to our butlers.
M/M Boge

Our experience here met any expectation that we could have imagined.  From the moment we landed, through every minute after, you staff created an experience to match the beauty of the resort and St. Lucia.  This will forever be at the top of our vacation memories.
M/M Bell

World class customer service.  We were always greeted with a smile and genuine hospitality by every staff member.  Truly a vacation that will never be forgotten.  Thank you.
M/M Bell

Bringing our family here to Jade Mountain was a longtime dream of my husband.  Jade Mountain surpassed all that we had hoped for as a perfect destination for this “Bucket List” trip! We thank each and every one of you for making this happen.
M/M Bell

M/M Goss

Amazing Honeymoon! We loved everything! We would definitely recommend to friends.  Loved
St. Lucia!
M/M Shin

Awesome service all around.  Fans were great and kept us cool.
M/M Yakavanis

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay!
M/M Askren

Thank you for making our honeymoon so memorable.  Our stay at Jade Mountain was truly an amazing experience with an exceptional staff.  We can’t wait to tell our family and friends about Jade Mountain and we look forward to our return trip!!
M/M Romoff/Lementowski

Food was fabulous!
M/M Taylor/Love

Everyone and everything was amazing! We couldn’t be happier and more thankful for making our honeymoon so amazing.
M/M Gibson

Second visit just as nice as the first.
M/M Salera

M/M Traub

Everyone we came across on staff was wonderful! Especially the three mentioned to the right (Christus, Teddy and Jerome).  We would definitely recommend Jade Mountain to everyone we know! J
M/M Starns/Wood

Thank you to Teddy and Chris our butlers who were superb – 5 Stars and made our honeymoon the best vacation.  Teddy went above and beyond – even lent us a professional camera of his own when ours broke.  The butlers are what made our trip the best.  Thank you Chris and Teddy!
M/M Honeck

The special attention to details for our anniversary made it very memorable for one of the best trips we have ever taken.  The butler service was outstanding and would recommend to anyone to come to Jade Mountain.
M/M Cruz

The staff was wonderful and the resort was great!  The food was excellent.
M/M Marinelli

Everyone was pleasant and so friendly.  The beach attendants were great too!
M/M Morris/Aurich

Our stay was phenomenal, from the food, to the impeccable service, stunning views and serenity.
M/M Valentinsson

We were only here for our last two days on the island but we had a great time.  We are sad to go but will tell everybody about this awesome place and will plan on being back some day.
Absolutely loved the view!
M/M Cherry

Fantastic place for honeymoon.
M/M Nassri

We loved our stay! It was amazing.  Everyone made us feel like Stars.  Thank You!
M/M Lohr

Caroline and I had an amazing time during our stay at Jade Mountain.  Pictures and reviews do not do this resort justice.  The views from the rooms are breathtaking and the service is unparalleled.  Thank you for providing a wonderful experience on our honeymoon.  We hope to be back. We can’t wait to come back.
M/M Anthony

Wonderful place.
M/M Jackson

We had a wonderful honeymoon! We really enjoyed our stay and hope to be back soon!!
M/M Sabbagh

We both enjoyed our sanctuaries.  The service was excellent.
M/M Dowell

WOW! This was the best trip we have ever been on! Diving was awesome and service was unbelievable.
M/M Barry

We had an amazing time and the staff and facilities are beyond exceptional, the service from our butler, the private dinner, tours, in-room massages were just magnificent.  We are well beyond pleased with our stay.

Our In-room massages were fabulous.  We enjoyed them so much we scheduled additional massages.  I cannot remember their names, but because we wanted them again they changed their day off to accommodate us.  This is just amazing.  It is unheard of anywhere else!
M/M Feldman

Fantastic hotel! Thank you for such a wonderful experience.  Ya’ll really helped us celebrate our honeymoon in amazing fashion!
M/M Crain

Butlers are great. Okeda, Teclus and Kieran.  I believe club was even better than last year.
M/M Hudlin

Our stay was absolutely amazing, couldn’t have asked for better.  The service is phenomenal! We loved everyone we talked to.  First class! Thank you!
M/M Busch

This was an amazing trip.  Would come back many more times.  My most memorable vacation ever.
M/M Grossi

We had a wonderful time! Our butlers were fantastic.
M/M Prosser

Overall fantastic trip once again.  We look forward to returning.
M/M Gray/Simmons

Thoroughly enjoyed the Emerald Estate Garden tour.
M/M Jarrard

Definitely our most unique vacation, but also one of our best!
M/M Wright

The food and service has been incredible! Thank you so much for the Star suite with a pool! It was incredible!! If you are in one of the rooms without a pool, this is a must
M/M Panner

We celebrated our 40th Anniversary during our stay here.  The attention to detail from your staff was second to none.  In fact, whenever we stay somewhere else we will compare that experience to Jade Mountain, which has raised the bar very high.
M/M Meyer

Just Lovely.  Everyone was so friendly and courteous.  The dive facilities are great.  The staff is efficient and organized.

It was a wonderful destination for our honeymoon!
M/M Seckman

Thank You.  You have made our 35th anniversary very special and memorable.  It was by far our best anniversary to date.  You have made our dreams come true and beat our expectations. We love you all.

