The butlers were excellent!
M/M Porpiglia

Great! From the moment we arrived everything ran smooth and we felt at home. At Jade Mountain Club the food was fantastic! I don’t remember our waiter’s name from dinner on the beach but he was also fantastic. I don’t have a single complaint with service and scenery are 5 star!
M/M Walker

Three steps beyond perfection. Walter provides a fantastic setting. The food at the Jade Club is worth writing about.
M/M Brown

There are no doubt the rooms, the views and food is wonderful. We loved the lack of the 4th wall and the wide open feel to the room. We had a truly memorable stay. Thank you!

This place is wonderful, special and beautiful. The service is awesome. We will be back hopefully sooner than later.
M/M Graham

I don’t want to leave –everything was perfect, the staff was exceptional, the food was outstanding, rooms are breathtaking. Our only regret is that we didn’t book longer. We most certainly will next time. The room was spectacular!
M/M Pike

The treatment here at Jade Mountain has been nothing less than spectacular. We have been treated like royalty and everyone is so nice and inviting with top service and top cuisine.
M/M Granata

Awesome! Over the top! We especially enjoyed jungle biking with Tyson, climbing Gros Piton with Virginia, diving with Victor and the ½ day sail with Kerwin as well as bird watching with Meno.
M/M Daubner

The best service in the world. All staff had been outstanding.
M/M Brown

We loved having the bento boxes, that’s a wonderful service!
M/M Howard

A beautiful resort, wonderful and unique room –one of a kind! We enjoyed our stay!
M/M Lotan

Hotel service was excellent and ½ day sailing was great too! Thank you to everyone else who made our stay a pleasure.
M/M Potter

The lady playing at Jade Mountain club saxophonist is excellent.
M/M Nicola

We had an absolutely fantastic time and can’t say thank you enough. We hope to return in the very near future!
M/M Brady

Spectacular unique room, both luxurious and comfortable with absolute privacy yet near every facility you would need. The butlers were helpful and kind but not obtrusive.
M/M Hayes

All the staff was terrific and very accommodating.
M/M Lugo

Everyone has been extremely warm, helpful, hospital and friendly –from the reception staff to the room assistants to the food service staff, to the gardeners. The architecture and décor are stunning. The beach is beautiful. The views are like no other I have ever seen.
M/M Wynn

Everyone is so friendly and helpful.
M/M Schmidt

Everything is excellent.
M/M Barazi

It is an unbelievable stay and would recommend to all our friends and family.
M/M Drier

It was a very positive experience.
M/M Ledger

All the staff we have met has been helpful and friendly. This had made our holiday a memorable experience. We wish we could stay another week. It was hard to name just one staff member. The staff in the new Treehouse all deserve a special mention.
M/M Royall

The plantation hike was excellent, snorkeling was very good and yoga was good.
M/M O’Briens

This is heaven on earth! This was our first visit to your resort and it was a trip of a lifetime! This was our honeymoon and we couldn’t have decided on a more romantic destination. The service was top-notch, the food was incredible and the views breathtaking. From start to finish was total relaxation! Keep doing what you’re doing.
M/M Kowalski



The whole staff at the Jade Mountain restaurant was very professional, very friendly and simply excellent! The manager was very friendly and helpful, resulting in a very nice atmosphere.
M/M Huber

We really appreciate Eric’s efforts with the food/wine parings. This really enhances our dining experience. The cooking is at a high level and being able to enjoy wines by the glass to complement each dish is something we really enjoy. It would be a deciding factor for our next holiday. The Indian food at Apsara was excellent.
M/M Gibson

Congratulations on your beautiful hotel and the hospitality of everyone. We will be back soon.
M/M Vanmolle

Jade Mountain resort was a joy to be at! Nothing could have really made our stay better. All staff was good or better than expected! Jade Spa staff and therapists were excellent. Thank you to all at Jade Mountain for a wonderful stay. A lifetime memory.
M/M Rossing

