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Amazing Stay. Bravo on your excellent staff (Butlers, Housekeeping, Restaurant). Chef was excellent. Every person on this property was amazing!!
M/M Mansour-Boulos

Absolutely amazing. Everything was fantastic.
M/M Kamell

3rd time back and always a pleasure. The service was more than perfect. We also enjoyed seeing familiar faces again. Thank you for the perfection.
M/M Levallois-Rouleau

- Woman at Jade Club was awesome with her knowledge of astronomy.
- Food was great all around, very fresh!
- Entertainment on Jazzy was wonderful.
M/M Walls/Bittle

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Troubetzkoy,
My husband and I stayed at Jade Mountain 12/3/16 – 12/10/16. We booked the Romance Package and stayed in JD1, Galaxy Sanctuary. Your sanctuary accommodations are spectacular! They truly are breathtaking. The cuisine is outstanding and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Emerald Farm and meeting Martin. The housekeeping staff did an impeccable job keeping our sanctuary spotless and well stocked with all the amenities. Finally, I would like to acknowledge Annie Roquette. Prior to our visit we reached out via the pre concierge service. My wife was diagnosed with a rare and severe heart disorder in May 2016. We had already booked the Lovers Early Bird Romance Package which included diving and Mountain Biking. Annie graciously let us turn those vouchers in for a discount on the Jazzy Sunset cruise. We truly appreciate her efforts.
M/M Gallagher

Impeccable! Wonderful! It was a delightful and beautiful experience. Thank you for everything.
M/M Loria

We had an excellent time here at Jade Mountain. We hope to return. The staff were really friendly and helpful. We felt very well looked after and relaxed.
M/M Paterson

Spectacular. Subdued elegance. Peaceful.
M/M O’Brien

10-star accommodations. Exceptional. Major Domo’s also 10-star. From Allain organizing our itinerary to Kieran drawing our bath post hike, they all went above and beyond. Dinner and breakfast service were also outstanding. We will be back for certain. Also loved the fresh juices and fruits. Just to reiterate, the sanctuary JE3 was exceptional and extraordinary. One to be remembered and experienced.
M/M Goldstein

Staff have been outstanding. Ever so friendly with great personalities! The wedding organizers again went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly. The Major Domos were available at the drop of a hat and gave fantastic service.
M/M Butler

Wonderful vacation – most relaxing, peaceful place we’ve ever been to. Great Kayaking lesson from Captain of Jazzy cruise – enjoyed the trip. Loved the steel drum player and guitarist/vocalist Carl Gustav!
M/M Wilhoit

Amazing experience together. Very impressed with knowledge of all staff and guides. Food and wait staff were amazing.
M/M Anderson

An experience like no other! Truly an incredible time. The service and facilities (and food) were wonderful. I would love to return.
M/M Grin

Amazing! Everything was spectacular! We really liked that they make the bed twice a day.
M/M Grin

A beautiful resort and the best staff. Your staff and customer service make this resort what it is. It is paradise due to its natural beauty but your staff make it even better. Thank you!
Beautiful! The Major Domos are awesome. Just pure paradise.
M/M Patel

The service was great! Extremely pleased with our stay.
M/M Ziffra

We had a wonderful stay. The views are unbeatable!
M/M Bianchi-Verdezoto

Thank you for a wonderful stay and beautiful room.
M/M Spiegelman

Had a wonderful stay. Loved the resort.
M/M Field

Privacy and service were wonderful. Shuttles always stopped for us. The restaurants and property hosts were very attentive.
No bugs at all!
M/M Hall

Jay and I had the most wonderful and relaxing vacation. We knew from the pictures this place would be magical but had no idea how truly magical it was till we arrived. Teclus and the entire “Domo” team was outstanding, housekeeping amazing and everyone at the resort top notch! Food was incredible and very nice house wine selection. Will recommend to all my friends! Thank you!!
The best resort and service! Loved every moment in paradise. The best vacation we have ever taken!
M/M Frank

Unbelievable place! Unique, great service, great views, and great food like no place we have ever been.
M/M Jasper

Amazing all around. No complaints. We’ll be back.
M/M Bloomfield

The staff overall (housekeeping, beach staff, shuttle service) was wonderful and everyone seemed so pleasant.
M/M Chopra

The rooms, the view, the service and the food was outstanding. Chef is fantastic. The music was fantastic at New Year’s Eve dinner. This was beyond our expectations. A true paradise. Thank you
M/M Henney

Loved the infinity pool!
M/M Ledger

We had considered booking at Jade Mountain before ultimately booking Anse Chastanet. We have booked stays at other places claiming to be luxury hotels- some were everything they claimed and more, while others left us badly disappointed. This has left us trying to decode what we see online to figure out which category Jade Mountain would fall into (e.g. would Jade Mountain be what it claims to be? Is it actually worth it for the price we would pay?). We pondered and pondered, but for the sake of making a decision, we ultimately opted for Anse Chastanet.
We were upgraded to Jade Mountain, and we are SO thankful for many reasons. First, now seeing Anse Chastanet, it would have not been the experience that we wanted (it would have been fine, but not deeply satisfying). Second, now we can clearly see that Jade Mountain IS what it says to be and more. Third, because by the time that our trip finally arrived, what we both badly needed was a Jade Mountain-level vacation.
How amazing to have a phone in your hand, that is a direct line to person who knows you/you know a little, that can answer anything you ask. All the other luxuries offered are great, but not having to track down information bit by bit on our own for questions large or small was awesome. That alone is such a waste of vacation time. For me, being able to hand things over entirely to someone else and not spend any mental time on it myself was probably what allowed me (and I'd say my husband, too) to actually unwind and shake off the weight of the recent months. (Sincerely, this was really a big deal for me) So yes- when we need a place to retreat and rejuvenate, a place that we know will deliver on its promises, Jade Mountain is where we will look.
M/M Savage


Everyone we encountered was so amazing. The staff in the restaurants, at the bar, housekeeping, and the driver, all went above and beyond to make our stay an enjoyable one. We absolutely loved our butler he made us feel at home from the get go. Jade Mountain is a true paradise.
M/M Barthelmy

The only way I could get my husband to leave was to promise him we can come back very soon. Thanks!
M/M Bessant

Really love the rooms and the seclusion.
M/M Pence

Great service! Great time. Will be back!
M/M Marks

Loved it! We will come back.
M/M Koeblitz

Excellent experience.
M/M Vukovic

The staff was amazing! I unfortunately fell ill on our first night here and everyone was beyond accommodating in helping me to feel better – they brought our dinner to our room when I had to leave in the middle of our service at Jade Club, brought me medicine and two standing fans, and moved me to an air conditioned room until I was feeling better. Our major domos remained just as dedicated throughout our entire stay!
M/M Connor/Duncan

Great vacation at Jade Mountain. Beautiful resort and excellent food and service.
M/M Perezic

The entire staff are so friendly and on top of things. Very special group of people.
M/M Sigler/McKibbin

Amazing experience. The hotel has exceeded our expectation. The sanctuaries are magnificent, totally breathtaking especially JC1. The restaurant food was exceptional. Totally relaxed, enjoyable stay. Thank you!!
M/M Quigley

Beautiful views, loved the pool in the room!
M/M Grossman

The entire resort staff was accommodating. The food and drink choices were very good. The All-inclusive package had nice selections.
M/M Iannetta

The service was excellent and our major domos were attentive and prompt. Thank you so much for making our honeymoon special!
M/M Ritter

Our Major Domo’s were remarkable. They were available at any time and were always receptive and helpful with any questions I had. The level of service that they provided my wife and I was amazing. The staff at the Jade Mountain Club was outstanding, and made every meal an adventure. The entire Jade Mountain staff was phenomenal, and would be the reason that we returned.
M/M Toste

We had a wonderful time! Thank you all for everything, you spoiled us! We will be back.
M/M Rollins

M/M German

We think this place is amazing! We loved everything.
M/M Bond/Brown

It was magical! From the moment you step on to the property you are catered to like nothing you have experienced before. Service was from 0-10 (A) score of 15 (OFF the charts good). Every situation is handled before you ask for it. If wanted to create a better hotel they already thought of it. Nuance is present everywhere from the stone and tile accents to the immediate and complete availability of all staff.
M/M Farwol

Wonderful experience, beyond what we expected.
M/M Macomber

o Hotel is architecturally stunning.
o Staff are friendly.
o Hotel is clean and well maintained.
o Room was comfortable.
o Plenty of activities available.
M/M Chesson

Jade Mountain – Better than we could have imagined.
M/M DeJesus

My husband and I got married in October and booked Jade Mountain for one of our Honeymoon resorts while we were in St. Lucia. I must say we had THE BEST honeymoon I think anyone we know has ever taken. Jade Mountain was the first stop/resort during our trip and we were so sad to leave after the 5th night to head to the next resort. It is such an exclusive, top quality and intimate resort for newlyweds and couples celebrating a special time together. We would HIGHLY recommend Jade Mountain and already have to several people, even couples we met at our second stop/resort for the last 5 nights in St. Lucia. We kept reminiscing of our time there! The BEST service and staff we encountered in St. Lucia and at a resort ever. Everyone was so nice and helpful! Always smiling!
The pictures online that we dreamed about for months definitely did justice! To be there in person and experience it first hand was spectacular. Thank you so much for everything your staff did, having such an elegant/secluded resort that is absolutely beautiful and making our honey UNFORGETTABLE!
M/M Peirce

I have been blown away with the resort. The service has been brilliant and our room was out of this world and I feel truly blessed to have come here.
I will recommend it happily and look forward to coming back.
M/M Bennett

Everything at Jade Mountain is fantastic. The service is amazing. Everyone makes you feel so welcome and relaxed. We always heard “we will do it for you – you are on vacation”. The meals at Jade Club are delicious and the service is impeccable.
M/M Angell

Beautiful setting. Room fab. All staff lovely, especially the Major Domos!
M/M Voy

The entire staff was wonderful to us in every way.
M/M Bowker

Great resort. Excellent service. Good experience.
M/M Felicien

5 stars! We loved it.
M/M Roher

Amazing resort.
M/M Olynyk/Murray

Our major domos were amazing and made the trip relaxing and enjoyable! The whole staff was so friendly and willing to stop anything they were doing to help us or make our experience better. We wanted our honeymoon to be a trip of a lifetime and Jade Mountain was the place! We will be back!
M/M Davis

We couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon thanks to the natural beauty and amazing staff at Jade Mountain! Thank you so much!
M/M Bala

Thank you so much for everything. It was a pleasure to be here. Fantastic, great experience, never seen before highlight. Thanks. Merci. Danke.
M/M Zimmermann

This was by far and away THE BEST TRIP experience of our lives. It is our 25th Anniversary and we wanted it to be special. We could not thank you more. Room and facilities are obviously out of this world but the service from our major domos made it all PERFECT. Thank you.
M/M Bassham

We had the best time on our honeymoon. We never want to leave. The service was above and beyond!
M/M Burns/Frankenheimer

Absolutely wonderful!!
M/M Bechtelheimer

Amazing service. Major Domos are outstanding. Superb attention to detail.
M/M Chalak

Jade Mountain: Just about perfect.
M/M Vieira

Overall, we had a FANTASTIC stay – much due to service. The room was well beyond our expectation, food was incredible and service was A+! Food was incredible – in my opinion the experience was better in the Club than Tree-House.
M/M Heidenreich

The Major Domo service was outstanding. Teclus went above and beyond and was undoubtedly the best here at the resort! We loved the Jazzy Cruise and the Spa was excellent.
Food - room service was excellent.
M/M Maslia

An amazing retreat from the stress of everyday life even though the weather was rainy and windy we had a great time. We relaxed and enjoyed the privacy of our own sanctuary. The 5 night special rate package is a perfect amount of time.
M/M Sosne

It’s difficult to describe just how remarkable the resort is, everything from the food to the sanctuary to the staff was flawless, genuinely can’t think of anything to have in addition. A trip I will never forget.
M/M Graham

From the moment we arrived until our departure. We have been totally enchanted! This is a spectacular spot on the planet! The rooms, meals, service, staff, views were all exceptional. Thank you for taking care of my food allergies with such caution – everything has been so tasty and exciting to eat! LOVED our visit to the Farm, the gardens, the amazing lunch there by Elijah! The chocolate lab – Peter!
M/M Gramm

Our experience at Jade Mountain was beyond our expectations in every aspect but what really sets it apart is the personal service which is delivered professionally and with warmth and caring. We felt pampered and for two very busy professionals who rarely relax it was much appreciated (and needed)! We enjoyed Yoga classes with both Nelson and Laura. It was a pleasant surprise to find two serious yogis providing excellent classes. Couples massage was excellent.
M/M Kogel