A magical experience relaxing, peacefully..
M/M Bianco

Thank you for everything.  We had such a wonderful honeymoon and we look forward to anniversary trips in the future.  This was an incredibly healing, rejuvenating experience.
M/M Jorgensen

Absolutely incredible experience all around! Wonderful people and service and great activities.
M/M Johnson

Amazing facilities and service overall cresting very unique and special environment!! Thank you!
M/M Foster

We have no words to adequately describe the peace and beauty at Jade Mountain.  Absolutely everything was beyond perfect – the sanctuary, the food, the beach and every single staff member who made our stay spectacular – housekeeping, restaurant, beach, grounds, guest services and our butlers.  It does feel that each person truly cares about making your stay perfect.  We enjoyed our tour with Meno, our coastline tour with Moby-Dick and especially our butler’s (Tony) special touches to celebrate our 34th Wedding anniversary.  We enjoyed reading about the construction of Jade Mountain.  The magnitude of the effort and work it takes to provide guests with the ultimate experience is not lost on us.  We are most grateful!! We appreciate efforts to minimize negative environmental impact. J
M/M McKinney

Please always continue the NO television, radio’s, electronics, etc. policy.  So restful.  Highly recommending Jade Mountain to the whole world especially for weddings ( and I hate destination weddings).  Ya’ll have realized what Frank Lloyd Wright was only dreaming of.
M/M Chwalek

Our butler staff was amazing and went Above and Beyond every time to help make everything perfect.  Also photographer was awesome (Bernd).  He was super kind and amazing in his work.
M/M Kalil

Christus and Teddy were wonderful.  They made everything perfect and easy.  Sylvia at the beach was wonderful.  The “Stone man” always friendly and helpful.  Dinner and breakfast service was perfect.
M/M Smith

It’s a fantastic experience!!!
M/M Girma/Rookard

· Welcome cocktail party was very nice.

· All staff very pleasant and friendly.

· Music at Jade was excellent, especially lady sax player.

· Orientation was informative and helpful.
M/M Taggart

Room/view/infinity pool/birds/food/service- ALL SPECTACULAR!
-       Love the open air and private pool. Love the many stairs.
-       Love the whole experience.  Wonderful 25th anniversary trip.  Love the afternoon snacks in the black box – such a nice treat.  We looked forward to that surprise every day.
-       Love the housekeeping surprises, too Hearts, flowers- Very romantic.
Everyone is very friendly.  Thank you.
M/M Banta

The Volcano tour and Emerald Farm tour were awesome.  The place was amazing regarding the accommodation provided for Lisa’s gluten allergy.  We look forward to returning!
M/M Moon

It’s hard to find enough superlatives to describe how wonderfully magical our experience has been.  The Facilities/Sanctuary is like something out of a dream.  The staff- extraordinary, never experienced this level or personal attention and care before.
M/M Zipps

Everything was amazing.
M/M Bowling

We had a lovely experience.  Very happy with the service and found all the staff to be very kind and welcoming.  This place is very unique and beautiful.  I loved both rooms we had the opportunity to stay in, and loved the open concept.  This trip was everything and more of what we hoped for.  The private Volcano and Botanical Garden Tour was amazing!
M/M Allison

This was a fabulous place for a honeymoon.  Earl on the beach continued the Jade experience with his attentiveness and his continuous special treatment of us.  He was special and superb.
M/M Noll

We have travelled extensively and it takes a lot to impress us.  However Jade Mountain did just that! The service was unsurpassed especially when it came to Christus and Teddy, our butlers. Both were excellent and even anticipated our needs.  Everyone here was professional and very courteous.  The food in Jade Mountain Club was scrumptious.
M/M Glass

- Both butlers were attentive, nice and professional.  Great job by both.

- Restaurant staff all Stellar.

- Spa personnel wonderful and meal room service rocked.
M/M Turner/Fortune

2nd visit to Jade.  It was great.  Al, Vito and Tony are 3 of the finest butlers we’ve ever been with.  They were polite and very efficient.  Please thank them for us! Well done.
M/M Askey

Can’t wait to come back!
M/M Karras

We were very pleased by service and views.  Absolutely wonderful experience.
M/M Aleman

Great honeymoon destination.
M/M McKeon

We will return, however we will stay for two weeks- we didn’t have enough time to do everything.

-       Exceptional staff.

-       Room Service exceptional.

-       Domo’s so wonderful.

-       Many “extra touches” did not go unnoticed (and there were many- THANK YOU).
M/M Brown

Our butlers Teddy and Christus were fantastic.  Kerwin in the Jade Mountain Club was exceptionally attentive.  We had the most amazing time.  Can’t wait to return.