The food was excellent, awesome and keep it up!
M/M Smith

It’s a fantastic level of service all around.
M/M Smith

Overall it was exceptional and an amazing property, amazing surroundings, tremendous staff and great hospitality. You truly entertained a couple of travel agents and totally spoiled us. We can’t wait to send our clients here and for us to return very soon. Thank you so much!
M/M Vats

The quality of food was spectacular both the ingredients and presentation were wonderful!
M/M Tremblay

We have travelled a bit, from the minute we arrived until the minute we left. Everything was done right. A professional approachable staff (nice) (not snobbish) clientele our Jade Mountain sanctuary was just that. We loved jumping (not really) into the pool after the impressive walk up the hill, a beautiful authentic and understand décor really special our photos do not do you justice.
M/M Jenkins

Had a great time here and will recommend to family and friends.
M/M Hanikeh

Thanks so much for a magical experience! The hotel is exquisitely designed and I think we’ve developed such a symbolic relationship with the Pitons that we’ve going to have withdrawal symptoms. The staff is without exception excellent –from Peter down everyone has gone out of their way to make our stay extra special. And having just eaten my last Jade breakfast I can truthfully say I am really going to miss your chef!
M/M Booth

The welcome was the best we have ever received at a hotel. Eddie our major domo could not have been nicer or more welcoming. Bentley was an especially nice touch - delicious. Housekeeping was excellent, especially running a Jacuzzi on our first night. Generally all staff was so warm and welcoming that we felt truly like guests rather than customers.
M/M Mulligan

We were spoiled rotten. Incredible and friendly people at every turn with 6 star service.
M/M/ Mete


A spectacular experience, although we were here only 5 days, it seemed like we had been here twice as long and very relaxing. The infinity pool was wonderful to wake up to and return to in the afternoon. We had a great time in the Jazzy sunset cruise.
M/MA Harold

It is a great time, perfect setting and the staff is excellent.
M/M ALlano

Dinner on the beach was wonderful. Dinner and wine pairings in our room was fabulous. Eric did a great job with the wine pairing. Christus and Eddie were wonderful and the best service we have ever had. Thank you!
M/M AAdamson

There is no way to describe anything this place has to offer. You have to see it for yourself.
M/M ABarran

Our stay at Jade Mountain was incredible! We felt at Jade it was worth every penny but what put us over the top was our major domo Christus. We have been in the hospitality business for years and he was above and beyond any expectations we had! Christus and your whole team were amazing especially the team at Jade Club –Jonathan was so personable and delivered great service.
M/M Tubon

Especially loved the attentive staff.
M/M Kearney

Everyone was so helpful and constantly made us feel like we were special to the resort and outstanding service. One of our favorite “extras” was the cooking demo with Chef on Tuesday night. Kerwin on the sailing trip was a highlight as well.
M/M Simpson

An absolute amazing and unforgettable vacation. We will undoubtedly be returning. The staff is excellent and the resort is gorgeous. Nick you are a genius.
M/M Raposa

What amazing honeymoon adventure/experience. Infinity pool is awesome! The architecture design at Jade Mountain is breathtaking. We look forward to recommending both Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain to any future honeymooners and vacationers – such a truly relaxing week without modern technology cell phones and laptops. Thank you for all your hard work!
M/M Grans

Sailing with Kerwin was fantastic.
M/M Dunwoodle

Everything was exceptional.
M/M Klatsky

What a few days here can do to relax a couple of newly weds. Our stay here really set the tone for our honeymoon. Thanks to all the staff at Jade Mountain for making our stay the most memorable vacation to date. Thank you all and stay well!
M/M Kurland

Everyone on the staff was very warm and friendly. They each greeted us by name and provided wonderful service. The hospitality has been exceptional. Thank you for everything!
M/M Ferrara

The service was fantastic and staff wonderful. The food particularly at the Tree House – dinner was outstanding.
M/M Fergusa

An absolute heavenly place, superlative service, warm and friendly staff in short, truly remarkable.
M/M Hochman

Everything was absolutely fantastic!
M/M Matis

Being upgraded to the galaxy suite was one of the best wedding gifts we received. It was the room Maggie had wanted to stay in. The suite was amazing so it won’t be easy to stay in anything less on our anniversary trip! The service was beyond our expectations and St. Lucia is beautiful.
M/M Wallace