Beautiful views and lovely Infinity pools.
M/M Sims

Everyone was wonderful and very friendly. We had a great experience.
M/M Miele

Everything was great and the room we got JE1 was literally mind blowing, what a view! The view in JE1 was just so beautiful. I just keep looking at the pictures!
M/M Gibat

Great place, nice view… very friendly workers/staff. My family and I felt very welcomed.
M/M Spencer

GREAT JOB!! Thanks to all for a wonderful 25th Anniversary.
M/M McClimon

Everyone was very nice, welcoming and helpful. We had a fabulous time!
M/M Pavlicek

Everything was great at Jade.
M/M May

Loved it. Will come back.
M/M Marmo

We came to Jade Mountain to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Upon arrival at the airport we were taken care of, and driven to paradise. The driver drove safely and was friendly. Arrived to paradise with a cool cloth and brought to our sanctuary where we met our major domo. He was amazing the entire week. Our sanctuary was a storybook… we enjoyed our trip. The entire staff was amazing, during storm Matthew, they all worked hard to make sure we were all safe.
M/M Gibbons

Experience of a lifetime. Complete Magic.
M/M Juhlin

Jade Mountain staff far exceeded our expectations. This stay was amazing! The food was incredible. The view is unbelievable.
M/M Romanies/Kansky

We came here for the second leg of our honeymoon and have been blown away since we reached the resort. From the beautiful scenery, structure of the resort to the amazing staff – this has been the best vacation experience we have ever had. We were surprised on arrival to hear our room was upgraded to a galaxy suite! We were so grateful to enjoy this amazing gift – the sanctuary is absolutely breathtaking. Our Major Domos were very helpful, especially Teclus. The food was some of the best we’ve ever had. We can’t wait to come back!
M/M Boccuzzi

Loved the food in Jade Mountain Club.
M/M Jacobi

We are very very very happy with our stay here at Jade! We want to especially thank you for the upgrade to the Sun sanctuary! It is truly something else! We can’t thank you enough for making our honeymoon truly unforgettable! We will definitely be back and we will be recommending this amazing resort to all of our family/friends!
M/M Jones/Wickles

My husband and I had such a wonderful honeymoon at Jade Mountain. Everyone we met was so friendly and helpful. Thanks to everyone at Jade Mountain for making our anniversary SO special! We absolutely LOVED IT and cannot wait to come back!
M/M Smreker

Stunning resort with amazing sanctuaries. My wife and I will cherish our time here.
M/M Wieninger

The service and experience while at Jade Mountain has been outstanding. Staff were welcoming, patient, informative and beyond friendly.
M/M LaPointe

Great experience.
M/M Maillet

Service was the best we have ever experienced. Your butlers went above and beyond to help us daily. Especially getting us a memory card for our camera. The friendly, attentive staff on all levels from housekeeping to maintenance compares to no other vacation destination we have ever stayed at. We thank you all!
M/M Pudlowski

Absolutely wonderful stay! Exceptional service and stunning views – words cannot describe! We will highly recommend to others!!
M/M Thompson

We had a great visit both here and at Anse Chastanet. Everyone was so welcoming and inviting.
M/M Brown

An unforgettable honeymoon.
M/M Bras

Thanks for making our stay awesome. Hope to see you back for our 15 year anniversary!
M/M Bonifas

Sue and I had a wonderful time, I should mention that a fellow classmate, Steve Seitz, recommended Jade Mountain to us. The jazz boat ride was awesome as were the two performers.
M/M Scholl

We’ve stayed at other resorts with butler service, however, none deliver the same level of personal service as your Major Domos. KUDOS!
M/M Johnson

Our stay was exceptional! I would highly recommend this paradise to everyone. Your staff is first class. All three of our Major Domos were exceptional (2 men and 1 women). Due to the tropical storm, a team of four employees came to check on us and make sure all of our needs were met for the evening. They could not have been more calming, caring, and helpful. They were the ones that were unable to get home to their families that evening, but every one of them were invested in our welfare!!! Their kindness and compassion was remarkable. All wait staff at the Jade Mountain Club were phenomenal! The Jungle Biking experience was great, because of our knowledgeable tour guide. Every aspect of our stay was top notch!
M/M Burnett

It has been an amazing experience staying at Jade Mountain. The sanctuary was absolutely wonderful. The view is a once in a lifetime must (hopefully more than once in a lifetime). The facilities were brilliant. Pool was very lovely as was the shower and bath. Bed very comfortable and really appreciate the insect repellant burning.
M/M King/Gittins

Mr. & Mrs. Troubetzkoy run a very special resort. Wish we had the opportunity to tell them personally how wonderful their staff is. We had the pleasure of meeting a lot of staff, not enough room to mention each name. Facility is fabulous.
M/M Feldsteen

What an amazing place! The setting, the rooms, and the food - we were constantly amazed. From views of the Pitons in the morning to the stars at night, it’s spectacular.
M/M O’Rorke

Service is excellent; food as well. Sanctuary is amazing.
M/M Tartacoff

Everything was perfect.
M/M Besic

“You are entering paradise” – this is how we have felt all week. The details for all accommodations have been splendid for utmost pleasure. The food and service were all spectacular. We had good pleasure in meeting your head chef, Elijah. A fine man with skills and creativity with all food groups beyond my dream we had for delicious food. I enjoyed your bar selection in the room and the history of Jade Mountain and St. Lucia. The beach staff were friendly, interested and helpful.
M/M Brandt

This has been the most wonderful service and hospitality that we’ve ever experienced. The facility is so unique and invites the guests to relax and rest in such comfort and luxury. We truly felt like royalty. Thank you all and God bless you!
M/M Eliason

We had the honor and pleasure of surprising 6 of our friends to a vacation at Jade Mountain!!! We have been friends for over 35 years and to share Jade Mountain with them was thrilling. Your staff made it possible to ‘surprise’ them and they of course made all of us feel so loved and taken care of. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
M/M Nodland

Truly a 5 star experience. Everything we wanted for our honeymoon. Special thank you to everyone who made Brett’s birthday special upon arrival – it really started the vacation perfectly. Would love to come again and will definitely recommend to others. Can we get those cookies sent to us daily in the US? Ha ha!
M/M Izzo

The sanctuary was lovely; views as hoped; and staff superb, helpful and courteous.
M/M Skipper

Absolutely perfect honeymoon! We could not have asked for anything better – the staff, food, service and the sanctuary were all so amazing and exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be back again to celebrate our wedding anniversary and will recommend Jade Mountain to our friends who are looking at places for their honeymoons.
M/M Martin

Paradise. Excellent service, excellent staff, excellent food and excellent drinks. We are so pleased we discovered Jade Mountain for our honeymoon. It was all we could ever imagine and more.
M/M Babcock/Hein

Our experience was stellar!! I only have positive things to say about your resort. I loved it. I would return in a heartbeat!! Best getaway I have ever had. The service at Jade Mountain was superior. Everyone I chatted with or helped me in some way had a positive energy and attitude. Everyone was kind, helpful and friendly. I had a wonderful time and wish I could return… tomorrow!!
M/M Larson

What a pleasure… could not have asked for anything more! Kudos to you and your team!
M/M Rosa

A dream come true! Thank you!
M/M Colletti

Fantastic from start to finish! Every person we met was kind, knowledgeable and quick to do anything to help. The room was amazing (thank you for the upgrades) and it could not have been better. Thank you!
M/M Castilla/Murray

It’s a once in a lifetime experience. Will tell all friends they should visit.
M/M Vandermolen

Overall exceptional service and will definitely recommend to others.
M/M Sunny

There was a noticeable difference in the overall happiness and helpfulness of staff between Jade Mountain and the last resort we were at on Antigua. Here, people were much more friendly, welcoming and talkative!
M/M Hill

Staff was very professional and offered amazing customer service.
M/M Harelik

Food was excellent. Service was beyond expectations. Our sanctuary was beautiful, comfortable with a breathtaking view. Not only will we return but will send our adult children here someday for honeymoon!
M/M Lawler

This place was better in person than any photo/video we saw! We will absolutely be returning in the future. The Major Domos were all fantastic. The managers were all so friendly and interacted with guests. Would perhaps like to meet chefs during dinner service to chat/compliment them.
M/M Liu

We had an absolutely amazing honeymoon at Jade! It is such an incredible place and we had phenomenal service. The food was wonderful and we felt very taken care of. We will definitely be returning and telling our friends about this life changing place! Thank you to everyone for making it so special!
M/M Scognamiglio

We enjoyed this very unique experience with In-suite pool/Jacuzzi. We truly appreciated how beautiful the details are and thank Mr. and Mrs. Troubetzkoy for the upgrade to the galaxy. We look forward to coming back. The daily snacks were great.
M/M Torres

A uniquely designed resort that’s truly relaxing in every way.
M/M Anderson

Every detail was terrific. Your people were excellent and super friendly. We loved every moment. Thanks so much.
M/M Simpson

All 3 of our Major Domo’s were extremely attentive to all our needs and always gracious and polite.
M/M Reed


The food was amazing… Room was more comfortable that I thought it would be. We also stayed at Sandals Grande this trip, but found Jade Mountain to be much much better.
M/M Masino/Anderson

Amazing Experience unlike any place we’ve ever been! The room was outstanding. Having an infinity pool with that view is going to be impossible to top on future trips. We look forward to coming back one day.
M/M Hines

Burgers at the beach = Amazing. Very unique hotel. Upscale. We will be back!
M/M Carlevale

Our stay was one of the best ever. We met the amazing staff and each one gave us wonderful service.
M/M Mills

Beautiful resort. Best vacation ever. Excellent service – THANKS!!! FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE.
M/M Moran

Emerald Gardens were spectacular. The food was amazing at the Jade Club. Butlers were great and very friendly. Sailing trip was wonderful.
M/M Fosmoen

Overall great place and service. Everything and I mean everything was GREAT GREAT GREAT.
M/M Ardoin

We had a medical emergency the first night and the staff was wonderful. The people on the island are calm and relaxing and very friendly. The food was outstanding. Unfortunately because of the medical emergency we could not partake in the activities we planned on. So we did lay around quite a bit but did relax to the fullest. I would recommend this place to friends too.
M/M Kranjc

Trip was Amazing. The location is one of the best I’ve ever visited. Food was fresh and fantastic. Staff were very friendly and helpful. Butlers were the best ever! Sailing was great, Mountain Bike was fantastic and the Farm visit was perfect. The room JE1 was simply breathtaking and we will be back. The dinner on the last night may have been best even. We will miss this place! I’ve traveled the world this is Top 2 places ever. Amazing Job!
M/M Lindsey

Truly a vacation of a lifetime. Amazing service. Everyone was so kind. The views were out of this world. We will never forget this!
M/M Opfer

We have saved for a long time to come here and decided our 50th birthdays and anniversary was ideal. Very often when you look forward so much to something it can be a little disappointing. Jade Mountain however, surpassed all expectations. The rooms and more importantly the staff were exceptional. It’s with great sadness that we leave today.
M/M Partington

We enjoyed our time. Very relaxing and beautiful! The food and service was great. Loved Yoga on the Celestial Terrace, Sailing, Scuba Diving and Jungle Biking.
M/M Clark

Had the best time – our butlers were the best! Always available, friendly and helpful. The right mix of service and privacy. We were stunned and amazed by the view and the room each time we walked in. The pool was perfect every day for a swim. Our highlights were our butlers, the champagne and piton beer, the private and excluded beach with wonderful service and Jungle Biking with Jovan – he is awesome!
M/M Larson

Completely relaxing but at the same time really enjoyed access to the numerous outdoor activities. The only other place I have been that compares to Jade Mountain for scenic beauty is Machu Picchu.
M/M New

We had a wonderful time – Domo service was excellent – room fantastic – setting phenomenal.
M/M Butterfield

Absolutely beautiful resort. Wonderful food. Amazing service. We felt well taken care of! The staff (all staff member’s not just major domos) seemed genuinely friendly, eager to help. I enjoyed learning about the hotel during orientation. The housekeeping staff did a wonderful job. Good variety of activities in Total Romance package. We had no difficulty scheduling our tours. We especially liked sailing with Kerwin and Vicky and the Scuba lesson with Kenton.
M/M Crawford/Stanton

We spent the last two days of our honeymoon relaxing at Jade Mountain. Our only regrets were that we didn’t come sooner and that we couldn’t stay longer. Everything here is amazing. Not only are the rooms amazing, but the food is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Oh, and how about that view? It’s definitely something to write home about! We woke up and went to bed each day staring at a post card – just amazing. Seriously – not one negative thing to say! Our stay has been top notch in all aspects! We will definitely be back!
M/M Massey

We enjoyed our stay!
M/M James

All our butlers were fabulous! Waiters at Jade Club were very polite and helpful. Beach staff was very quick and helpful!
M/M Melino/Jones

