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Architect Owner Nick Troubetzkoy built his dream resort, Anse Chastanet, on a 600 acre beachfront site in wild St.Lucia, and it has won considerable acclaim. But like Steve Wynn in Vegas, Troubetzkoy was then inspired to build an even dreamier resort, Jade Mountain, on the hillside above his first property. "Floating" is the term most used to describe the results.

Larry Olmsted, Cigar Aficionado


British Airways' First Life magazine was in search of the creme de la creme and asked a panel of travel experts to nominate the best hotel view, suite, bar, pool and lobby in the world. The Ultimate View : Jade Mountain. Nominations included Venice, Portofino, Rio de Janeiro and Patagonia. But we plumped for the astonishing view from Jade mountain in St.Lucia. As the Daily Telegraph travel editor Graham Boynton puts it, "if I close my eyes I can remember lying in the infinity pool at Jade Mountain under cobalt blue skies with mojito in one hand, looking out over the aquamarine waters at the magnificent St. Lucia pitons. It is life in technicolor and banishes all thoughts of humdrum daily routine".


Dinner at the Jade Mountain Club brings the memorable touches of consulting chef Allen Susser ( .. declared the "Ponce Leon of New Florida Cooking" by the New York Times ) and executive chef Jonathan Dearden. Standouts include blue marlin sashimi and red caviar, and the Guinness Stout braided Kobe Beef short rib with black bean polenta.

Jim Brosseau, Forbes Life Magazine

The coral spawning on the Anse Chastanet reef  took place August 12 and 13. Come visit our Scuba facebook page to see some of these amazing images.

St. Lucia's JADE MOUNTAIN is number 1 in the Caribbean and number 3 worldwide in the yearly Travel & Leisure magazine poll pubished August 2009.

Travel + Leisure's 14th annual World's Best Awards poll asked readers to rate the best hotels, cruises, airlines, outfitters, cities, and islands and they selected Jade Mountain as the top resort in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas category.

JADE MOUTAIN featured on the cover of Conde Nast Traveler's August 2009 issue.


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Most Stylish Hotel Design
The missing wall at Jade Mountain St. Lucia

JADE MOUNTAIN recognized for most stylish hotel design on
Less privacy is the exact opposite of what you typically want in a hotel, but with views this breathtaking (the weather ain't bad, either), you don't miss the extra masonry. Besides, designer Nick Troubetzkoy has given the suites at Jade Mountain just enough solitude to ensure the staring happens from the inside out, and not vice versa.


JADE MOUNTAIN  is on the Top 10 List of Luxury Hotels with the World's Best Views

This Top 10 List (12 actually) features hotels from coast-to-coast and around the world with one-of-a-kind views and to experience the world's most amazing sights: the Great Pyramids at Giza, Mount Vesuvius, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Taj Mahal, the Grand Tetons, Sydney Opera House, St. Lucia's World Heritage twin Pitons, Lake Louise, Big Sur, Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour, Patagonia's Torres del Paine National Park and the White House!
Caribbean Travel & Life 100 ULTIMATE ESCAPES
Editor's Choice
Robb Report Luxury Resorts
The record for amount of time a couple has spent without leaving their room at Jade Mountain? Five days. It's no surprise: Every seductive suite is endowed with a massive private infinity pool. Much more than the glorified bathtubs found at other boutique hotels, these beauties are part of your living room, and are lined with iridescent reflective tiles and fiber-optic lights that can be dimmed to set the mood. The aphrodisiacs don't stop there. The rooms are open to the elements, without a fourth wall, so you have a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea and St. Lucia's double peaks, the famed Pitons. Go for your own record.
Susan Avery, Bride's magazine
"Eight Wonder"

Jade Mountain may well be the world's most romantic, exquisitely conceived and painstakingly built resort property......The brainchild of architect and hotelier Nick Troubetzkoy cannot be described in mere words: You have to be there to perceive the poetry of this most inspirational of places
- Watershapes magazine
Pinnacle of Romance
St Lucia's Luxurious Jade Mountain Resort Offers Couples a Sanctuary in Paradise.