M/M Sonntag


MAY 2015


Amazing Trip – perfect way to celebrate 25th anniversary. Can’t wait to share this place with others, It’s a dream come true! Best desserts ever at Jade Mountain! Best view too!
M/M Wilkerson

Overall, Outstanding! What a treat. Thank you!
M/M Freeman

The staff was tremendous. The rooms were spectacular. The food was wonderful.
M/M Guice

Staff at the Jade Club was fantastic. Extremely hospitable and welcoming. Snorkeling was great and especially Davis was very helpful and reassuringly confident.
M/M Bhandal/Kaur

The owner of Jade Mountain is a true visionary. The staff he has selected makes it a true experience. The best food I have ever experienced on the islands. Better than Ritz!
M/M Seabra

We loved the natural beauty of Jade Mountain. The views are spectacular. We stayed in two rooms and both were incredible. Beautiful and incredible amenities
M/M Mallory

I am a traveler, Jade Mountain Resort is by far the most beautiful; the food and service was impeccable. You have the friendliest staff I have ever experienced in my travels. Very relaxing and tranquil.
M/M Harrison-Walker

Loved the resort! Wonderful place to celebrate our 25th anniversary! Excellent service, friendly staff! Personalized attention. We will recommend to others. We enjoyed our sanctuary and amazing view. Never felt the need to leave the resort for the four days we were here.
M/M Willis

What a beautiful resort! We were very pleasantly greeted upon arrival and each staff member always spoke as we passed by. The room was absolutely stunning and very comfortable. We love the in-room pool and gorgeous Jacuzzi tub that was very well used after we climbed the Piton on Friday! Fantastic experience!
M/M Estee

Everything was beyond excellent, especially our butlers. Teddy, Toni and Vito took really great care of us.
M/M Hamilton

Beautiful place! Excellent service – will definitely recommend this resort!
M/M Frieden

What a beautiful place and your staff were so polite! We love this!
M/M Benson

Everyone made our anniversary/birthday stay absolutely amazing. We recently stayed at Golden-eye in Jamaica and we thought it would be hard to beat…. Jade Mountain SURPASSED it! Most amazing resort we’ve been to. We’ll absolutely be back (hopefully soon!) Thank you so much.
M/M Maceira

We had an excellent vacation.
M/M Baldassarra

Sanctuaries are breath taking. First time I did not want to ever leave the room I was staying in during the day. The food was exceptional!!! The entire place was romantic. Every staff member was super friendly.
M/M Veillon

Everything was great! We wish we could stay longer. It was the most beautiful place we have ever been!
M/M Schiazza

You guys have been Amazing! Best wedding ever! Thank you to especially Charlene and Bernd and Chef Jeffrey!
M/M Oppenlander

Had a great time!
M/M Lockman

Outstanding! A once in a life time experience; Customer service hospitality was incredible! We never heard the word “No” Anything was possible. Food was exceptional and every setting breathtaking and beautiful in its own way. Service A+! Butler’s was truly at your service and made our trip even more relaxing and enjoyable.
M/M Watt

Club Restaurant and Food excellent! Service was superb!! Wonderful resort will highly recommend!
M/M Mitchell

We had a fabulous time. We will never forget Jade Mountain! You made our honeymoon the best trip of our lives. The staff was excellent and the food exceeded all expectations. We will be back!
M/M Theleman

The rooms, the service, the food was just exceptional. The best hotel experience we have ever had. Perfect in so many ways - Thank You!
M/M Fischer

Everything here was exceptional. But, the experience at Jade Mountain was the best in all our travels. Rooms, architecture, food, service, beauty, the feel, the ambiance… Unmatched.
M/M Elsik

Just a fantastic vacation from start to finish, people were very friendly, rooms were amazing, food was fantastic. We had dinner every night at Jade Mountain Club and every meal was excellent. Yoga classes with Laura were great, Jovan made the Bike Tour fun and interesting. Learned a lot and enjoyed Estate Farm Tour, cooking class with Elijah is a great memory.
M/M Hughes

We had a fantastic time. This was a spectacular surprise for me! My husband planned everything!! The best ever! Very close to our honeymoon!
M/M Jarsaillon

Wonderful, Comfortable, Peaceful! Service was excellent, food – excellent. Best we’ve had anywhere
M/M Nell

It was incredible!
M/M Caih

Great place…
M/M Drake

Very very nice rooms.
M/M Baumgartner

A+ Overall. We look forward to an opportunity to return.
M/M Husnz

An overall great experience!
M/M Luddeke

Very Relaxing
M/M Mauk

The entire staff was/is more than you could dream for! Though we are sad to leave our honeymoon, we are filled with joy thanks to the staff at Jade Mountain.
M/M Pereira

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Every one of our needs was anticipated! We’ll be back.

It was amazing! Food is great.
M/M Grofcsik

I loved every corner of the hotel and its services. The perfect pick for our honeymoon. Thank you!!
M/M Albahar

What an amazing experience to be a part of your beautiful Jade Mountain. Your attention to detail was carried out all over the property but most important the staff. Our butler service was like nothing we have experienced. Filliner and Marvin were the true representation of a 5 star resort. To leave Jade Mountain with the Galaxy experience was the best honeymoon we could ever thought of. Please take a moment to recognize your staff for their stellar service and your beautiful resort was something we will always remember.
So no goodbye here, just a short note until we see you again.
M/M Coker

4 Stars, A++ 1 resort, Thank you!!! Perfect honeymoon. Simply Awesome!! Wife gave me all thumbs up!
M/M LiMartin Jr.

What we love most about Jade Mountain is the wonderful atmosphere and the genuine employees. Everyone was so kind and it made us feel very welcomed
M/M Wallace