A great place to relax and enjoy nature.
M/M Castillo

We had high expectations for this trip being our honeymoon. This is an experience websites and pictures cannot explain. Jade Mountain, you have hit a Home Run with this resort. Excellent service, food and atmosphere. We will be back! ASAP!
M/M Pollard

Thank you for a lovely break. We originally stayed at Anse Chastanet and spent a great last night with an upgrade to Jade Mountain. I would like to thank all the team at both resorts for making our first visit to Saint Lucia a truly great one which has now made us more determined to return even out of season.
M/M Strawbridge

Overall an incredible experience and I will return next year if not again this year. I would rate the trip a 10 and have told everyone I’ve spoken to today that your hotel and the views are the best I have ever experienced in all my travels. The trip was simply perfect and we did not want to leave. Your staff was wonderful.
M/M Fayssoux

Everyone we met was incredibly friendly and helpful.
M/M Rudolph

This has been our best vacation. Thank you for making it perfect!
M/M Carroll

This resort exceeded all of our expectations. The pictures and reviews online do not do it justice. It made our honeymoon unique and spectacular. It is truly one of a kind and we will definitely be back to visit.
M/M Egan

Everything was wonderful. The entire staff was great. The food was delicious and each day housekeeping did a great job too. Truly a unique and beautiful place. Thank you!!
M/M Thomas

Stayed here on a short break for one night. The resort and the staff were outstanding, friendly, outgoing – looking to anticipate the guests needs and wants.
M/M Charles

M/M Caffarella

Everything was better than we anticipated. Jade Club staff were amazing and a pleasure to dine with. Hope to come back!
M/M Feiring

Very impressive. Great Honeymoon! The week was outstanding.
M/M Hunter

All of the staff are incredibly friendly. It was nice to always be greeted from each and every staff member. They all knew our names. I appreciated the info binders. I suggest staff profiles to be current because I liked seeing and reading the biographies. We found the squirt gun very helpful with the birds – thanks! Good idea. Loved the chocolate tour! Wish there was more than 1. Enjoyed and appreciate what Jade Mountain has done for the island of St. Lucia. The food! I tried so many new things here, everything was delicious and presented very nicely. I have lots to share with friends. The service expectation threshold has been raised forever!
M/M Prete

The service was amazing! The experiences and services available to the guests made this place unparalleled to most places. The food was also a highlight as it was focused on locally grown products. We will highly recommend Jade Mountain to others.
M/M Mast

Our stay at Jade Mountain has been absolutely out of this world! So grateful for our amazing upgrade to a Galaxy suite – we couldn’t believe it! Service from everyone has been outstanding everyone so helpful and happy. Facilities in the sanctuary are amazing. Delicious food and cocktails. You made our honeymoon unforgettable so thank you so much!
M/M Little

The architect was a genius to design this structure.
M/M Lionel

A wonderful experience. 10 days are not long enough.
M/M Mansfield

Absolutely Perfect.
M/M Paull

We had a fantastic stay. We loved our room. Just gorgeous! Service was excellent. We were well taken care of during the tropical storm. Jade Club food was fantastic! ½ day sail was great. Loved our domos. We are sad to say goodbye.
M/M Stewart

M/M Landers

The entire staff was a delight to ensure every detail was taken care of. They made our storm experience bearable. Our Major Domo’s were the top of the scale. I feel like family. It’s not GOODBYE it’s until we meet again. LOVE YOU ALL!
M/M Turner

We had a fantastic trip despite Tropical Storm Matthews visit! The staff could not have handled a very difficult situation any better. They were so concerned and worked so hard through the night with no sleep yet their attitudes remained so great and positive. They moved us into the Spa that evening so we could get some sleep as our room was soaked and had our room up and running by lunch the next day. You should be proud of the people you have working here!!
M/M Washington

Our room was breathtaking. The service from all 3 Major Domos we had the pleasure of having was above excellent. 3 of the most hardworking and genuine people we ever met! Our room was always clean and the food was amazing! Our honeymoon at Jade Mountain was a dream come true!
M/M Benvenuto

Given the conditions of Tropical Storm Matthew we had a great stay. We were not able to do some excursions due to weather but it was still a memorable experience.
M/M Mannina

Best Trip Ever!
M/M Dubose

A truly excellent hotel. I don’t have enough space to write about all the good things!
M/M Payne

We were very aware and appreciative about how pro-active ALL the staff was in their efforts to ensure we were always enjoying ourselves. Everyone was also incredibly friendly and responsive in every situation.
M/M Klobuchar

Really impressed! Food was the highest quality we have tasted in world travels. We had a great stay!!
M/M Luvisotto


The most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed at. The best staff, such great communication, so courteous. The food was so tasty.
M/M Pham

We had a fabulous time! As a fellow Hotelier, I am more than aware of the effort the Domo’s have put into making our stay as pleasurable and memorable as it has been. Many, many thanks to them all. It will not be our last visit here.
M/M Pirie

Absolutely everything was above and beyond expectations! Excellent staff and incredible views. Thank you, Thank you! Thank you!
M/M Decleve

Jade Mountain more than met expectations. Staff were friendly and polite, always helpful.
M/M Argento

Great service. Excellent Property. No complaints – would like to return.
M/M Gajadhar

The staff everywhere went above and beyond to make our stay special. The food here was exceptional. Absolutely Amazing! Already planning return trip.
M/M McCauley

Everything was excellent.
M/M Talamo/Beyne

Can’t thank the staff especially our butlers for all they did to make our stay so special. This place is a fairytale and made our honeymoon perfect in every way!!
M/M Sefcik/Echevarria

Absolutely fantastic! Truly a paradise in a picture perfect setting.
M/M Cummings

o Had a beautiful time with great service.
o Wonderful attention to details and personal care.
M/M Matz/Ballantine

Of the hundreds of places we have stayed Jade Mountain is among the best! I can’t say enough great things about this magical place. The butlers truly are the backbone of this hotel! They all are very dedicated, we will definitely be back! Our first stay, but not last. It is a jewel.
M/M Nachawati

M/M Reinhardt

This is a vacation we will never forget. We are refreshed and ready to face our busy schedules again.
M/M Bowman

Loved Vegan options . Exceptional!!
M/M Rose

Amazing place, had an amazing time. Thank you to all the staff, everyone was so nice and thoughtful. The food was outstanding!
Thank you to everyone for making our honeymoon a trip of a lifetime!! The food was impeccable, staff was amazing and our overall experience was unforgettable!! Thank you!!!!
M/M O’Reilly

Thank you for a wonderful honeymoon. We will be back!
M/M Akins

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!! My wife and I just recently stayed at Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain for our honeymoon (the Ying Yang package). It was marvelous. The staff at both sites were incredibly friendly, helpful and sincere compared to other resorts, you could really tell the staff “cares” about the experience and wellbeing of the guest. They are there for you, not a tip. All activities included in the romance package were incredible. Top notch resort which was worth every penny!! Our first stay but not our last! Thank you again!
M/M Peck

On behalf of my fiancé and I, thank you so much for an amazing experience. The sanctuary, the food and the ambiance were all amazing. However, Jade Mountain’s crowning jewel is her staff from the Major Domos to management, to the waiters and beach staff, to the shuttle drivers, everyone was professional, courteous and extremely friendly. Jess and I truly felt like we were on a vacation with 100 new friends. Thank you once again. We will be back.
M/M Ramnarain

Overall great experience. Best in Caribbean area next to Bora-Bora and Hawaii. Best we have experienced as far as vacations.
M/M Jones

Everybody on property was amazing. The views, beaches, our sanctuary all breathtaking. This is a place you only see in magazines. We had an amazing, unforgettable experience.
M/M Fader

Food and sanctuary were exquisite and the overall atmosphere was elegant yet relaxed. Overall, a truly extraordinary stay!
M/M Siegel

Jade Mountain is a very special place. The Sanctuary we stayed in (JE1) and the views are stunning. The Jade Club is exquisite and the service of the staff and Major Domos are top-notch. The food is also excellent and the freshness from the farm profound. The food at the club is clearly a few notches above the Anse Chastanet fare and the service also higher as may be expected.
M/M Mackay

Excellent service and experience. The ambassadors went way above and beyond to make sure all our needs were met!!
M/M Wallace

Jade Mountain is unlike any other resort we have ever stayed at! It is so unique and simply breathtaking. We greatly appreciate the acknowledgement of our honeymoon (champagne) and the room upgrade!!
M/M Agostino

o Jade Mountain Club - Amazing food!!!
o Entertainment – Jazzy cruise so fun!!
M/M Leber

Stay far exceeded expectations. The major domos went above and beyond. The beach was pristine. The service was exceptional. This place is gorgeous.
M/M Mitzeliotis

All facets of operation is excellent. No complaints.
M/M Bloom

Great stay overall. Great breathtaking views.
M/M Young

We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our stay here at Jade Mountain. From the incredible service and friendly staff to the breathtaking views and architecture – everything has been perfect. What a magical place and experience!
M/M Cameron

We really enjoyed our stay at Jade Mountain. In terms of service, it was truly amazing. Keep up the great work. We will definitely be back for our future trip. Thank you.
M/M Song

The staff members are so friendly and nice. They make you feel so comfortable here. Their services are outstanding. Would definitely come back.
M/M Ali

Overall the most amazing vacation we have ever had! Everyone was so friendly and wonderful to be around. We can’t wait to come visit again!! My (our) wedding was an absolute dream!
M/M Matthai

First of all I would love to thank you Mrs. Karolin and Nick Troubetzkoy for this kind gesture after spending 1 month in Rio 2016 Olympic village going through all the stress as Chef De Mission Head of St. Lucia Delegation, and on return this unprecedented offer was extended to the team this caught me by surprise. This will go down in history in St. Lucia first time such a thing has happen for sports and it must be noted. Thanks again and the rest of my team will respect this, I will tell the story.
I travel all over the world as a sports administrator but this is another level and yes for sure I will return here for my next celebration.
M/M Christopher

I’ve never gone on a trip where I’ve had no complaints but this one broke my streak! Thank you for a wonderful experience! I love Jade Mountain!
M/M Kotter

Overall Fabulous!! Loved my room, food was great.
o Did sunset cruise which was excellent, crew did a great job.
o Did private trail run with Jayy – it was fantastic. Good workout and history.
o All staff were extremely friendly.
M/M McCarthy

Everything has been simply perfect! Absolutely brilliant – will post same on TripAdvisor. Everything, even the Finch birds!!! Excellent!
M/M Dash

Very enjoyable experience. The staff are exceedingly polite!!!
Staff were amazing, they made us feel so welcome.
M/M Basra

We were very pleased with our stay at Jade Mountain. The service was excellent and I was able to order food that suited my diet. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.
M/M Baeck

Breathtaking! So happy we stayed at Jade Mountain for our honeymoon. Loved every second of it!
M/M Sandzik/Hugelier

Amazing trip! Amazing experience and our 3 Major Domos were the best. They took such good care of us.
M/M Morris

The Major Domos were EXCELLENT.
M/M Chester

Our stay at Jade Mountain for our wedding/honeymoon have been a truly amazing 5 days, we were blown away by the impeccable standard of service in particular our 3 Major Domo’s they have made our stay here extremely memorable.
M/M Hayball

Jade Mountain is a spectacular resort. One of the best I’ve ever stayed at. The service is exceptional. The people could not be more helpful, kind, cheerful and ready to provide assistance. The “Sanctuary” was beyond words. Absolutely magnificent.
M/M Mitarotonda

Overall had an amazing stay. Butler service and housekeeping were excellent. Room was amazing and breathtaking. And our massages were awesome.
M/M Baggett

Our stay was FABULOUS!!! Best resort and service we’ve ever had, and we travel often. “Thank you” to all the staff!!
M/M Boggs

o We loved the Sun room (JE3)!
o The pool temperature is great!
o We loved the food and drink at Jade Club. We definitely plan to come back! Hopefully soon!!
M/M Hardesty/Richardson

Can’t imagine spending our honeymoon anywhere else! As close to perfection as you can get! Entering the sanctuary for the first time brought tears to our eyes. The views, food and service were all immaculate. This has been a trip of a lifetime. We will be back!
M/M Haberfield

Everything was amazing! So beautiful and the staff was perfect! Thank you to the entire staff!
M/M Tuel

JULY 2016

Our 1 night experience was superb!!
- Excellent Service!
- Accommodation was superior.
- Staff were warm, welcoming and very accommodating.
Thank you for a memorable experience.
M/M DuBoulay

All of the Major Domos were very eloquent and helpful. The Jade Mountain Club restaurant was superior. Best hotel room we have ever seen!
M/M Grabovski

Views were amazing and sanctuary was wonderful.
M/M Thompson

Majestic Views, Impeccable Service, Ultimate Comfort, Incredible and Breathtaking.
M/M Foree

Such a wonderful experience! Could not add anything to have made it better!
M/M Keller