Everyone at the hotel was very polite and helpful. I have no complaints. It was perfect. Thank you!
M/M Andemyer

Overall we will definitely spread the word about Jade Mountain to our friendly in the Midwest, great service, great food and superior staff.
M/M Shafer

Our room was great with awesome views. I loved the pool and entire layout. The service was outstanding and our butler was amazing. The grounds were spectacular.
M/M McCrone

Jade Mountain exceeded any expectations I have ever had of a hotel. The service and attention to detail was amazing, but the way the staff always had a smile on their face and pleasant words showed the true beauty of St. Lucia and its people.
M/M Raja

It was very good and marvelous!
M/M Matsuda

Eddie was excellent and the views are amazing!
M/M Baver



Excellent facilities and excellent service. We couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful place with such a great staff to spend our honeymoon. From our major domos to Tyson at the mountain bike facility, to the staff at Anse Main. They were all the most courteous and gracious hosts. Danielle and I would like to stay thank you once again to you all. Lastly I would like to mention the gentleman whose name I regrettably cannot remember who gathers the stones on the beach at Anse Mamin. He went out of his way numerous times to make us feel welcomed and special when we visited that beach. He made our visits there extremely enjoyable “Anthony”.
M/M Barbiero

Thank you very much for a fantastic holiday. All of the staff was amazing.
M/M Christopher

Bento boxes were a great and a nice surprise each day! Pre-arrival services were excellent. Storage at the scuba center was great! Glad we didn’t have to carry equipment everyday. Jade Mountain was always excellent
M/M Dougall

Jade Mountain is like no other place we have ever stayed. The staff, service, food and views are amazing! We plan on telling our family and friends all about Jade Mountain. This is a must visit location for everyone!
M/M Taylor

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here at Jade Mountain. The sanctuary was amazing, with service to match. We will recommend to friends and family alike.
M/M Buchanan

Overall our experience here was wonderful. We love your staff and facilities.
M/M Richards

Our celestial dinner and anniversary surprise upon our return to our room was fabulous –beyond imagination. We are very appreciative. The afternoon snacks were delightful.
M/M Wilson

We had such a wonderful honeymoon and are looking forward to coming back again soon. The service and staff are super friendly. This place is heaven on earth and we were overly shocked at how beautiful St. Lucia is so many fun activities to do.
M/M Quinter

Everything at this hotel was amazing. We loved this hotel. Thank you!
M/M Eaton

This is the most fabulous resort. After this where would anyone want to go to? The service was fabulous, food was out of this world and the staff was incredible and the scenery was gorgeous. Thanks for the trip of our life.
M/M Poore

All service was great!
M/M Wilson

Jade Mountain is unique and wonderful. The setting, the accommodations, the food and the staff have all been terrific. Dinners were outstanding and food is incredible and prepared beautifully.
M/M Beric

We would like to thank all the staff for their kindness, honesty and quality of service they provided us. Everyone took a personal interest in us and made us feel so welcome, nothing was too much. The staff is so friendly and happy which made us feel so comfortable. Thank you to all and may we be blessed in seeing you again.

The room, burger grill on 2nd beach, housekeeping and butler system were great or excellent. I loved the goodbye bed and loved bento box and fridge drinks. I loved the coffee and tea in room.
M/M Nowick

The quality of the tours was good.
M/M Millstead

It is truly one of a kind experience. I would not change one thing about it. I wish we would have stayed a day of two longer.
M/M Cruz

This is the most amazing place we have ever been!
M/M Giesbrecht

We are here for our honeymoon –everyone here made us feel extra made us feel extra special every single day. Our domos were always happy and ready to make us happy as well. We absolutely loved such exclusive service! You all made this the honeymoon of our dreams. I don’t think anywhere else will top this experience. You can be sure we will let everyone know how wonderful Jade Mountain is!
M/M Huboky

It was absolutely amazing! Our 3rd night here made our honeymoon. We can’t wait to return for a longer stay. Hope for more sun and less rain on our next visit.
M/M Norton