Amazing service, staff, food!!!, Beach- Gorgeous resort architecture and rooms – Top Notch. Very impressed. 5 stars all the way. We loved our infinity pool.
M/M Price

We loved our stay- every tour guide and waiter was so nice and sweet. Thank you!!
M/M Dver

Thank you for an exceptional stay! We will be back!
M/M Wyatt

Overall, very good hotel and service.
M/M Carroll

Your staff here is excellent! We feel like we are leaving our friends today! Everyone was kind, friendly, gave great suggestions, made us laugh and ensured we had an excellent time. The food and drinks were also fabulous everyday!
M/M Anderson

Room was awesome!!
M/M Daltorio

We absolutely loved it here!
M/M McCullough

Wonderful! Your food was particularly special- very fresh and prepared with care. We have travelled the world and notice good food. I loved the thinly sliced broccoli in salads as well as your Johnny cakes and watermelon. “Caviar” – Excellent, of course your chocolate and coffee are wonderful.
M/M Mock

Architecture and views are amazing! Our room was wonderful! Food at Jade Mountain Club was fabulous, the chef really impressed us! The beaches were very nice.
M/M Liebthal

We have had an amazing week! Jade Mountain has been spectacular and the service has been perfect!
M/M Nielson

The resort was wonderful. Staff is friendly. Island is visually stunning; ocean was clean and reasonably healthy.
M/M Tio

Breathtaking resort with unmatched service! Hope to return many more times

Our butler team was top of the line, amazing, attentive, and compassionate. Would not change a thing. We had a wonderful experience. Can’t wait to come back!
M/M Vern-Gross

Overall great experience! Will definitely recommend and hopefully come back ourselves
M/M Henderson

This is a very special place. We were looking for a romantic relaxing getaway and got so much more. Okeda was so wonderful setting up a bubble bath in our room after our Piton hike. Theo and Olivet from the Spa gave us outstanding massages. Jean-Phillip was so friendly and had great suggestions for things to do. Truly everyone of the wait staff was terrific. The Sanctuary and the hotel are breathtaking and we enjoyed every minute here. Thank you!
M/M Cleveland

We have enjoyed everything from the location, food, and activities. We hope to come back for an anniversary.
M/M Mezzanotte

Excellent! We loved every minute of this trip and will be back someday!
M/M Hinton

Was looking for the perfect place for a honeymoon and discovered Jade Mountain through extensive research in travel magazines and the internet. Jade Mountain did not disappoint. The beauty and tranquility of the resort is only outdone by the service provided by the Major Domo’s – a true highlight . Within hours each of our 3 (Al, Tony and Vito) knew us by name and our preferences. The personal greetings each morning and the kind visits over our relaxing dinners were very special touches. Jade Mountain provided so many memorable and magical moment for my bride and me
M/M Richards Jr.

APRIL 2015


Beautiful! The food was exceptional!
M/M Morse

M/M Kehm

Thanks to all the butlers who served us. We appreciate the extra mile with arranging for us to see the fight. The food at Jade Club was amazing.
M/M Ramsey

Jade Mountain Resort is one of the finest we have stayed at. Well worth the price of admission. The food was amazing, especially at Apsara. The food in the Tree-House was OK.
Patel, JA4

We loved the entire Jade Mountain experience. The staff was so friendly yet not over bearing. It was good to be served by my past students (Neige, Lance and McEnt). It was worth every penny and minute. This was an experience worth repeating.
M/M Pamphile

So Relaxing! Thank You!
M/M Humphries

The Hotel is the best! Congratulations! I hope to return again. Thank you!
M/M Michelon

Excellent Experience!! ☺
M/M Grimaldi

Absolutely Amazing – True Paradise! Thank you for the upgrade- we will never book without a pool again!
M/M Peters

I am very in-frequent in giving feedback, but the stay and the service was definitely something worth writing about. Everything was perfect. All our whims were catered to. Very friendly and professional staff. The tour of the farm was definitely enjoyable. Pawan was excellent in knowledge and explaining. My daughter got a new appreciation of plants and local foods. Architecture of the resort was unique and will stay in memory for a long time. There are too many positive experiences to put in this small paragraph. Thanks for everything. Unique Experience! Not sure if we will get it anywhere else

Great time, very relaxing! Can’t say enough nice things about our Butlers. They were the best.
M/M Evans

Equal or even better than Jumby Bay in Antigua.
M/M Copeman

Every one of the staff and services were outstanding
M/M Signorino

Wonderful people in hotel, your service was excellent, your people were excellent.
M/M Franchi

The hospitality at Jade Mountain was incredible from housekeeping and Major Domo’s right through
to wedding organizers. We cannot compliment enough. Truly amazing experiences (plural!!).
M/M Porter

5 days here is worth 14 days in a regular hotel
M/M Thomas

The staff at Jade Mountain is incredible- Butlers, housekeeping, Jade Club all are attentive, well spoken and nice.
M/M Malhame

Jade Mountain opened our minds to possibilities we couldn’t imagine and brought our hearts together. You all spoiled us rotten.