A special way to celebrate our anniversary.
- Great food.
- Super service.
- Quiet, peaceful, relaxing surroundings.
M/M Weatherdon

The food at Jade Mountain Club and the Tree House were EXCELLENT! Compliment to the entire team!
M/M Winger

Jade Mountain exceeded expectations in every way – like Cheral Blanc, Aman and Mandarin Oriental from a quality perspective. Yoga was great too and we really liked the Manager’s reception on Monday as well as the Sunset cruise and the chocolate lab experience. We don’t like to revisit places because we want to see the world but this is 1 place we would seriously reconsider so Kudos!!
M/M Simpson/Belot

We arrived with fairly high expectations and we were blown away with this entire experience, from extremely personable and friendly staff, to over-the-top excursions and multiple house keeping trips a day. I am amazed that my expectations have been exceeded.
M/M Elyachar

Thank You to everyone for being welcoming and friendly. We enjoyed every bit of our stay here and will surely return.
M/M Vitalis

Fantastic honeymoon – we both felt truly spoiled. Nothing was too much trouble, it felt like everyone just wanted us to have a lovely stay.
M/M Parker

We had a splendid time at Jade Mountain and look forward to returning.
M/M Taylor

Amazing. The plantation tour was great, loved all Father Nature had to teach us and all there was to see beyond the beach.
M/M Courtien/Stensrud

Most spectacular views ever seen. Jade Mountain was everything we hoped for and MUCH more for our honeymoon. It was the PERFECT end to our visit of the beautiful St. Lucia; Food, beach, sanctuary – nothing was out of place. Everything was beyond our expectation. Thank you!!!! We made the best memories to have and cherish as we go home and start our new life together. Thanks for the best jump start!
M/M Jones

It is nice that everyone is very welcoming and friendly. Overall, a wonderful and memorable experience. Restaurants - Excellent variety of flavors.
M/M Musgrove

Amazing attention to detail! From the moment we arrived we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Love the lack of a TV/Radio/Clock, great to disconnect from technology for a week. Never been so relaxed!! Can’t wait to come back!! Trips out very, very well organized. Made it so easy to explore this beautiful island. The food is the best we’ve ever had and such a wide variety of options. Thank you for making our honeymoon so amazing and unforgettable. Even tried to source a red snapper for us. Could not rate you wonderful place highly enough. Already planning our next trip for our anniversary!
M/M Wilkinson

All the staff was amazing! The views were 2nd to none! Breathtaking resort! Spa Treatments were some of the best we have ever gotten. Anywhere!
M/M McCaskill

Paradise! Heaven! Our great dinner gourmet; Tree house – Exceptional!
M/M Perdue

Top to bottom everything was perfect. Amazing place, wonderful staff! SPECTACLAR!
M/M Bauman

Everyone here had a smile on their face with excellent service. Would come back at first chance.
M/M Wells

This has truly been an incredible experience. The service at Jade Mountain is definitely the best we’ve ever experience and we will definitely be coming back and recommending to friends and family. The sanctuaries are remarkable and peaceful. We would also like to highlight how exceptional the Major Domos have been and a big thank you to all of them for making our stay so comfortable.
Amazing Experience. Definitely coming back.
M/M Coats/Vaghela

We had a great stay. The food at all the restaurants were delectable. Jade Club has the most romantic and private feel.
M/M Monteith

We really enjoyed ourselves more than we could have dreamed.
M/M Levell

This was the most incredible, unforgettable trip of our lives. My wife and I came for our honeymoon, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with our experience. From the moment we stepped foot on the property, we were blown away by everything: the beauty of the sight, the food, drinks, entertainment, and most importantly the service! The staff made us feel special the entire time, and it was a level of service that we had never experienced before and were very grateful for. Thank you for making this the trip of a lifetime!
M/M Dycus

Jade Mountain Club was excellent! The service and food were incredible! We loved every experience we had there! Our Major Domo’s were wonderful! Very helpful and always there when we needed anything! We would love to stay in the Galaxy and have our family experience the Jade Mountain.
M/M Tunstall

We had a wonderful stay – such an amazing experience. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. The service was fantastic every interaction was perfect. Food and drinks were fantastic and the wait staff at all the restaurants were great. We most definitely appreciated the room upgrade. Wow! Thank you.
M/M Hinton

M/M Shealy

Our stay was magical. We’ll be back!
M/M Bunk

We can’t thank you enough for how special you made this trip and our wedding be! Everyone was simply amazing! We will be back as soon as we possibly can!
M/M Del Rosario/Brown

Absolutely fantastic! Everything! We have spread the word to all of our friends and I will post a review on Trip Advisor! Greeting to the wonderful staff at Jade Mountain.
M/M Burgess

Wonderful stay – staff could not be more polite and helpful with everyone going the extra mile. Beautiful place with beautiful staff, next time we’ll reach above the Stars and hopefully grab a Galaxy. Loved all the diving and can’t wait to dive here again soon.
M/M Turner

Excellent vacation at Jade Mountain. Thank you to an amazing staff and resort.
M/M Miller

Excellent Facilities.
M/M Reefer

Thank you for offering this wonderful sanctuary for our vacation! Awesome facilities.
M/M Mabry

- Absolutely gorgeous.
- Incredible concept, design and end result.
M/M Johnson

A+ Service.
M/M Mikolajczyk

Absolutely amazing place ALL around. We really can’t put into words how wonderful our experience here was. The facility and beauty around it would be nothing without the service of the LOVELY people within it. Two thumbs up!! Thank you for everything!!
M/M Potter

Can’t wait to return to paradise!!
M/M Tasto

The Best Experience EVER! Great service and gentlemen. Everyone was fabulous! Food was Great! Room was Spectacular! Everyone made this a great time! Highly Recommend.
M/M Marshall

The staff at Jade mountain is so exceptional. Not only are they friendly, they are sincere about wanting to make this vacation your best. See you in 2 years!!!
M/M Hobbs

Jade Mountain – Beautiful and hospitable. Our Major Domo’s made our lives very easy and enjoyable on our vacation.
M/M Roggin

We had such a great experience here at the resort. Excellent service, accommodations, and of course food. Our favourite restaurant was Jade Mountain Club. Not only every meal was exceptional, but every plate was amazing. Big thank you to the chef here.
M/M Sanzo

Majestic place. Rest and relaxation very good, friendly staff at Jade Mountain.
M/M Boudreaux

We truly enjoyed our time here. The staff are all fantastic and genuine. The food and beverage was all amazing! Thank you for the perfect honeymoon!
M/M Romero

Simply wonderful! Our first visit on honeymoon and we feel so special to be in such a magnificent , awe-inspiring and dream-like hotel. The food was outstanding, the restaurant staff outstanding. Thank you, what a holiday!
M/M Newell

Fantastic stay! Would not have changed anything apart from wanting to stay for longer!
M/M Bhomra

Very impressed. GOT ENGAGED! Service from start to finish was excellent. Bar man was very helpful and so were restaurant staff. Would like to come back.
M/M Moseley

Everyone was amazing! We can’t wait to come back!
M/M Stoltzfus

Jade Mountain is so gorgeous and serene. Unlike anywhere else we’ve been! We had an amazing stay and it made for a perfect honeymoon!
Palmer, JB5

Excellent throughout.
M/M Tibi

This was a truly awesome experience. It exceeded our expectation which were actually high before our arrival . The facility is out of this world and the staff – every single one – was brilliant.
Jade Mountain – Brilliant. Words cannot describe.
M/M Fletcher/Norville

Awesome, relaxing experience. Staff were extremely kind and helpful.
M/M Dipascale

Almost 100% perfect room, people, beach. Jade restaurant all amazing.
M/M Kartholl

The resort is truly an oasis and met all of our expectations. We loved the staff, the pampering and the unbelievable food and service.
M/M Ackerman

We have had a phenomenal week here at Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain. It exceeded all expectations. We cannot thank you enough for making our honeymoon so very special and memorable – from our multi-tier room upgrade to the drawn bubble bath, bubbly and flowers that awaited us after dinner our last evening, the service, staff, room, food were all absolutely exceptional. Even the most laudatory comments fall short of truly expressing our experience over the last week. We will be routing and raving about this property for years to come and look forward to visiting in the future. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have treated us like royalty.
M/M Badgett III

Thank you for a lovely stay!! Lovely!
M/M Yodzis

The stay was superb! Concept of the hotel is done fantastic, tiles awesome, all grand!
Fantastic sanctuaries! All is GRAND MIND – Loved the style. Jacuzzi! Shower!
With very best regards!!! We will be back!
M/M Miles

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Jade Mountain. Everyone that I encountered was exceptional to say the least. I was very sad to leave and hope to return soon. It was truly a very magical experience and I was so relaxed every single day.
M/M Wood

This has been a picture perfect honeymoon. We wouldn’t change a thing and couldn’t have dreamt it would be this amazing. We will cherish these memories forever!
M/M Verdoom

M/M Wilson

Our room was spectacular, loved everything about it.
M/M Gelband

Beautiful location and resort.
M/M Bine

Thank you so much for your service, hard work, and dedication. My wife and I enjoyed our stay and could not have asked for anything better! Keep up the outstanding work!
M/M Schwartz

Scuba Shop & Adventure Facilities: Best safety measures of any dive sport on earth. I’m reading the history of St. Lucia and am only sorry I couldn’t go all around island to see all the sites of history and interest. The entire concept of the hotel is spectacular. Our was sanctuary sensational. We’ve never relaxed so much anywhere else in the world. BRAVO!
M/M Lagger/DeBenedetti

It was truly top-notch but also unfussy and relaxed.
M/M Foster

The resort is amazing!
M/M Kendall

A superb place and an excellent experience. A relaxing time. Unforgettable.
Excellent first impression, very relaxing.
M/M Rizzon


JUNE 2016


This was the cap to our 10 day, 10yrs wedding anniversary vacation and this was an experience never to be forgotten! Service was outstanding. Food was phenomenal. Accommodations were breathtaking. Jade Mountain staff knows how to pamper. No request is denied (including bubble baths waiting after dinner). Waking up to the view of the Piton is a relaxing experience within itself. This vacation gets the most pampering reward. Definitely well worth the trip.
M/M Polite

We had a fantastic time at your unique resort. Keep up the good work.
M/M Crovatt

Everyone was Amazing!!
M/M Anu

Fantastic Stay!
M/M Peters

We loved our stay. The room was incredible. It was the perfect honeymoon destination for us. While the food and lodging were both amazing, the thing that stood out most was the amazing, helpful, friendly staff. They definitely contributed to us falling in love with St. Lucia!
M/M Coyle

The best honeymoon I could have ever asked for! I will definitely be coming back to the Jade. The location is absolutely stunning and the service we received was of utmost quality.
M/M Beaurivage

Excellent Service. I will be back in March/April, 2017.
M/M Crawford

Everything was wonderful. We enjoyed our stay very much and are sad to go! The staff was so nice and very helpful. We want to come back for an anniversary trip.
M/M Cepero

Every single staff member that we met and had a conversation with was friendly and helpful. This special anniversary will be difficult to top! A most memorable time experienced.
M/M Prince

Jade Mountain – Loved it!
M/M Grace

I brought my wife here for two nights to end our honeymoon. We absolutely saved the best for last! Our stay exceeded expectations in every possible way. The views, sanctuaries, food and service are the best we’ve ever had anywhere in the world. Absolutely perfect!
M/M Parnell

• Beautiful facility, attentive friendly staff.
• Hiring personnel director does an excellent job hiring friendly caring employees.
• In-room dining and Indian Restaurant were very good.
M/M Swayne

The best vacation of my life! Thank you so much for creating such an excellent experience. Can’t wait to come back.
M/M Schneider/Traylor

The experience exceeded our expectations.
M/M Klarberg

First and foremost, the level of service from the moment we arrived was exceptional. The vibrant and friendly personalities coupled with the luxurious sanctuaries and housekeeping made for a truly perfect experience. We will be back! Thank you for everything!
M/M Young

Truly amazing place!
M/M Spina

Everything was beyond! Thank you ALL so much.
M/M Spytek

M/M Hughes

This was an absolute dream vacation. Service was “A1”. As a travel agent, I will definitely recommend.
M/M Harrison

The staff went above and beyond to ensure we had an outstanding vacation. We can’t wait to come back. Service, food and hotel were outstanding!
M/M Raffele

Overall, an amazing experience.
M/M Frederick

This was an absolute breathtaking vacation! We have never been more relaxed! The food was amazing along with the staff! A piece of heaven. Thank You!
M/M Clark

The combination of the site, architecture and service cannot be matched. We have enjoyed every second of our vacation and have appreciated every detail of your exquisite pampering. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
M/M Pelaez/Liebman

We could not have enjoyed our stay anymore. Everyone was so helpful, kind, knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. The grounds were breathtaking and spotless clean and well manicured. Each meal was delicious and we enjoyed that every dinner was different at the Jade Club. All of the staff was helpful. We really enjoyed our honeymoon and hope to come back again.
M/M Russo