I have to say that this is the most beautiful place I have ever been to. The service and food and amenities are impeccable.
M/M George

Jade Mountain is my “happy place”, Jon and I stayed here for our honeymoon in May 2007 and loved it! We were excited to return but scared it might not be as perfect as we remembered. No worries were needed –Jade is even more beautiful than we remembered with all of the plantings and glass sculptures installed and the staff is so friendly. The upgrade was amazing! We love this resort, all of the people here and the island and will definitely be back!
M/M Bakst

It is magnificent! It is a fantastic place and service!
M/M Robinson

Your resort exceeded our high expectations at every turn. Thank you!
M/M Pool

Never experienced anything quite like this! It truly made our 30th wedding anniversary memorable. The view from our room took our breath away. We took helicopter transfer from airport to another resort the first part of our trip. I highly suggest it!
M/M Medrick



Enjoyed our stay, staff were helpful, view is stunning, wedding was dealt with perfectly.
M/M Farmer

Thanks to you all for a most memorable 10 years anniversary –we will be returning guests. I was so excited for the sanctuary –views, pool and beach and had no expectation for the food. Well every meal was outstanding –my husband and I dined at the Jade Club for all of our meals, would not think of eating anywhere else.
M/M Hill

We had a very nice time, good points, our sanctuary, the staff, the food, the plantation tour and the sunset cruise.
M/M Hammond

Keep up the good work, we will definitely be back and recommend Jade Mountain to friends and family. Thank you so much.
M/M Jackson

Everything was just fantastic! It was beautiful –loved our butler and his hospitality. The ladies in the spa were incredible so friendly – Philipee, Theo and Tonya.
M/M Alise

The staff was amazing and very genuine and seemed to really love what they do. That type of true authentic service is only special to this island. Thank you!
M/M Murphy

I felt the entire stay was amazing. The entire staff is great and brings service to another level. I truly enjoyed my stay and would love to come back.
M/M Kelly

Thank you for an amazing trip! Everything was superb and we really appreciate the constant kindness provided by your staff. We will definitely be back.
M/M Seelig

All staff at every level (wait staff, reception, major domos, and managers) provided excellent service and very friendly and outgoing. Food was amazing.
M/M Mol

We loved our time here at the resort. Everyone went beyond what was expected of them in their job. Our 8 days here have been fabulous.
M/M Umbreger

Our stay at Jade Mountain was unique and surpassed our expectations. We love the high quality of service and having the major domos. They were helpful.
M/M Taneja

We had an incredible time. The rooms and facilities here are marvelous and all the staff was truly excellent.
M/M Winkler

The Anse Mamin service was wonderful.
M/M Jovanovich

Food was wonderful! The total romance package is a great package.
M/M Lemieux

Everyone on staff did a wonderful job. We have traveled to very many 5 stars resorts and this reached all our expectations. Thank you all.
M/M Saigling

The in room facilities, quality of food and staff helpfulness and support are some of the best we’ve experienced. Nothing is too much trouble. All staff speaks to you and are very polite. We caught tuna on our deep sea fishing trip and the chef kindly cooked them. They were a delight.
M/M Minshull

We had an amazing experience at Jade Mountain. The service and food were extraordinary. All staff members were pleasant and willing to go above and beyond what was expected.
M/M Stajduhar

Everything was perfect! It was unbelievable and friendliness from every employee –even if just passing by. We had fantastic service and quality of food. I can’t say enough good things.
M/M Johnson

We have never been treated this well “anywhere” we only had the clothes on our back for two days. We were treated like “royalty”. Everyone knew us, smiles everywhere. Also thank you for our 20 years celebration in our room. A beautiful cake and flowers and candles and bubble bath, it was heaven on earth. To all of the staff who took care of us, thank you!
M/M Waage

This is an amazing and unique resort that exceeded our expectations! We never would have thought that we would survive 10 days without TV or air conditioning but we did it and loved it. The entire staff was refreshing. They were kind, devoted, hard-working and considerate. They will be mentioned in all of our recommendations. Thank you.
M/M Buonincontra