All the Jade Mountain staffs were friendly and helpful
M/M Ubaldini

Amazing, Beautiful, wonderful, delicious
M/M Mauney

Best honeymoon choice hands down! We had an amazing experience and loved each staff member we came into contact with. Everyone was above and beyond friendly and helpful. I was nervous about bugs and the open concept and did not get bitten once! Reviews also mentioned the many stairs but they weren’t that bad and when we didn’t feel like taking them, the shuttle arrived within a few minutes. Overall a “maximum chill” vacation and worth every penny
M/M Brown

Breathtaking view! Amazing experience and service! Teclus was so courteous and prompt with his butler help. Our travel agent back home screwed up the helicopter booking however Jade Mountain did their best to try to resolve the issue.

Excellent, wonderful overall experience. You really know how to pamper your guests! We will never forget our stay here.

Most Amazing stay ever! Can’t wait to come back
M/M Jaguden

Everyone very friendly, Service excellent
M/M Tuvey

We enjoyed our stay and would love to come back. Such a unique hotel and we were impressed with the food, service and sanctuary.
M/M Chavez

We are coming back!
M/M Crouse

Excellent service and resort! Incredible architecture- warm and wonderful staff. Perfect stay! Thank you!
M/M Panahy

We arrived on Sunday by car and were met by Teclus – Great Welcome. Staff superb throughout stay! We did not bother the Butlers too much as we tend to be very independent but they were responsive when needed and left us a cake and wine for our anniversary.
M/M McKeown

We loved everything!! This was our best vacation ever!! We had such a wonderful time. The service, friendliness of the staff was unsurpassed!! The food was truly gourmet. Loved the excursions!! The accommodations were superb!! Outstanding!! All the staff went out of their way to ensure we had a phenomenal time in paradise!!

Loved our stay! Exceptional service!
M/M Danna,

All the staff was incredible, helpful and nice. They were top notch! Helping! Polite! Great to ask questions too. It was an amazing time from the moment we got here till when we have to finally leave. It was Magical, Relaxing and Above and Beyond Phenomenal!!
Paganuzzi/ Garavaglia

We truly enjoyed the Jade Club and the Jungle Bar- as well as our in room dining!
M/M Wolfe

It’s a beautiful setting on a beautiful Island with the nicest people. What more can you ask for. Too see it online is one thing- to experience it is something. I wish all of my friends and family could do at least once. Jade Mountain Club service and food was outstanding. Portions perfect, preparation perfect, variety to please all. Wow! Old favorite was Cap Ja-Luca on Anguilla. New favorite is Jade Mountain!!!
M/M Rinaldi

Thank you to the entire staff for making our stay and 25th Wedding Anniversary so memorable. We thoroughly enjoyed everything and will surely return to Jade Mountain. The food and service were outstanding.
M/M Hawker

The very best place to stay – Romantic, beautiful, wonderful! Food was superb at Jade Club. Compliments to the chef
M/M Nesenger

Beautiful and great experience! Butlers were great with getting our breakfast to our rooms, both accurately and timely.
M/M Elfrink

Amazing experience! Wonderful people! Breathtaking views from room. Fabulous – thank you to all!
M/M Doll

JM is certainly one of a kind! It’s magical and spectacular – the scenery, staff and ambition (farm chocolate lab, overall experience) are marvelous. We are very glad we stayed.
M/M Truax

Exceeded our expectations with majestic views, exceptional staff, and premier facilities. Our experience was unparalleled- a gem amongst the Caribbean islands.
M/M Ausley

We had an excellent vacation
M/M Baldassarra

We were very happy with our experience here at Jade Mountain. Excursions, food and staff were great. Great trip and would highly recommend to friends.
M/M Cullen

Overall, Excellent! Enjoyed the view, facilities especially the service and staff! Amazing how everyone knew everything about us and where we were! Best Burgers! Anse Mamin is amazing and the plantation tour is a fabulous tour!
M/M Smith

Amazing! Everything was excellent!
M/M Cain

It was amazing. Better than we could’ve dreamed
M/M Dunne

MARCH 2015


We came to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary. Everything was fantastic – food, service, and the views!! Thank you for a great trip!
M/M Kanell

We had a fantastic stay. The sanctuary was spectacular.
M/M Chute

Everything was wonderful
M/M Clark

Amazing Experience esp. Filliner was SUPERB!!
M/M Anonymous

JF2 is Beautiful
M/M Ryan

Fabulous, fabulous resort, so relaxing and comfortable. Clean and refreshing. This truly is PARADISE! Thank you much for your service and sharing this beautiful creation!
M/M Hettinger

Nothing to say but good things. We had an amazing and relaxing time
M/M Barwis

Overall, amazing experience. Room concept is amazing, stonique views unparalleled. Organic farm serving the restaurant was exceptional.
M/M Tang

This was the most relaxing & amazing vacation we have ever had!
M/M Mathes

We like your Co-co-Do. Lovely, didn’t want to leave.
M/M Crull/O’Drisery

Amazing stay! Exceptional service! The rooms are fabulous! We will definitely be back!
M/M Crull

We had a really great time at Jade Mountain and our only complaint is that our stay was too short as we would stay for a month if we could. The rooms to the service, the food to the excursions, to the people were all splendid. Thank you so much for a fabulous time!
M/M Haidas

We have had a fantastic time here – The location, the quality of the rooms, the staff – all magnificent. There is a feute of generosity about the place which has been wonderful.
M/M Byers