Myself and Chris absolutely loved our stay. We are sad we didn’t book to stay longer! The upgrade for Chris’s birthday was unexpected and will never be forgotten!! Cannot say Thank You enough! You have finished our holiday on high.
M/M Barnett

The Indian restaurant was so good. Loved the Goat Vindaloo.
M/M Ekuban

We came here for our honeymoon. Truly a Paradise. Will visit again.
M/M Khanna/Reddy

Loved our honeymoon stop at Jade, only wish it could have been longer! Beautiful, comfortable and relaxing.
M/M Burrill

Great stay. Plan on returning.
M/M Wilson

Everything was amazing. Overall – Wonderful .
M/M Costello

An amazing 30th anniversary! Spectacular view, food and service.
M/M Day

This was a lovely vacation.
M/M Hessick

My husband and I had an amazing time and Jade Mountain was the perfect place for our honeymoon. Our sanctuary was beautiful and the housekeeping staff does a wonderful job. We will definitely be returning to Jade! (hopefully to renew our vows for our 5yrs anniversary)
M/M Brown

Thank you for a fabulous stay!
M/M Mollan/Valley

Everyone at Jade Mountain has been extremely friendly, welcoming and accommodating. Our honeymoon was amazing! Thank you.
M/M Popson

Major Domo service was excellent. Sanctuary was breathtaking at all times.
M/M LaValley

Overall, an exceptional stay.
M/M Maharry

Excellent service! Thank you all.
M/M Heughan

Spectacular view!!
M/M Gajera

Exquisite. Paradise. A Gem, one of a kind. It’s as beautiful if not more than I’ve anticipated = at the top of our list of places we have visited.
M/M Getter

Overall, it was a fantastic experience.
M/M Minor

What a beautiful, wonderful honeymoon! Thank you!!
M/M Calderone

- LM Stone and family was awesome.
- Food was perfect. Anse Mamin Beach Burgers!!
M/M Leigh

Thank you so much. The whole Jade Mountain Team has made our honeymoon one of the best memories. God Bless!
M/M Adam

‘Out of our world’ a fantastic 25th wedding anniversary. You have looked after us both so well with love and kindness and professionalism.
M/M Bax

It was unbelievable, the staff was fantastic and the views were breathtaking.
M/M Reilly/Lostan

We had an amazing time! Your hotel is so beautiful and the staff are so helpful and accommodating. You made our anniversary spectacular!
M/M Tyler

Celebrating our 25th year anniversary was the most amazing experience thanks to Jade Mountain and all staff! There was every detail taken care of- both noticeable to clients and behind the scenes. Everyone on the grounds was friendly and courteous and always respectful, greeting us by name. The chefs were extremely accommodating with food allergies – we never had to worry! It was everything we had hoped for and more! It was truly a unique experience.
M/M Getchell

M/M Brown

We’re so glad we discovered Jade Mountain and St. Lucia when we were searching for a location to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We were very disappointed when our airline couldn’t deliver us until a day later, but all that stress was gone the instant we arrived here. This is a stunning place in a perfect location but Jade’s staff makes it exceptional.
M/M Verciglio

The staff was fantastic. They are all wonderful and made a beautiful property absolutely the best. We split time at Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain and are already talking about coming back. We spent our 10 years anniversary here and will not want another 10 to return!
M/M Lewis

5th time visit to property. Thanks to everyone especially for the very “over the top” upgrade. Just can’t say enough.
M/M MacQuarrie

- Fantastic staff and food at Jade Mountain.
- Top Service.
- Lovely size of sanctuaries.
M/M Meyr

Being from the industry and traveling a lot, I will fully recommend Jade Mountain to anyone looking for something new and different with exceptional views and service. This place is truly one of a kind!
M/M Durso

I have travelled the world but this has been one unique experience. From nature to view to service to everything.
M/M Patel

The service at Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain is unbelievable. Our butler was so helpful. We loved everything about our stay. We hope to be back soon!
M/M Gillenback

Based off my experience here, my brother and his new wife, Evan and Danielle Siegel, will be spending their honeymoon here as well in August. Please take as good care of them, as you did us! Thank you for an amazing honeymoon!
M/M Siegel

This has been a vacation to remember. After 30 years of marriage, my wife and I finally had the honeymoon she deserves. My wife is already planning our next trip to Jade Mountain because of their service and character.
M/M DiMauro

This place is incredible! Already planning to come back.
M/M Baldi

• Love the afternoon bento box!
• Love the “Spritz” at the beach.
• Loved breakfast in our room.
• Spa treatments were incredible.
• Loved the Steel drums.
We did Searenity – it was wonderful! Our favourite vacation so far.
M/M Beauchesne

Thank you for a fantastic time.
M/M Stuart

We had a wonderful 30th anniversary. It was extremely romantic. This trip was special because we had spent quite a while saving money for this beautiful place. Great memories. The room was by far the most awe inspiring place we had ever stayed. We would like to return at some point in the future.
M/M LaValley

Everything from reception to departure was fantastic. The food was the best we’ve had and we have visited many 5 Diamond resorts around the world. The Major Domos were so fantastic words can’t describe! They literally made the trip so much better because they helped so much.
M/M Bowman

We had the best honeymoon and loved everything about our stay. What an incredible resort. Thank you for making our trip so memorable! LOVED IT!!
M/M Wright

This was a breathtaking experience. It will be hard to travel in the future and not use Jade Mountain as the standard for all other resorts. Truly exceptional in every way. We know we have had a unique and rare experience. Thank you!
M/M McKiernan

We had an amazing honeymoon at Jade Mountain. Thank you so much for making our stay so special!
M/M Clark

Perfect place for our honeymoon.
M/M McManus

Staying at Jade Mountain was the best experience of our lives. We will definitely be coming back. The food, service and activities were second to none.
M/M Bryant

Excellent hotel, food and service. Particularly enjoyed the Tree to Bar tour and seeing the home grown food. Overall a very enjoyable stay and we will definitely be back!!
M/M Gee

It was amazing. Met and exceeded expectations. All the butlers did an amazing job to make sure whatever we needed was taken care of. Outside of the beautiful rooms and views, the staff made our honeymoon absolutely amazing.
M/M Evans/Woosley

This was our first Caribbean stay. It was very pleasant and we loved the concept and layout of the sanctuaries.
M/M Kreitzer


MAY  2016

Jade Mountain has gone to the top of our vacation list.
M/M Wagner/Dauk

On our honeymoon and loved every moment!  Thank you to all the staff who helped make our stay so special.  The views were breathtaking! From food and drinks at the beach to Jade Mountain it was beyond impressive!!  Jade Mountain is so welcoming and the staff was the best!
M/M Pursley/Gus

We LOVE Jade Mountain.  The scenery is gorgeous and the sanctuaries are unbelievable.  The best part of Jade Mountain are the people and the incredible care they provide.  I wish they could all visit in Canada and I could look after them to repay them!  We want to return!
M/M Mallory

Everything was excellent! Room was amazing.  Service fantastic.  Food fantastic.  We will be back!
M/M Lawlor

Our 1st stay here for our honeymoon, but definitely not the last! We will be back!  We can’t wait to return home in the U.S. to tell all our friends how amazing Jade Mountain and the staff are!
M/M King

Everything was amazing.  One of the best vacation experiences we’ve ever had.  Thank you!
M/M Pekker

We have stayed at some lovely places in the world, this was our best holiday ever!  We dove a lot of the Scuba center and enjoyed the experience.  We would very much like to return.
M/M Garrett/Marshall

We absolutely loved our stay and hope we will be able to return soon one day – delicious food, incredible sanctuaries, beautiful beaches and unreal snorkeling.  Thanks for making our honeymoon so great!
M/M Byers

Beautiful Stay.
M/M Gieselman

Very unique experience – we will be back.
M/M Washam

Great experience!!!  Will most definitely come back!  Jade Mountain is perfect.
M/M Jacobs

This was a once-in-a-lifetime trip for my wife and I.  Thank you for making this experience unforgettable.  The list of wonderful amenities is too great to list fully here, but we feel special attention needs to be given to the staff.  From the first moment we arrived, every staff member we’ve met has been happy and joyous, and that is honestly rare and amazing.  Thank you.

M/M Sell
-       Clean, beautiful.
-       Home away from home
-       Amazing experience.
M/M Stevens

I have traveled a lot and this resort is by far the best.  Everyone smiles and says “Hello” or “Hi”, “How is your day”.  This is a piece of heaven on earth.  The views, the food and the staff.  5 stars from me, make that diamonds.  I wouldn’t change a thing.
M/M Desantis

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.
M/M Crouch

M/M Bellaiche

We had an amazing honeymoon.  The facilities were great, the excursions were great, the food was outstanding.  We had a great stay and hope to return one day.
M/M Korres

Most beautiful view in the Caribbean from sanctuary!  Great service, friendly staff!
M/M Hill

Jade Mountain has far exceeded my expectations and makes me want to sell it to others!  It reminds my husband of a Caribbean version of Twin Farms in Vermont which is stellar!!
M/M Heintz

Everyone was extremely hospitable and pleasant! They made us feel special by using our names.  We felt like queens.  Thank you for a memorable trip.  I will never forget it.
M/M Santos/Shaw

Great service given to us.  Thank you!
M/M Hornsby

We had a wonderful first stay.  The views are spectacular.  The food is amazing.  The staff is amazing.  Loved the birds J.  Very romantic and beautiful views.
M/M Zuza

EXCELLENT.  This is the nicest hotel and experience we have ever had.  We had high expectations and they were surpassed in every way.  We came two years ago for our honeymoon.  Service here is amazing.  We are so thankful to everyone.  We will be back soon.
M/M Guiltinan

Excellent service, outstanding room and view.
M/M McLaughlin

Great and Best place for a vacation.  We believe that we might never find another place that can compare with Jade Mountain! It’s great to know that Jade Mountain is trying to recruit the best employees to work here, and they are all happy and proud which make us feel their positive energy during our stay and that’s not something we can find everywhere.  The food at Jade Mountain Club is amazing.  The chef is so talented! We enjoyed our every single meal very much!
M/M Chang/Liang

Stellar stay (as always), not sure how the team does it.  Every stay is even better than the last. Just when you think it’s perfection, it gets even better!  Sets the high bar for any holiday destination.  We believe this is our 5th stay!  We’ll be back again!
M/M Stewart/Shaikh

From the moment we entered our sanctuary, we loved Jade Mountain.
M/M Prange

We had a memorable 25th Anniversary here at Jade Mountain.  It was the perfect, romantic place to celebrate.  Thank you for everything.
M/M Zaharias

This has been the best resort we have ever stayed at.  Service was top notch.  We will be coming back.
M/M Sheets

Jade Mountain is living up to its reputation.  We loved it.  Best hotel we’ve stayed at in the world.
M/M Nguyen

Our sanctuary at Jade Mountain was a fabulous living space and the staff across the resort are fantastic.  The major domo service is wonderful and the food at Jade Mountain Club in the evenings is worthy of a Michelin Star.
M/M Gatenby

M/M Lauria

Thank you for an amazing vacation.
M/M Knol

Gorgeous hotel and very friendly staff, we really enjoyed our stay.
M/M O’Regan

Dream vacation.  Perfect.  The staff here is the most pleasant and accommodating.
M/M Codispoti

The most lovely and unique property we’ve ever stayed at.  Fantastic service all around.  Thank you for a most excellent stay!
M/M Trotman

The experience of Jade Mountain was amazing.  The customer service of the staff was unsurpassed.  The room was extremely comfortable.
M/M Hill

We have been too many beautiful places in the world but this is by far the most breathtaking, amazing resort we have ever come to.  The service has been impeccable and we will absolutely be back!
M/M Walker

We could not begin to express how perfect our trip was to your resort.  The service from everyone was superior.  We especially enjoyed seeing the vegetable and produce that you grow as well as having the chefs tell us all about them.  Our room was beyond perfect.  The view and our butlers were outstanding.
M/M Swenson

Overall an amazing experience – All staff were kind, friendly and efficient!
M/M Tuohy/Mochrie

The Major Domos were great, gave us wonderful service and great attitude.  The service staff at the Tree-House were outstanding!
M/M Katz

Service has been excellent, our sanctuary was wonderful and the food superb.  A truly magical experience.  Our Major Domos have been lovely, top service but also very friendly.
M/M Fitzpatrick

What a glorious stay we had.  The rooms! So much of it has to do with these one of a kind, breathtaking rooms.  We’ve stayed in gorgeous places all over the world and this is the best! The food – couldn’t have been better!
M/M Peyree

This is the most romantic place we have ever stayed during our 18 years of marriage.  It absolutely exceeded our expectations.  The cleanliness of the rooms, and friendliness of the staff made our stay very enjoyable and relaxing.
M/M Kolcz

This stay here was a trip of a lifetime.  Beautiful people and island.  To experience for 8-9 days of living in nature as our room was/is incredible and extremely therapeutic.  The infinity pool is over the top.  Also I was able to swim 4.5 x 1day because of the filtration system.  I haven’t used a pool for 5 years because of the chemicals.  This was a little paradise for us both especially came at a great time and was much needed.  Thank you immensely for our stay here and sharing your dream for us to experience.  Jade Mountain: Beyond our dreams J.  Paradise.
M/M Kot

Absolutely Amazing.
M/M Nelson

Everything was perfection the moment we arrived.  The staff is unbelievable.  So friendly and catered to every need.  The food was out of this world.  Best resort I have ever stayed at.  The room was extraordinary.  Well Done.
M/M Pilipiak

Breathtaking room and facility.  Piton’s view from the sanctuaries are one of a kind.  Major Domo’s are kind and accommodating.
M/M Branson

We knew we were in for a treat, but from the moment we arrived it was more than we expected.  Everyone was so nice and willing to help in anyway.  I have never felt more comfortable than at Jade Mountain.  Our major domos were so nice and helpful.  We looked forward to seeing them daily.  Amazing Experience.