The best chicken roti and popcorn squid ever. Bonita was very pleasant and helpful. We want to bring our whole family back for this and loved Tyson. We loved the walk into town. Jungle should run for Governor.
M/M Thalenberg

The staff and services were above average. I would highly recommend others to stay at Jade Mountain. The staff was very friendly and receptive to our needs.
M/M Lawhorne

This was our first time at Jade Mountain and we celebrated our 25th anniversary. Your true gem is the staff here! From grounds keeping to beach waiters, housekeeping to room service to reception and restaurant staff. Your hotel is truly unmatchable. The people of St. Lucia are gracious and welcoming and we will definitely be making a return visit to the island someday.
M/M Aspengren

We cannot wait to return. The best place we have ever stayed at! We appreciated the room upgrade and top notch service from all staff and our butlers.
M/M Fassino

I and my wife want to thank you all for an incredible experience in what can only be described as paradise. Thank you forever.
M/M Tyler

The tours and excursions were fantastic and the food was amazing. The very best we’ve ever had! Mostly everyone was friendly and eager to please. Our sanctuary was incredible and our wedding here was better than we imagined. Thank you!
M/M Iacovoni

All staff was a pleasure. Our wedding day was great and everyone treated it as if they’d never done a wedding before (i.e. excited and dedicated to us) despite the fact they do them so regularly. We were so grateful.
M/M Hart

It is quite apparent why Jade Mountain is the number one resort in the Caribbean! The people are friendly, the road is fabulous and the room a treasure! We were celebrating our 47th wedding anniversary and it is the best celebration of our time together and maybe we will return for our 50th!
M/M Bender

Absolutely wonderful facility! We loved our sanctuary!
M/M Leon

We loved the view and room design. Having stayed in many luxury hotels and resorts, Jade Mountain offers a unique and amazing experience that is unmatched. The décor was comfortable and graceful and is a work of art in itself. The facilities were all inviting and well-kept, the staff friendly and truly dedicated to ensuring we had a pleasant and relaxing stay. We wish we had a longer stay to take full advantage of Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet activities and entertainment –but our one day stay was unbelievably terrific. The snorkeling was fun and the food to die for, the service impeccable and the sanctuary was utterly amazing.
M/M Calcei

No other place that we have visited compared with Jade Mountain! You have all created unforgettable memories for our 25th anniversary.
M/M Corter

Excellent pastry chef!
M/M Curry

Our wedding was beyond our expectations. Bernd did a great job with the pictures. Edmond and Monica made sure the whole thing went off without a hitch. We definitely chose the night place.
M/M Szemborski

The sanctuary was absolutely beautiful! The food was excellent compared to other resorts in the Caribbean. The staff was just so friendly and courteous. We loved your service!
M/M Kralj

In general we had a wonderful stay. It is a beautiful resort!
M/M Fransens

Julian has been very wonderful to us and is the most friendly staff member in the whole resort. Kirsten the yoga instructor had made the honeymoon amazing with her excellent teaching and her professionalism I would come back to this resort for Kristen alone.
M/M Puckett

Country music night was awesome.
M/M Cox

The staff and service were prompt and efficient to all requests. They helped to make a memorable honeymoon perfect.
M/M Cordell

We want to thank you all for providing us with a wonderful honeymoon. I can’t think of a more magical place to celebrate our recent marriage. We felt completely catered to at all times and knew that anything we needed was a short phone call away. Everyone from the Troubetzkoy’s to the housekeeping staff was friendly and helpful. The sanctuary was amazing and most importantly Jade Mountain provided me with a place for me to show the beauty of God’s creation to my wife as well as create an experience that neither she nor I will ever forget. Thank you again.
M/M Burton

Jade Mountain is breathtaking! We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to enjoy the views, sanctuaries and exquisite food!
M/M Repko

All staff is exceptional and really added to the enjoyment of our stay.
M/M Lewis

We had a wonderful stay. We will be recommending this place to everyone. Keep up the great work and we hope to see you in the future.
M/M Robin

We really enjoyed our stay. The sanctuaries make this hotel the amazing place it is.
M/M Lasinger