Just an excellent place for our honeymoon – worth every dollar we spent. Facilities alone would be enough to impress, but we found the real magic of this place was the service. There is a consistent and real commitment on the part of staff to make guests feel special, and they succeed. We will be highly recommending Jade Mountain to our friends.
M/M Melvin

Trip from airport – Kendall was a very helpful driver.
The orientation with Yasha was useful. He was great.
Thank you – The extra special acknowledgement of our anniversary was very nice & much appreciated. The facility is unique & fantastic. It was a wonderful romantic getaway – The Jade Mountain staff was excellent. Thank you!
M/M Baker

We had a wonderful stay. After a mix up regarding dates, the staff went above and beyond.
M/M Bopp

Thank you very much for everything. Our stay here was magical! We will definitely come back! The food, staff, sanctuaries, just EVERYTHING is perfect here!!! We are in love with Jade Mountain. SEE YOU SOON THANKS FOR EVERYTHING.
M/M Konopleva

We could not have had a more perfect week, you have provided an extraordinary combination of spectacular views and care and ambience, the resort is an architectural gem – so organic, so beautiful. The rooms & suites surpass all expectations. Your staff is unfailingly exemplary in creating a sense of welcome and highly personalized attention. We felt very at home. You anticipated my every need! Last but not least the cuisine was superb as was the wine selection.
M/M Sheehy

Everything was great.
M/M Nosek

Jade Mountain is a once in a lifetime vacation. It is hard to put into words how amazing it is- The sanctuary, the views, the staff, just everything about this place is special – We will never forget our honeymoon. Thank you so much!
M/M NeSmith

This was the most memorable vacation we have ever had. Perfect for our honeymoon. We don’t think anywhere else can compare to the experience we have here! The people here have made our experience incredible- It was such an honor to meet everyone!
M/M De Leon

Amazing Experience!
M/M Cannon

Amazing Food, Accommodating Staff, Fabulous Paradise
Piton- Loved it! Best service ever. Sanctuary-Speechless
Infinity Pool – Wow!!
Our honeymoon was 10 times better than we imagined. Thank you for sharing your home and family! Can’t stop smiling! Sad to leave……
M/M Kohler

Lovely place, staff & food. Made our 25th Wedding Anniversary very special. Thanks so much!
M/M Kammerer

We particularly found the restaurant wait staff in the Jade Club restaurant outstanding. The chef and all the servers were wonderful! The food was incredible. We ate there every night. This hotel is magical!! Thank you so much! The worst part is leaving!!
M/M Ehrlich

Lovely room and resort. Awesome stay, we had a lovely time.
M/M Swart

Our entire experience was absolutely wonderful. While Jade Mountain and St. Lucia are beautiful it was the people who were truly amazing. Each person makes the place so special!!
M/M Reid

The butler was excellent, the architecture is breathtaking, and the sanctuaries are beyond compare.
M/M Cottrell

We had a great stay here – wonderful resort. Cuisine at the Jade Mountain Club is excellent. Servers are very friendly, Service at all Anse Chastanet restaurants were much better. All restaurants were very helpful with my food allergy, and the Chef at Emerald ever made a fantastic custom dessert for me – One night with something other than sorbet.
M/M Guentler/Yates

Blow-us-away Setting! Decoration and seating were spectacular. View is amazing. Bed is incredibly comfortable. Netting was charming even if bugs were few. Loved the local food and attention to environment. We expected great experience. You exceeded those expectations.
M/M Borger

Everything was amazing. Great activities and everyone was very nice.
M/M Toledo

All our expectations were surpassed at Jade Mountain. The whole experience of the hotel is extraordinary. The sanctuaries are so very beautiful one hardly wants to leave. The service and welcome from the staff is sincere and friendly. Jade Mountain is superbly run.
M/M Kinnersly

Jade Mountain has been a wonderful experience for our baby moon – the service is perfect, weather heavenly, and the sanctuary was GREAT! We hope this won’t be a once in a lifetime experience and hope to come back soon. The owner’s sustainable philosophy is evident in the architecture, the Emerald farm, and in the food. Could not have had a more relaxing trip
M/M Patel

Great Service & Facilities
M/M Lee

All expectations were exceeded. This was an amazing vacation. Thank you!
M/M Larson

Lovely place and I loved the Sanctuary.
M/M Potter

We had a wonderful stay here. The hotel is beautiful! The staff was very friendly and extremely helpful. Always there to offer assistance if they thought we needed it. A wonderful experience at a magnificent resort. Thank you
M/M Fortescue

Beautiful! So much privacy. Good amount of honeymooners and also families.
M/M Joseph





Food was outstanding as was service in the dining area. Beautiful facility!
M/M Haviland

Overall, phenomenal experience! Loved the full experience – remarkable views, stunning rooms, fabulous food, top service, really can’t say enough about it! The architecture and room designs (as well as Jade Club) are unique – that combined with great service make for a one of a kind experience.
M/M Donnelly

The staff is very friendly and accommodating. We could not be happier with our major domos.
M/M Ebler

Excellent… Luxurious. Exceeded expectations.
M/M Skeldon

All of your staff is A++, Five Star. It was truly a pleasure to be pampered for this very special week. Thanks to you & your staff for an unforgettable stay!
M/M Morgan