Outstanding! Thank you for making our honeymoon extra special. We enjoyed every moment.
M/M D'Olimpio

Thanks for a great stay. Great service. Everything was thought out very well. Food was great too. Beats Mayakoba and Cap Jaluca! Butlers are the best.
M/M Prasad

We researched for months trying to find somewhere besides Jade Mountain to spend our 10th wedding anniversary (since we’ve already been here once), but I’m eternally glad that we couldn’t find anywhere that suited us better. Thanks to all for a wonderful experience. Lunch with Chef Jules (again) and Filliner’s attention to (romantic) details were key contributors to a beautiful and memorable time.
M/M Medintz/Shaw

So friendly and happy and anxious to help!! We love your staff!!
M/M Hostettler

Fantastic trip! Beautiful views and amazing scuba diving.
M/M Loomis

I can say a lot of great things about this resort, but it says it all when I walked into the room, I cried… tears of joy of course!! We didn’t meet a single staff person who wasn’t friendly and hospitable as possible.
M/M Guthrie

Domo’s were great. Billing was seamless. Great spa. Jungle burger was great.
M/M Cerutti

We had an amazing honeymoon/anniversary experience… absolutely no complaints.
M/M Rideout/Zehm

We really enjoyed the unique designs of the sanctuaries. Everything experienced exceeded our expectations. Best hotel in the Caribbean. True paradise! Everyone at the Club was amazing. We did not get a chance to meet the chef but the food was phenomenal.
M/M Ryan

The sanctuary, property, staff, cuisine were all amazing. Thank you so much for your hospitality. We would love to come back to experience this gem in the Caribbean.
M/M Zuccarello

Our stay was very nice and we thoroughly enjoyed our time here.
M/M Davies

Wonderful experience and will be remembered as one of our best vacations. Brilliant attention to details. The people we encountered were so friendly and kind. We enjoyed our plantation tour with Meno as well. He was such a knowledgeable guide.
M/M Kirkpatrick

The facility is beautiful and the staff is very well trained and very nice.  The beaches and services offered are excellent.  We really enjoyed our stay.  Best resort we have stayed at.
M/M Capriotti

Thank you so much for making our wedding day so special.  We hope to come back soon!

We were made to feel special.  Best hotel we have stayed at.  Can’t wait to see you again.  We will be back.
M/M Watson

We had a very relaxing time at Jade Mountain.  Our Domos were great!  We rarely visit the same place twice but we might consider it with Jade.
M/M Wilson/Cueto

Everything is very well done.
M/M DiGiorgio

Jade Mountain is off the charts fantastic! From the moment we arrived we felt we were in paradise.  The butlers spoiled us with their accommodating and pleasant ways.  Jade Mountain is a magical place.  We love the privacy! So relaxing!
M/M Dunn

Amazing week all around.
M/M Gruner

The scenery is breathtaking but the staff is phenomenal!  The staff made this stay extraordinary.
M/M Mahanta

We had a wonderful stay and were so impressed with the staff, service and amenities.  The food at Jade Mountain Club was exceptional.  Jade Mountain is a uniquely beautiful place and we hope to return.
M/M Barrett

The system with personal butlers is excellent and the sense of privacy it creates is fantastic. The food is excellent – a marvelous kitchen!  Overall though – this has been a life changing, totally magnificent experience.
M/M Akervall

It was an amazing stay.  You helped celebrate my wife’s birthday.  The people were fantastic.  We can’t wait to return in the future.  The services provided by the staff were unparalleled in our vacation travels.
M/M Zwicker

This is our favorite place on the planet – from the people and the peacefulness of the beach and the comfort of the room.  Nothing compares and now with the chocolate lab not sure how it can get much better.  The Jungle Bar burger is something we talk about both times after leaving there as well – something so simple is just so good after being in the water.
M/M Kresho

This is a unique place, which we enjoyed. Depending on if someone likes a more 'camping out' feeling, will depend on how much they like the place. I would make people aware that this is high-end camping or more of an eco-lodge.
M/M Miller

We had a great time. . and ending up spending more time in our sanctuary than we would have expected to. The Jade Mountain Club was our preferred venue for dining; followed by Aspara.  Our "domos" provided very helpful assistance.
M/M Lord

My husband Kelly and I would like to sincerely thank you for your generosity and love this week! You made our honeymoon forever memorable!  We will definitely be back!
M/M Zuber

APRIL, 2016

Thank you!! Hands down the best trip.  The room, the view, the food, the staff and the service. Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations.
M/M Fortgang/Vinci

The setting was idyllic.  The room was the best ever.  The service at Jade Mountain was superb. We will recommend to all of our friends.  Superb Relaxation.
M/M Patterson/Shannon

This resort is beyond expectations!  The whole staff made us feel at home and like family!  The design and vision of the resort is spectacular and totally unique.  We will be back again and tell all of our friends.  Great Job!!!!
M/M Holden

I plan to send a more formal email with feedback and thanks once back home.  But in short, this is a hard place to leave.  This is by and far the best place we’ve ever stayed.
M/M Woods

From the moment we were greeted and walked into our sanctuary, we knew our honeymoon and wedding were going to be special.  The stunning views, meals and grounds make it the best place we could have been for our special time.  The staff were all pleasant and said hello before we were able to, which shows they love their jobs here.  Again, we cannot say enough about our Domo and Wedding Planner, Roland and Jenelle;  Excellent, excellent, excellent service, attentiveness and personality… We thoroughly enjoyed them and what they did for us.  Jade Mountain is better than expected!!
M/M Moretto

We are very happy with all your staff, they all made us feel very special.  This was the first time that my wife and I spent time together without kids for the past 26 years and coming to Jade Mountain was the perfect choice.  We are so glad and happy and bringing lots of special memories back home to our home and kids.  Thank you.
M/M Barajas

Outstanding staff and accommodations!  Thank you!  Outstanding dining as well!
M/M Herzberg

Everything was terrific – to achieve this level of luxury and service in such a difficult to reach locale is a triumph.  I can only imagine how much work goes into running this resort smoothly.
M/M Cronstrom

Excellent service, very attentive.  Food was great.  Friendly staff.
M/M Miller

Everything was wonderful.  The staff was incredibly friendly, said hello, how are you doing, from butler on down to the guy scraping the sidewalks.  Great service culture.
M/M Hosler

We arrived after dark and was blown away by our spacious sanctuary and the excellent welcome.  The walk up to the club remains a mysterious adventure!  I have been waking up at first light every day to enjoy the real beauty of tree top living and no air conditioning or windows!! This is 10 star camping, with an amazing view!!  The very special service we received made it an unforgettable holiday; the personal attention that was given to us by all the staff members was excellent!!

We left Jade Mountain filled with wonderful memories and photographs as proof that dreams do come true.  I felt our comment card did not have enough space to express our real gratitude; hence this letter. Our sanctuary was an amazing experience! The combination of carefully designed space, luxury, fresh air and a closeness with nature that is breathtakingly beautiful, made it hard to leave in the mornings.  Facing south, we experienced sunrise over the mountains and sunsets over the ocean, with the Southern Cross above the Pitons to say good night.  We felt as if we had our own luxury campsite in the treetops, without any sounds other than nature. The concept of no windows, no shower door, no TV, with 14 foot ceilings and lovely furniture made the space uniquely wonderful! Your service and staff was absolutely incredible!  We were spoilt by the Major Domos and the rest of the staff: the quality of service, genuine friendliness, willingness to serve was 10 star quality.  The Major Domos and housekeeping made our wedding anniversary a very special day!
We had a meal in every restaurant and in our room.  We were always delighted by the healthy food choices, perfectly prepared.  The breakfast and dinners at the Club was the cherry on the cake!  We spent many hours enjoying the beach, snorkeled on the reef, went SCUBA diving, sailing, paddle boarding and Jungle biking.  The Volcano, Gardens and Emerald estate was a lovely excursion.  I used the steps to the beach as an outdoor gym and was ready for a Gros Piton climb on Friday: a very special experience!
M/M Human

The whole staff is wonderful!  I usually don’t like to go to the same place twice, but we’ll be back J.
M/M Brockwell

M/M Arnold

Everything was perfect.
M/M Davis

We had a fantastic holiday.
M/M Dobbin

The trip has been fantastic and the hospitality was out of this world.
M/M Shah

Everything was great!  All of the staff provided excellent service, and the room was the best!
M/M Dalton/Swaggard

We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding; location and service was amazing.
M/M Roman

The architecture was phenomenal but the staff was even better.
M/M Von Schack

We only stayed at Jade Mountain one night but it was excellent.  The rest of the time we were at Anse Chastanet.  We would like to thank the whole team there for such a fantastic stay.  We have never experienced such friendly and helpful service anywhere else in the world.  Such a beautiful place.
M/M Slack/Eccles

The staff were all so friendly, helpful and joyful.  The food was outstanding.  The butler service is just totally amazing…  It’s hard to pick a “highlight” as the entire week was truly exceptional in every way.  Thank you!  We hope to celebrate our most special occasions here with you!
M/M Foster

We had an Amazing honeymoon here!  We could not have asked for a better place to celebrate our new marriage!  This is the most romantic place we’ve ever seen.  Butler service was excellent and staff was very friendly!  Wonderful!!
M/M Orlando

Relaxation at its finest.  It won’t be our last.
M/M Belvin

Wonderful location, outstanding service.  Ought to come back!
M/M Villard

Fantastic hotel in the most beautiful place we’ve ever seen.  This place is second to none!
M/M Olatunde/Khan

Incredible stay! Love the room – Exquisite.  Great Service!  Absolutely Amazing Time!  We plan to return.
M/M York

Everyone was FANASTIC!  We renewed our vows and this will forever be a special place.  The best trip ever.  The team approach results in both a consistent and immeasurably exceptional stay.  We love the people, the views, the accommodations, experiences – everything!
M/M Zogg

Great room, staff and resort.  Very pampered.  Romance package was good and got to see something different every day.
M/M Riordan

Excellent Service!  Wonderful Resort.
M/M Berger

Thank you ALL so much for a most enjoyable stay!
M/M Glover

M/M Rennau

Great people, food and service.  Outstanding! Thank you.
M/M Evans

Exceeded all our expectations.
M/M Whitten

M/M Hartnagel

We are more than pleased with our stay.  Service impeccable, the food= Amazing.  We are really into food and from the beach to Jade Club we were constantly pleased with selection, presentation, quality and overall taste.  Never felt more safe and secure whether it was swimming for an hour leaving our staff at a hut or all items in room – not an ounce of worry. Perfect balance of play and relaxation.
M/M Carson

What a wonderful and relaxing vacation!  Sanctuaries are amazing and come with their own hummingbirds!
M/M Frost

Amazing facilities, cuisine and service.  We will definitely recommend Jade Mountain to our friends and family.  Your staff is the most friendly and attentive we have ever had.
M/M Broderson

Spectacular food, wine and service at all restaurants – special cruise dinner was AMAZING!!  Beach dinner also!  And setting up our romantic bath with cocktails!  We will come back! – Elegant, private, stunningly beautiful, delectable food, wine, service and entertainment.  This is now our top choice for a romantic getaway.
M/M Stivarius

Best vacation ever.  Excellent service.
M/M Edghill

Great place.
M/M Monahan

Our Major Domos – recognized our anniversary with a bottle of wine at dinner, special escapade in our room! It was amazing! Could not have imagined a better way to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.  Thank you Jade Mountain staff!
M/M Munro

It was a truly amazing experience.  We loved it and will be sad to leave.
M/M Romeo