Four sultry days and nights had passed and the couple never even stepped one toe out of their room. At any other hotel, this might be considered a case for Sherlock Holmes, but not so much as an eyebrow was raised at the Jade Mountain Resort in the Caribbean isle of St Lucia. Delectable meals were sent to their door for breakfast, lunch and dinner while masseuses dressed in crisp whites would float in like wisps of clouds from time to time, perform their magic, and then leave again without so much as a whisper.
Julie Clark, Points North magazine

Caribbean Living Escapes to St. Lucia with Victoria Rowell.

Extract from Author's Note in 'Black Widow', the newly published novel by Randy Wayne White

I would especially like to thank Nick and Karolin Troubetzkoy and the staff at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet, Saint Lucia, in the Eastern Caribbean. It is among the most beautiful and brilliantly designed nature-oriented resorts I have seen. While I was writing there, Della Thornille, Jondell Bailey, and Peter Jean-Paul were unfailingly helpful, as were my friends Karyn and Michael Allard.

The Pitons are an unforgettable sight on St. Lucia. They are featured on the same UNESCO World Heritage list of precious treasures as the Taj Mahal. At Jade Mountain the peaks are so inescapable they greet you every day like old friends. I am tempted to compare views: is morning best, when sea and sky are in vivid primary colours, and fluffy white clouds fill the sky? Or late afternoon, when shadows cast on the mountain flanks grow darker? How about when sunset begins and pink and lavender pastels tinge the sky - or afterward, when the silhouettes are thrown into sharp, dramatic relief.
- Sharon McDonnell, Island Life Magazine, From Here to Eternity

Room with a view
Conde Nast - Room With a View

JADE MOUNTAIN is the "Room with a View" in the September issue of Conde Nast Traveler which is now on all newsstands.

The coveted "Room with a View" feature can usually be found on the last page of the magazine. But for JADE MOUNTAIN, the magazine dedicated an amazing double page spread in order to showcase a complete panorama shot of one of the sun sanctuaries.

"...We are absolutely thrilled to have achieved this recognition by Conde Nast Traveler, in their important 20th anniversary September issue...." says Nick Troubetzkoy, owner, creator, architect and builder of JADE MOUNTAIN. "...We also want to thank Macduff Everton, the photographer, for his enthusiasm
for JADE MOUNTAIN, which can clearly be felt in his stunning photography..."

Caribbean Travel & Life  

While Jade Mountain is often described in the language of art, perhaps the most stunning feature is its relationship with nature's own remarkable sculpture, the awe- inspiring Pitons. Troubetzkoy determined that each room interact with the landmark site, so that the fourth wall, by its absence, frames one of the most spectacular scenes in the Caribbean...... Troubetzkoy said of the sanctuaries " I wanted to create environments that enable guests to forget about the furniture or the fact that they are in a hotel room- in essence, to forget about everything but experiencing the psychology of the space on an intuitive level."
- Kathleen Atkinson, Maco Caribbean Living magazine


Caribbean Travel & Life

The World's Most Exciting New Hotel

The cover story of the March 2007 issue of Caribbean Travel & Life applauds Jade Mountain in St. Lucia as a "masterpiece" and "the most exciting new hotel in the world." Writer, Joan Tapper, former editor of National Geographic Traveler, recently stayed at the resort and describes her experience: "From the moment I walked through the towering jalousied wooden door of my "infinity pool suite" - one of 24 individually designed and furnished accommodations, all with open fourth walls and awe-inspiring Pitons panoramas - I simply wanted to stare at it, reach out and touch it, inhale it and savor it." "Jade Mountain is literally and creatively on another level," says Joan Tapper and it is also described by Nick's wife Karolin Troubetzkoy as "an architectural poem to celebrate one of nature's most amazing settings."