One of the most amazing resorts we have stayed in. The staff was wonderful.
M/M Maxwell

Jade Mountain was perfect for relaxing and getting away from it all.
M/M Melton

Staff was Great! Food & Dining was very special.
M/M Watkins

Great stay & beautiful resort. We had a great time.
M/M Soifer

Phenomenal time here. Will recommend to everyone. Top notch service & friendly and helpful staff.
M/M Pekersky

We cannot say enough. The best vacation of our lives. Wonderful service. I really appreciated the room upgrade. The view and pool were amazing.
M/M Craddock

A fantastic Hotel in a breathtaking location!
M/M Peschel

Once again we had a wonderful stay here at Jade Mountain and Chastanet. While all aspects at the resort are wonderful, I will repeat what I always say after each stay. We come back year after year because of the staff. This year I singled out Vicky & Felix for their professional actions during a fairly tense situation. However, each staff member, regardless of department or position has always performed to a standard that allows a group leader like myself to relax, knowing my clients are always in good hands. More than that, we return each year to receive and return the genuine affection given to us by staff. There are many many fancy & pricey luxury hotels and resorts. Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet are what they are because of the staff. Take good care of them!!
M/M Pugzles

Best vacation ever! Amazing attention to detail, customer service and cleanliness. All done with kindness and respect. Thank you!
M/M Titos

Fabulous Stay. Will highly recommend.
M/M Lethbridge

Great concept. Very different. Food Exceptional. Staff friendly and helpful. Will tell Daniel (at Dial-A-Flight) great hotel for younger clients.
M/M Denneny

One of the singular best travel experiences I’ve had ever, has to be experienced to understand how special it is. Hotel, food, service, settings, sanctuaries, etc. activities offered and more. Truly wasn’t sure if all the “fame” & “hype” would mean disappointment or not meeting expectations, but exceeded all hopes. I stay in hotels 60+ nights a year this is one of my couple of favorites ever. Can’t wait to return & share with others and send clients.
M/M Fiax

We really enjoyed our experience here! Keiran, Vito & Teddy were phenomenal! Kieran set the bar high on day one and Vito kept it even higher. They made our experience a phenomenal one!
M/M Ross

Butler service excellent. Staff tremendously service oriented, friendly & accommodating. Cuisine outstanding.
M/M Frankle/Can

All of the staff at the Jade Mountain Club was Exceptional.
M/M Ediger

Have travelled the world and have to say this is one of the top resorts in the world. I am stress free & ready to stay a while longer but must return home. The training the staff goes through is amazing. Everyone is smiling and pleasant and very helpful. First class all the way around.
M/M Slinkard

Absolutely loved the resort and room!
M/M Melnychak

Last year we vacationed at Anse Chastanet and had a wonderful time. We visited Jade Mountain and decided to try it out this year. Obviously ones expectations are high but our stay was above and beyond our expectations. Our butlers Filliner, Mervin & Allain were the best!! Jade Mountain should be proud to have those 3 quality individuals working for you.
M/M Fraser

Everyone was extremely professional and kind. Simple gestures and comments made us feel at home. We weren’t treated as “Another Guest” but as a friends or family. All accommodations and services met any & every need we had throughout our stay. You have the most beautiful resort and best staff we have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Thank you for a memorable honeymoon.
M/M Hamilton

Amazing Place! One of a kind rooms without walls & knock out views.
M/M Michaelson

Teddy was the most amazing friendly guide and advisor we could imagine. We would come back just to see him!! YES!! We love Teddy!!
M/M Sandner

Everything was fantastic – the room was amazing.
M/M Steele

Best hotel we’ve ever experienced. Trendy, cool, the best staff - every single one of them are absolute stars! They are so friendly and genuine it really is a delight to talk to all of them and they make the holiday so special. Best food! Better than all the London restaurants. So much better than Sugar Beach. They try to imitate JM but get nowhere near.
M/M Arpino

Our favorite place, anywhere!
M/M Selzer

Our stay at Jade Mountain was absolutely amazing. We were in awe of the generous size of the sanctuaries and the seclusion of the resort. The view of the pitons was spectacular. Being at one with nature is the best way forward. The sound of the forest coming to life at nights was music to my ears.
M/M Defreitas

Taxi Driver was excellent. Hotel reception excellent! Dinner – First Class – and quality and speed of service excellent.
M/M Coote

Service difference - As Jade Mountain guests, we valued the extremely high level of service, attention to detail, friendliness of everyone we encountered at Jade Mountain. Our sanctuary was absolutely first rate!
M/M Eater

Our favorite excursion was when we visited the resort gardens & learned more about the food products ie. Cinnamon, Cocoa, Cilantro etc.
M/M Flemink

We loved the resort its sanctuary and facilities and especially all the staff. The volcano tour beautiful.
M/M Afdhal

It was a magnificent experience. Everyone was great but Teddy was exemplary! Great attitude. Love him. Love the “no noise, no media” style. Thank you!
M/M Livingston