Great honeymoon.  We wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.  My wife loved the vegetarian cooking class with Val.  We both loved the Kool Kayaking tour, the Jungle Biking, and the Volcano/Farm tour.
M/M Hurlburt

Jade Mountain was an experience to remember forever!  I couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon!
M/M Compton

We had a fabulous time! Our vow renewal was incredible.  This place is magical.
M/M Raynor

Excellent service, everyone was friendly and eager to make your stay the best possible.
M/M Sprawka

Beth and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire time we were here.  We are amazed that it met and surpassed everything we read online about it.  Incredible doesn’t begin to describe Jade Mountain.  We will be back.
M/M Kobermann

This was a magical trip for our “wedding moon”.  The staff, resort and amenities exceeded all expectations.  Sailing and Bike tour was great.  We plan on returning for our anniversary.
M/M Williams

Spectacular! Breathtaking! Tremendous property!
M/M Friedman

Fabulous staff and building memorable trip of a lifetime!
M/M Watts

Lovely personalized service.  Everyone was amazed we were celebrating a 25th Anniversary and worked to make us feel special.
M/M MacDonald/Griffin

We loved the resort.  Truly special and spectacular.  The Major Domos were all so fantastic.  We felt very special and so pampered.
M/M Har

Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations in every way.
M/M Moffitt


MARCH 2016

Everyone at the resort is incredibly nice and helpful. It is clear every employee’s goal is to make sure people have an enjoyable stay.
M/M Parker

The Burger Beach is fabulous. Thank you so much, see you soon.
M/M Robinson

Your hotel is Amazing!
M/M Canning

We had a great time!!!
M/M Lighter

BEST RESORT! Can’t wait to come back.
M/M Rybak

What a beautiful, enchanting place. We loved staying here. What was very special was the love and pride everyone had as they taught us about this very special place. The room was spectacular. The service is top notch! Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations and we look forward to a return trip!!
M/M McLaughlin/Lipovan

Loved it! We were incredibly impressed by the facilities and the service. We also loved being on the all-inclusive plan. If I were you, I’d offer it as an option on the website regardless of which “package” you choose. Can’t wait to get back.
M/M Bares

We loved all of our meals. Service was top notch. Our Spa services were excellent. We will be back!
M/M Beaver

We cannot say enough wonderful things about the facilities, the views, the service, and the food. Perfectly sensational!! Best in the Caribbean; one of the best in the world!
M/M Hornidge

We were unsure about staying in a room with only 3 walls. We quickly realized how safe we felt with no worries about outside interruption. The pool is so special as is the view from the room. Jade Mountain has provided us with our very best resort memory. I think the construction makes it the 8th wonder of the world – AMAZING!! We loved it and plan to come back.
M/M Harvey

The rooms are amazing. You have done an amazing job making it comfortable even though it is outdoors. My wife loved the towel swans and flower petals each night. Great touch having a hot bath for us as we returned from hiking. Chocolate making was amazing. Breakfast sausage was amazing.
M/M Betkowski

We enjoyed everything. We will be back. The staff at Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain are excellent.
M/M Davies

We love coming here and the service each time is consistent and high quality. Thank you for making our trip so memorable and for treating us so well.
M/M Linthicum

Everything was wonderful.
M/M Whicker

Amazing Service. Privacy and yet service at our beckon call.
M/M Carpenter

All the staff were very friendly and helpful.
M/M Lockman

The service, setting and sanctuary are the ultimate and most impressive of any hotel we have visited. The amenities are wonderful. We stayed here for our 25th anniversary and I literally looked at every top resort in the world and chose Jade Mountain and it exceeded our expectations in every way. We will definitely return and will recommend Jade Mountain to friends and family without hesitation.
M/M Zakhary

The most incredible vacation we have ever experienced. The staff was incredibly friendly, helpful, and full of information.
M/M McKenna

M/M Fakih

We could not have made a better choice of location to have our honeymoon. The sanctuaries are even more impressive in person than as described in literature.
M/M Bernick

Everything was terrific! What a truly great resort. Thank you!
M/M Kelly

As expected! Loved staying in, so easy to be active right in room ☺. Breakfast at JM Club was excellent and they customized our order and introduced me to local hot sauce!!!
M/M Shah

Breathtaking views and landscapes, beautiful sanctuaries, amazing food, convenient and fun excursions, stunning architecture and décor and impeccable service. The Major Domo services, kindness of St. Lucian people and beauty of the island made this trip outstanding!!!
M/M Ward

Loved it.
M/M Fisk

Overall, we had an amazing experience staying in the Sun Sanctuary. Nick Troubetzkoy achieved his vision to operate a unique open air concept that is both stimulating and relaxing.
M/M Carbonneau

Great views, interesting design and friendly staff.
M/M Anderson

Best destination we have ever been to. Butler and full service is extraordinary. Best honeymoon spot ever.
M/M Pardo

Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations. The Spa treatments were great. All food was excellent but particularly in Jade Club.
M/M Jackson

We had high expectations for this and you far exceeded our expectations in every spot.
1. Engineering and architecture.
2. Customer Service.
3. Room and View. Spectacular room with mesmerizing view.
M/M Zarrella

The room/sanctuary is absolutely amazing. We never wanted to leave!
M/M Pittorino

We enjoyed the resort, but we LOVED the people working in it.
M/M Freixes

The staff is great.
M/M Fuller

Best staff in the world. Once you have stayed here, nothing else will do!
M/M Smith

Overall, fantastic service. Everyone was friendly and very accommodating. Beautiful setting. Everyone went over and beyond to ensure we relaxed and enjoyed our honeymoon/vacation.
M/M Bates
This was a special event for us and Jade Mountain was wonderful! It has a great island, spectacular view and a special resort in Jade Mountain! The food was exceptional and the chefs were extremely personable. Above all, the people were incredible. This trip was a chance to experience life to the fullest while getting out of the normal rat race! This was exceptional! Well beyond my expectations. Jade Mountain has everything, so yes, we will return.
M/M Swenson

We loved our one night stay here! Everyone was so friendly and accommodating, and the location and facilities are top-notch.
M/M Dorman

We came here on our honeymoon and it is our first vacation anywhere. We are so lucky to have been here and that we picked this resort because it truly is the most amazing place on earth! We can’t imagine ever going anywhere else. This is our number one! The beach, the scenery, and the atmosphere are paradise. The staff are the most amazing people you can ever meet! They made our vacation 100% better! Thank you!!! We will never forget this place.
M/M Kormanov

Overall, exceptionally nice property with exemplary staff. As a fellow resort owner, I was impressed.
M/M Coumbe

This was an incredible vacation/celebration. I have never felt more relaxed or received better service from everyone as I did at Jade Mountain. In addition, it is such an idyllic setting that I truly imagine this is what heaven on earth looks like. Thanks to everyone for making this a trip to remember.
M/M Ameerally

What I like about Jade mountain is the level of detail, both in service and design. Being an Engineer I appreciate the fine touches.
M/M Lall

We have only praise for Jade Mountain. The room (sanctuary) was superb. Housekeeping kept everything clean and orderly which allowed us to enjoy our vacation. All of the staff was courteous and helpful. So great to laugh with the staff; made our experience more personable. Everyone should put Jade Mountain on their bucket list. Glorious Accommodations.
M/M Trent

Beautiful facility and staff was awesome. Professional and personal. Great combination.
M/M McLaughlin

Fantastic! Thank You!
M/M Shapiro

Utterly fantastic. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating.
M/M Young

Great, professionalism anniversary celebration. Our stay overall was great!
M/M Segal

Joan and I had a wonderful stay. We greatly appreciate all the “extras. The best resort we ever experienced – a gift! We truly hope we can visit again. Outstanding and memorable.
M/M Goodman

Magical! Everything was exceptional. The staff is beyond friendly, the food , décor, atmosphere was above and beyond. We hope to return in the future and maybe one day with our children. Thank you again for making our 5 years Anniversary so special.
M/M Rabinowitz

Most spectacular suite we have ever stayed in. Priceless view! Everyone on the staff was polite and anxious to help. Our stay was wonderful.
M/M Weikel

Very relaxing stay, the hotel staff are very nice and eager to serve. We had a great 25th Anniversary. The food and service were excellent.
M/M Hubbard

- JE1 is an amazing Sanctuary
- Jade mountain is an excellent resort.
- Major Domos were very good.
- People who set up your chairs on the beach were great.
M/M Sullivan

Enjoyed our stay here with M/M Kasper – Hope to return someday. Great diving and excellent boat crew and Dive Master Keither.
M/M Bernet

Our room has an amazing view of sunset as well as Pitons. We loved the abundance of closets and drawers. Loved the towel swan or heart on bed each evening and loved the Bento box daily.
M/M Kahan/Roth

On the whole excellent staff, fantastic food at the top, good contrast in Yoga classes.
M/M Vainer

Thank you so much to everyone for making our wedding even better than we could have imagined! Jade Mountain is an incredibly special place not just because of the unique architecture and sanctuaries, but mostly because of the genuinely amazing and thoughtful staff. We really appreciate everything and can’t wait to come back for future anniversaries and celebrations! Jade Mountain is better than the pictures!
M/M Sclafani/Maggio

M/M Coognies

Loved our Jade Sanctuary!
M/M Troszak

Exceptional location and service; very relaxing.
M/M Firmin

The staff everywhere have been so friendly and fantastic! Thank you so much to everyone from the Scuba centre, housekeeping, beach attendants, waitresses, bar staff and everyone behind the scenes. Fantastic!
M/M Beresford-Green


We had a blast! The Domo’s were fantastic and Jade Club staff was also wonderful – our trip wouldn’t have been the same without them.

Amazing staff! We felt incredibly welcomed and at home from the time we stepped foot. Awesome!
M/M Dass

What an AMAZING experience – from the incredible room to your sweet staff!
M/M Bergstol

We loved our room, and we loved all of Jade Mountain. This vacation was a dream and it was a fantastic 50th birthday!
M/M Rechler

It is hard to give a rating to a place so deliciously unique. The natural beauty of the land, the stunning architecture, and the amazing people are a combination that defies description. We did not know what to expect and yet we could never have imagined what was in store for us. Eating at the Jade Mountain Club was an experience unto itself. The work and the creativity it takes to formulate a new and exciting menu each and every night is an outstanding credit to the chef. The butlers and their ability to relate left us feeling as though we knew each of the gentlemen personally, so you see to actually try to “rate” our experience would be futile as it compares to nothing else. Please know how much I appreciate the work and expertise that has gone into your concept of “sanctuary” hotel. It is my hope to return as often as possible.
M/M A. Kesselman

• Most amazing architecture.
• Rooms, Views, all just so Breathtaking – you have done an amazing/fabulous Feat!
• Greatest Dinners of any place, restaurant, or Resort!! Every day, a new menu, a new restaurant! AMAZING!! Breakfast granola/muesli and breads – also great – Best coffee.
• Domo’s – all Great!!
M/M Kesselman

Wonderful place! Our first open air experience and we loved it. Beautiful!
M/M Raffaele

Overall, an outstanding stay. We loved that the pool is now being heated. The staff was very accommodating and friendly. Thanks for the private dining on the beach. A very special surprise at the end of our stay.
M/M Williams

Loved Jade Mountain. Everyone was so friendly.