Expect grand sweeping spaces beyond your imagination, with your bedroom, living and extravagantly sized private infinity edge pool gliding into one another to form an amazing platform floating in space with the 4th wall missing entirely. The result is a stage-like setting from which to embrace the full glory - and infinite views - of St. Lucia's twin Pitons and the shimmering Caribbean Sea.

Visitors enter through the rear of the building, a dizzying profusion of stairwells and gangways worthy of an MC Escher painting. Inside, 24 sleekly appointed suites face west, the infinity pools hovering 16 stories above the ocean. The structure has a vaguely futuristic feel, like it could jet off into outer space at any moment.
- Gabe Weisert, Forbes Traveler, The World's Best Hotel Room?

A Study in Jade
The New Jade Mountain Suites at Anse Chastanet
You don't come to the Caribbean for an architectural epiphany, but that's exactly what awaits you at the new Jade Mountain Infinity Suites at Anse Chastanet on beautiful St. Lucia. For architect/owner Nick Troubetzkoy and his wife Karolin it wasn't enough to provide their guests with ringside seats overlooking one of the world's great natural wonders, the Pitons, two volcanic peaks rising abruptly from the sea at the southern, less-developed end of the island. They had to make sure that the viewing point itself was as spectacular as the view. > Read the rest of the review...

The bellman was about to call a doctor. Doubled over with laughter and glee, I 'm sure I looked ill.
That's the kind of response Jade Mountain's rooms elicit. Some people have spontaneously leapt up and down, while other have burst into tears. Talk about a room with a view.
- Kerri Allen,


Everything in my room was built with that vista in mind, including the open, elevated bathroom. There are also exquisite handmade furnishings, attentive staffers, a canopy bed swaddled in imported linen etc,etc.These touches are of course completely extraneous; all my girlfriend and I did from the minute we set down our luggage ( and picked our jaws up off the floor) was skinny-dip, drink champagne, and stare out at the inviting Pitons, discussing which one to climb. If, that is, we ever managed to make it out of the room.
- Josh Dean, Men's Journal, Best of Everything, Best view from Bed




A Study in Jade
Water Shapes, a magazine for Design, Engineering and Construction has dedicated their entire April 2007 issue to JADE MOUNTAIN. A "Study in Jade" takes readers through the design process from beginning to end with creator Nick Troubetzkoy describing the experience in his own words: "What I've tried to do with Jade Mountain is to reevaluate and redesign the basic concept of a holiday hotel experience. I wanted to create individualized spatial environments that would enable guests to forget about the furniture or the fact that they are in a hotel room - in essence, to forget about everything but experiencing the psychology of the space on an intuitive level. This is also why our traditional hotel corridor has become transformed instead into a long, suspended and elevated and dramatic private bridge that leads to your personal sanctuary, your personal infinity pool, your personal view, via your own personal bridge to infinity. My goal was to try and create public and private spaces and experiences that would give guests an ethereal, spiritual lift.

This is why the ceilings at Jade Mountain are all 15 feet high. There is no sense of a structure bearing down on you. We also eliminated an entire wall, opening the interior space to the glorious exterior. There also very few right angles, giving the spaces a freer-flowing geometry where everything moves toward the exterior environment and the amazing views. In sum, we aimed to give our guests the feeling of entering a private sanctuary that is fully integrated into the island's ecology."


All 24 rooms at JADE MOUNTAIN... have generously sized pools. The infinity-edged features- none of which is smaller than 400 square feet, and the largest of which is 900 square feet- not only put thimble-size plunge pools to shame, but they offer a unique perspective of the Caribbean island's famous pair of landmarks, the Piton mountains
- Sheila Gibson Stoodley, Robb Report, Best of the Best





The dawn sky was barely pink as I eased into the water and swam toward the Pitons. The shimmering liquid reflected the clouds, and I could make the silhouette of St.Vincent on the southern horizon. The most amazing thing about the scene, though, was this: I was still in my room. Just a few barefoot steps had taken me from bed to the luminescent pool that was the centerpiece of my Jade Mountain suite.
- Joan Tapper , The Sky 's The Limit, Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine

Travel + Leisure  

JADE MOUNTAIN was featured in the January 2007 issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine. "Walk into the living area and, it seems, you walk right into the Pitons themselves," writer Guy Saddy describes his arrival experience..