This was the best vacation experience we have ever had! The resort is amazing! We loved the privacy our room allowed us. The pool and hot tub were awesome! Not to mention the spectacular views. It was an amazing experience to wake up to the sunrise and birds. The food was exquisite! The in-room massages were relaxing, enjoyable and outstanding quality. The service provided by all staff was tremendous. They are friendly, accommodating, helpful and extremely pleasant.
M/M McNally

We had a fantastic stay. The sanctuary was spectacular.
M/M Chute

Totally unforgettable. All butlers were outstanding.
M/M Taylor





Once again we had a wonderful stay here at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet. While all aspects of the resort are wonderful, I will repeat what I always say after each stay, we come back year after year because of the staff. Each staff member, regardless of department or position, has always performed to a standard that allows a group leader like myself to relax, knowing my clients are always in good hands. More than that, we return each year to receive and return the genuine affection given to us by staff. There are many, many fancy and pricey luxury hotels and resorts. Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet are what they are because of staff. Take good care of them!!
M/M Pugzles

We cannot say enough. The best vacation of our lives. Wonderful service. The cabanas were wonderful.
M/M Craddock

A fantastic hotel in a breathtaking location.
M/M Peschel

We would recommend this resort to friends.
M/M Dingle

Great vacation though too short! We’ll be back!
M/M Karnolt

The staff and food are the best anywhere!
M/M Hardy

The fresh fish was wonderful. The jungle beach burger was great! Loved the coconut shrimp! (tea menu).
We love it here! The view, the service, the food, all outstanding! This is our 3rd time and we will be back. This is the only resort we have visited more than once.
M/M Goebel

The sanctuary was beautiful - we loved it!
M/M Psoinos

The room is unlike any we have ever seen. Amazing!
M/M Schapiro

Ambiance excellent. Beaches first class. Water sports good.
M/M Powell

Jade Mountain is spectacularly beautiful and we feel privileged as returning guests to Anse Chastanet, to have been invited to share that experience.
M/M Wilson

Attitude of all employees was excellent.
M/M Keiter

We began our stay at Anse Chastanet and absolutely loved it!
Our room had a lovely breeze and the beach service and dining were wonderful.
The Jungle Biking an Chocolate Tour were our favorite excursions.
M/M Nation

This has been one of the most relaxing weeks of our lives. We loved the beach at Anse Mamin, cocktails under the stars, excellent meals and unbelievable service.
M/M Wotech

We absolutely loved our stay here at Jade Mountain.
M/M Ebel

Thank you so very much! Everything was wonderful!
M/M Posegate

Thank you! I have had the good fortune of traveling all over the world and staying in ‘the best’ hotels and resorts, but Jade Mountain is by far my favorite. You have such a unique and special resort here, and I’m not sure you have an equal! Everything from our sanctuary’s view and pool, to the food at Jade Mountain Club, was truly exceptional. This has been the most relaxing and memorable experience – thank you again, and I hope to return soon!
M/M Tavakoli

Thank you so very much. Everything was wonderful!
M/M Posegate,

We chose this place for our honeymoon. We chose wisely! Our stay has been blissful! We feared that many options would be off limits to us because we didn’t purchase the ‘Total Romance’ Packages, but that was not the case. We enjoyed all that was included in our stay and only wish we were staying longer!

Paradise! Nothing short of paradise! The resort was a dream come true for my wife and I on our honeymoon. We were completely blown away by the breathtaking views of the Pitons. Our sanctuary was beyond our wildest dreams. The staff were all phenomenal, professional and made the stay one to remember forever.
M/M Borkowski

Really like the snack boxes. Always looking forward to it and seeing what surprise is inside. The meals are excellent. Make all the difference in a top notch resort.
M/M Marfoglia

Absolutely the best resort we’ve ever travelled to. Amazing room, wines, food, staff, process and procedures and management. Thank you! We will be back for sure!
M/M Willett

Excellent facility and service.
M/M Smorra

We had a great honeymoon here. The staff was very friendly and the rooms were great and we would recommend to our friends.
M/M Zegen

We had a wonderful stay… too short!
M/M McMahon

Beautiful accommodations, excellent service – tranquil and restful.
M/M Powell

Better than expected all around! Would return. Loved it!
M/M Moore

Very spectacular. Staff was exceptional. Really enjoyed our visit – top notch in every way.
M/M Nagel

Everything was excellent!
M/M Hamp

Amazing! Surreal! Hidden Gem! Most relaxing vacation ever!
M/M Yeo

All the staff were friendly and wonderful during our stay. Amazing property, unlike anything we’ve seen on our travels. Butler service was a real treat. Fantastic end to our honeymoon trip to St Lucia.
M/M Manning

Arrivals were nice and taxi trip was entertaining. We were so inspired by our rooms, we never attended the hotel receptions.
Sanctuaries – what more can be said…. Spectacular! Housekeeping – staff – nice. Food – gourmet and tasty.
M/M Davitt

The massages by Theo and Philippa were the best massages we ever had.
M/M Harrison

Jazz cruise was great! Wonderful staff, good Piton Bar music, great staff.
M/M Kane

Service was uniformly excellent. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.
M/M Beckmann

We were here for our honeymoon a year and a half ago and it was great to see the same friendly faces on our return trip this year. The St Lucian people are fantastic and are why we return time and again.
M/M Johnson

Fabulous stay. Will highly recommend.
M/M Lethbridge





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