Amazing place, happy we were able to experience it. Loved the all-inclusive luxury. Everything was excellent.
M/M Shicko/Romano

We love this Resort and JD1 is awesome!
M/M Afdhal

We had a trip of a lifetime and you have fully exceeded our expectations. UNBELIEVABLE!! I will be bringing friends.
M/M Kobrin

Another wonderful holiday in our favourite place anywhere.
M/M Selzer

Nothing beats this view, the room’s beauty and cleanliness and helpful domos. The service is top notch. Everyone here is so respectful and accommodating. From the Wait staff, Spa staff, Domos, Boat Taxi’s, Sailing Captain, Dive staff and Beach staff. You can be sure they are all so nice and helpful. Best massage I’ve ever had with Sherwin. So wonderful last year we had to come back! We don’t think it gets any better than this.
M/M Moore

The finest service anywhere in the World! The most relaxing vacation ever.
M/M Habberstad

Whale watching is amazing.
M/M Killian

All the staff were excellent. The Best.
M/M Goldberger

The Sanctuary is amazing! Loved Jade Club service people, they were very helpful and friendly. Great job, Nick, on the genius design of this place. We feel the love!
M/M Haas

Jade Mountain was awesome! Everyone was so nice!!!
M/M Ferrante

Dinner in the room was the best. Thank you for a wonderful stay.
M/M Iammarino/Smith

Jade Mountain is a wonderful experience. We truly enjoyed our stay. Our room was so comfortable and beautiful. We really enjoyed utilizing your sister resort; Anse Chastanet. Thank you for a wonderful week in Paradise.
M/M Beck

Butler service was excellent!! Great Birthday surprises each day! We hope to return, it was a great 50th Birthday celebration and 25th Wedding Anniversary.
M/M Gallucci

This hotel is a fantastic- unbelievable experience on all levels – senses, emotions, the relaxation and beauty of nature. So glad you created it! So glad we found it!
M/M Kinsey

It was perfect. We loved it.
M/M Walter

Jade Mountain made our honeymoon the most memorable and amazing experience of our lives. You truly have the most friendly and welcoming people working at the hotel. Thank you all for such a wonderful time, we cannot wait to return. Just wonderful! It was everything we imagined and more.
M/M Towers

Wonderful, Unforgettable!! Staff always smiling – such a delight to see!! All persons at meals were excellent. Love the friendliness of the staff.
M/M Wellock

We had a wonderful time. Our view is priceless! The staff was outstanding. We fell in love with our view of the Pitons!
M/M Holmgren

What an incredible experience! From the moment we arrived at the airport. Each day we felt so spoiled. It was fantastic to have the check in/out in the room, the candles each night, the delicious food, refreshing pool. Not a single thing we’d change! You redefined the hotel/resort experience. Don’t change!
M/M Leidel

An Absolutely magical place. We couldn’t have asked for a better stay. The best staff on the island- so friendly, we will come back and can’t wait to recommend this property to our clients. We would not change anything.
M/M Korey/Smith

Loved it!
M/M McKenna

We were amazed and extremely happy with all aspects of our visit. And all the people we encountered were wonderful. The open air room was a fantasy come true. Even the birds were marvelous. We loved the nature and simplicity.
M/M Hruska

Jade Mountain is the finest resort we have ever stayed at. I have been in travel business for over 20 years and there is no place like this anywhere. Our butlers were fantastic! We loved the Jade Club daily for breakfast and dinner, the best! Thank you to all for having us and making our 15th Wedding Anniversary truly special. We both hope to return some day and will tell everyone we know how special it is here!
M/M Towers

We had a wonderful, memorable first stay and honeymoon at Jade Mountain. It is true that one cannot stay here and not be somehow changed by the landscape, the architecture, the people. It is difficult to depart Jade but we do so with much memory of the serenity and service. We cannot recommend this place highly enough. It was paradise!
M/M Dunn

Staff is great! We felt very pampered. Thank you.
M/M Ghilotti

Everyone we have met at Jade Mountain was extremely friendly. We could not have imagined a more magical honeymoon! Special thanks to Zita at the Scuba Shop, who located my wedding band on the ocean floor while snorkeling! Everything about this place is amazing! Thanks!
M/M Johnson

Everyone was very friendly and if something went wrong everyone was over the top to make it better. We will definitely recommend this place to friends! Loved our stay.
M/M McGinnis

Jade Mountain has to be the best place we have ever stayed, the location, atmosphere and service. Loved the sanctuary – pure luxury, but understated. Will be back!
M/M Grant

We expected this to be a top class hotel. What we got was a top class +++ hotel! The staff (all of them) were courteous and very friendly. The food is exceptional. We really enjoyed the trip to the Kitchen Gardens and knowing most of the food we ate was grown there. You have a great team and are considerate to your environment. Keep up the good work!
M/M Lane

The most amazing place – Heaven on Earth!! We are so relaxed- spent 1 week Total Romance Package for my 50th Birthday. Loved the rooms – Star sanctuary and Hillside Deluxe. The food and setting at Jade Club was spectacular. The Best travel experience of our lives! Jade Mountain exceeded my expectations. Everything was perfect.
M/M Gabor

This experience was out of this WORLD! We were both blown away- thank you for everything. A++++++!!!
M/M Perrone

Jade Mountain – so relaxing, a true escape.
M/M Rodrigues/Georges

All butlers were incredible and extremely helpful!
M/M Cullen

We felt the entire staff was outstanding. We were always greeted with a smile by everyone we met.
M/M Miller

10 out of 10. Such a wonderful experience. You made this very special for us. Amazing facility and ambiance, far exceeded our expectations.
M/M Weingarten

We hope to return soon – not just because we have found Heaven on Earth, but for our “extended family” that make the whole experience.
M/M Kowcheck

We were treated like royalty by everyone here at Jade Mountain and at Anse Chastanet. We especially appreciated our Major Domo’s service. Tony, Teddy, and most especially Christus, were vital to making our stay THE MOST MEMORABLE VACATION we have ever had! THANK YOU!! We can’t wait to come back!
M/M Fermani

Everybody is awesome! Love the happiness and smiles! Great job! Beautiful place! Thank you!
M/M Cook

We loved it. We will be back.
M/M Golding

Jade Mountain – Spectacular.
M/M Bruggeman

We were on our honeymoon at Jade Mountain for 5 days. The facility is incredible and the views were breathtaking.
M/M Gillespie

Great Service, Fantastic Honeymoon. I personally thank Everyone.
M/M Ash

M/M Finn


Most amazing vacation ever! We loved the pool in the bedroom and the “No Wall” idea! We also loved the butler! The beach is perfect! The water guns are pretty fun!
M/M Livraghi

Beautiful and relaxing vacation like living in a National Geographic Bird Sanctuary in Paradise.
M/M Glazer/Maimon

Food service was fine and very agreeable.
M/M Lawrence

Our vacation felt like a dream. We loved the environment and the people. We enjoyed the cocktail party and meeting other guests. We also loved the solitude, intimacy and privacy. Excellent massages. Thank you!
M/M Jones

I will recommend to many others - So sad it is just one night!
M/M Kizziah

Overall, this was an amazing vacation in paradise. We felt relaxed and well taken care of. Our butlers pampered us with little surprises and baths. All of the staff have been friendly and take great pride in Jade Mountain and Emerald Estate. Everything here has been a dream come true. We wish we could stay longer! We can’t wait to come back.
M/M Zuchlinski

The food at Jade Mountain Club was outstanding. The sauces were exceptional and the accommodation to my gluten-free diet was perfect. The rooms were so relaxing and rejuvenating. We never got tired of walking into our room and seeing the view – it was breathtaking. This was a much needed vacation to heal, restore, relax – Thank You! Amazing! We would also highly recommend to family and friends.
M/M Hewitt

We loved it!
M/M Wells

Everything about our stay was fantastic. Everyone treated us like rock stars. We were pampered the moment we stepped out of the cab. We will be back!! Thank You!
M/M Graham

This is our 4th and best trip ever. We celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary and your staff was outstanding attending to our every wish. Better than ever. Thank you!
M/M Crissman

We have never experienced a vacation like our week at Jade Mountain. The accommodations were extraordinary. The service was fantastic. The food and activities were superb. Every detail of our trip was pure paradise. We cannot get over the brilliance of the design and architecture.
M/M Karp

We had such a wonderful time here at Jade Mountain. We were especially impressed with the food and the service. It’s unmatched on this island. Compliments to the Chef team.
M/M Masucci

Jade Mountain gets the balance between top quality accommodation and friendly service just right. Your staff are a credit to you.
M/M Andrews

The food at Jade Club is beyond excellent and far surpassed our expectations. Neige was an amazing sommelier and server, as was Lawrence. All staff are amazing and nice. Our butlers were very accommodating. Thank you!
M/M Belford

- Spectacular View.
- Unique Architecture and Sanctuaries.
- Size of resort (intimate).
- Friendly and Courteous staff.
M/M McCown

Wonderful Place! We will definitely be back. Thank you. We love it here! Will tell all our friends.
M/M Janssen

Overall, wonderful experience.
M/M Gray

Friendly and professional staff, very happy with service and attention to detail.
M/M Hall

We had a lovely time at Jade Mountain! The staff could not have been friendlier or more helpful. The food was absolutely outstanding.
M/M Olson

Loved it! Had a wonderful stay, 2 days was not enough! Excellent services especially the butlers were so nice.
M/M Avlani/Ganghi

This place was a fantasy resort vacation that exceeded our expectations.
M/M Weissman

A marvelous stay! Thank You. Our food at Jade Mountain was excellent! Service excellent! Great hospitality. Emaculate grounds – lovely every where one looks – we loved the rainbows- even saw a double one. Most extraordinary room! And view! Excellent, loved every moment in room. We will spread the word – what a pleasure to meet Yasha. We loved the charm and warmth of all staff – no improvement needed.
M/M Wood

Everything was perfect and exceeded our expectations! This is definitely a place we will come back to! The service was wonderful. The food was amazing and the room was spectacular.
M/M Lyons

Butlers are amazing and provide fabulous service.
M/M Sharfin

We loved our stay here. Absolutely amazing. Spectacular beauty combined with exceptional and friendly service – you can’t beat it.
M/M Underwood

Excellent in every way! In particular, our domos were outstanding. Okeda gets 6 stars (out of 5). Everything was perfect.
M/M Dick

We loved our stay at Jade. The resort is beautiful, view priceless, and food delicious. Above all else, we enjoyed how friendly everyone has been and we’ve been able to truly relax with the help of the staff.
M/M Rhodes/Kavanaugh

Spectacular is the only word to describe our stay here. Thank You!
M/M Gold

We found our stay to be exceptional. The accommodations and service were wonderful. A special thank you to Yasha for giving us the private dinner on the celestial lounge level on our last evening!
M/M Mortati

It has been a very peaceful stay for us. We were given such a warm welcome. Your staff are exceptional, it comes from the heart, and that shows in the service and the food. We were also able to enjoy our privacy and really relax and recuperate. The staff were so considerate and adaptable. Really comfy beds. Love the Spa and Yoga. A luxurious and thoroughly enjoyable stay! A beautiful introduction to St. Lucia, look forward to returning.
M/M Page/Sabet

Everyone of your staff was wonderful, from our butler to housekeeping to the shuttle service and all of the wait staff were terrific.
M/M Bassock

Chocolate Tour to Farm and Chocolate Lab- Excellent!
M/M Huff

Great food and service!! Jade Mountain is truly fantastic, but the icing on the cake is all the staff! It’s been a bliss staying here and we’ll come back next year!
M/M Aberg

We had such a good time (for the second year) that we booked again for next year.
M/M Lenahan

We spent our first 5 days on St. Lucia at Sandals Grande near Pigeon Island, so it was an interesting contrast to the spectacular view, accommodations and tranquility of Jade Mountain. All staff members were friendly and helpful and helped to make our stay enjoyable and relaxing. Previously, our all-time favourite trip was to Bora-Bora in an over water hut. Now, it’s Jade Mountain and St. Lucia.
M/M Davidson

Excellent butler service! Fantastic views. The best room we’ve ever stayed at.
M/M Michev

This was an incredible honeymoon. Thank you for making this such a special experience. The friendly and kind attitudes of our butlers made all of the difference between this and another hotel. They really made this trip special with flower petals in bath, champagne with lit candles, and all the other thoughtful, over the top things they did for us. Perfect.
M/M Peacock

Amazing honeymoon! The views, service and amenities were world class. We hope to be back in the future!
M/M Mynhier

We have been to several Caribbean islands for vacation and this is by far the best resort we have stayed at. Literally there were no expectations left unmet. Obviously the setting is striking but really what wins one over is the staff. From the drivers to reception to the wait staff to the butlers to the housekeepers, everyone seemed intent on making our stay special. We cannot thank you enough for this very special vacation.
M/M Merkley

We had an excellent vacation and thoroughly enjoyed both sanctuaries. The upgrade to Jade Mountain was an awesome surprise. What a beautiful way to start and finish our days – with nature. Beautiful, wonderful experience!
M/M Clark

We had a wonderful vacation. The physical plant is as advertised, 5 Star. Every staff member we encountered was warm, friendly and always asked if there was anything to assist us. They all make excellent ambassadors for their country.
M/M Callahan

The sanctuary and service was ABSOLUTELY Top Notch!
M/M Damore

Absolutely wonderful!!! We will most certainly be back.
M/M Bean

This place is fantastic! We loved everything about Jade Mountain and the people.
M/M Radley

Overall a fantastic resort creating beautiful memories and a wonderful holiday! Impeccable service, great food and selection. Many Thanks!
M/M Latimore

Our butlers have given us the most exceptional experience, along with the rest of your staff at Jade Mountain. Thank you for all your hospitality, we’ll be back!
M/M Patel

Jade Mountain more than met our (very high) expectations. We do plan to return.
M/M Stucky

Our butlers were wonderful, friendly and very attentive. They all had/have great personalities too! They had great suggestions and provided us with anything we requested.
M/M Blackburn

Overall, Excellent!
M/M Langford

Love All staff, All facilities. Perfect Vacation. We return every two years until death do us part!
M/M MacDonald

Jade Mountain is as close as it gets to heaven on earth. If you can’t be happy at Jade Mountain, you won’t be happy anywhere. The Gazpacho is excellent!
M/M Morey

Far exceeded our expectations. Thanks! Wonderful, we will be back soon.
M/M Dobos



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