Sexiest Infinity Suite
In the Nov/Dec issue of BRIDES magazine, BRIDES BEST 2006 names JADE MOUNTAIN' s Sun sanctuary as the "Sexiest Infinity Suite" and includes ANSE CHASTANET as a wonderful Caribbean location for a wedding.


Set high on St. Lucia's Morne Chastanet, Jade Mountain - a resort within resort Anse Chastanet - is a hillside structure of beautifully crafted bridges, koi ponds and tropical plants carved into the mountain with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.
- Jeryl Brunner, Mountain Masterpiece, Defying Convention in the Caribbean, Hospitality Design

Accusations of madness notwithstanding, Troubetzkoy has succeeded in building the resort on its own terms and after his own vision. " I had the luxury of being able to deliberate, but it made it difficult to plan ahead", he says. "Jade Mountain has a sense of being a work of art or sculpture. It metamorphosed until it took the shape it now has".
- Sheila Gibson Stoodley, Robb Report, Twin Peaks Rising


During the recent Caribbean Media Exchange on Sustainable Tourism (CMEx) held in St. Lucia this October, the highly coveted Counterpart International Emerald Award for high-end resorts combining a commitment to luxury and to the use of tourism to improve the destination, its people and the environment, went to Nick and Karolin Troubetzkoy for their new Jade Mountain at Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia. Counterpart president, Lelei LeLaulu, said the resort had vaulted to the top of the world's most exclusive properties for its use of recycled material, water, and its dedication to conserving the environment, going so far as to send resort managers to the rainforests of Guyana to select the trees for use. Top marks also went to the resort's treatment of staff and a very low turnover. On top of all this, said LeLaulu, was "a design of extraordinary vision and boldness."

The Club at Jade Mountain opened its doors on Dec 20, 2006. The Jade Mountain Club with its celestial terrace right above is an exclusive retreat for Jade Mountain guests to enjoy a light meal or drink. The communal pool at the Jade Mountain Club features a kaleidoscope of glass tiles showcasing the various tile colors used in the Jade Mountain sanctuaries.

..."Troubetzkoy has spent 30 years challenging the travel industry's most cherished beliefs. Rather than bowing to received opinion on how a hotel should be, he has preferred to draw upon St. Lucia culture, tapping the arcane knowledge of bush doctors, musicians and masons. At Anse Chstanet, playing with light and space, he created dynamic rooms, the "walls" of which were sliding jalousie shutters, allowing the shape to change at the whim of the guest. Accessibility was never a priority....."
- Julian Allason, Financial Times How to Spend It Magazine

..."Architect Nick Troubetzkoy has made certain that his art-filled Anse Chastanet Resort takes full advantage of St. Lucia's exotic visual appeal. The six-hundred acre former colonial plantation north of Soufriere has the Pitons for a backdrop and a quarter-mile namesake cove beach...
- The New Yorker Magazine

"The famous Anse Chastanet resort nestles into the steep green hillside, its individually designed suites decorated with dreamily erotic paintings. It's a jaw-dropping scene: in fact, the beauty is so profligate that most new arrivals seem mildly stunned. Most just roll onto the volcanic sands, where they remain, immobile as statues, fanned by passing butterflies. Many allow whole days to pass without even the merest quiver of activity. A sleek Swedish Amazon may hitch up her thong before gliding into the gently lapping water. A buffed fiance stands guard obver his betrothed as she dozes on a hammock, gently rocking her to and fro. Meanwhile, the most energetic guests stagger into the resort's spa for his-and hers Swedish -massage lessons.
-Tony Perrottet, Sunday Times

"It's a vista that silences with its power and mystique, visible from your wonderfully secluded porch, which is perfect for reading and snoozing once you breakaway from the view..."
- Patricia Schultz, 1000 Places To See Before You Die

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