My special and sincere thanks and appreciation to your chef. Thanks for putting up with my special fish requests. Chef well done to star quality. Everything, yes everything was utterly magical and whimsical. What a truly wonderful concept for a resort. The owner’s vision of Jade Mountain and his bringing it to reality from his true passion of literal “Jade Mountains and carvings.
M/M Greene


JULY 2010

A wonderful honeymoon location, food, service and views have been absolutely outstanding. We can’t wait to come back! Thanks Matt and Andre.
M/M Jenkins

This was our honeymoon and it was incredible. The staff is amazing, friendly, kind, funny, always smiling and ready to help. The rooms are breathtakingly unique and memorable and room service kept them perfectly clean and welcoming. The daily bento boxes were a nice treat with the drinks and we loved the surprise “artwork” on the bed. Food at Jade Club is fantastic.
M/M Steele

Okeda and Teddy were great and we enjoyed the stay. They made my 50th birthday celebration special. Housekeeping and restaurant service were excellent.
M/M Mincey

The food was good. Everyone smiles a lot and was very nice. Housekeeping did an excellent job!
M/M Byers

We had a wonderful time. What a perfect place for our honeymoon. The room was awesome and the view was spectacular. We hope to be back one day.
M/M Saraceno

The rooms are out this world –we loved them!
M/M McCauley

We came on our honeymoon and the resort and staff truly made us feel special. The entire week was unforgettable.
M/M Dooling

The food and service here is amazing. The grounds are immaculate.
M/M Villecco

Room service was always punctual and excellent. Dinner at Jade was fabulous every night. The staff was friendly and food was amazing and cooked by order. Everyone at scuba was phenomenal. Errol, Ublad and Meno. Thanks you for a wonderful time! Ty and Jungle were great.
M/M Scott

Wonderful honeymoon, incredible one in a lifetime experience! Jade Club is great! We loved the half ½ day sail and captain Kerwin was wonderful.
M/M Simmons

This has been one of the most amazing trips we have ever taken. The food and service were above any of our exceptions. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. We could not be happier that we choose your resort to celebrate our honeymoon. All of our excursions were fun and we always felt welcome to ask anything of our guides. We can’t wait to be a guest of your resort again in the future.
M/M Estes

Honestly from the security/gardeners to the wait staff, everyone here is extremely friendly and accommodating. They are always ready with a sincere smile and are genuinely interested in your happiness. We loved the snack bar.
M/M Gordon

This place is paradise. There are no words to describe the beauty of this amazing place. Thank you for making our 19th wedding anniversary so special. We will never forget this place or the people that work here.
M/M Santona

I want to take a moment and comment on the service of our domo, Teddy. It was great to see the original names and faces from last year but we did not have the opportunity to work with Teddy before our trip this year and he was, in a word, exceptional. In all matters Teddy brought a “can do” attitude to everything from small gestures in our room to scheduling services. My wife loves the woman’s touch of our female domos, both this year and last year. I simply loved Teddy’s attitude, receptive and most importantly his willingness to make all requests, no matter how small or how simple, seem important. Please pass along our compliments to your management team and please make sure your entire staff knows that Teddy is an example to be followed. He is truly another reason why we want to return to Jade. James and I would like to thank all the staff for making our first year anniversary trip wonderful. It was so nice to see all the great staff that we met last year when we got married. We truly love it here but what makes it so great is the staff and of course the scenery. This is the best vacation we have ever had and we do hope to make it back again soon. Jade is a place that we see ourselves coming back to for many years. In many ways it feels like our second home.
M/M Smith

Sailing was amazing. The staff was so friendly, we felt very much at home. This was truly an amazing experience and exactly what we had hoped it would be.
M/M Graham

Excellent service makes the difference. Every meal was above and beyond expectations. Architecture and landscape were priceless. Excursions and activities with awesome staff make the trip memorable and quiet romantic, no loud music, no loud kids is a bonus.
M/M Pham

Our major domos were excellent –Teddy and Okeda both were attentive and pleasant.
M/M Kruger

Our butlers Okeda and Teddy were excellent. The service in the Jade restaurant was superb. The waiters were a delight. All the staff should be as professional and polite as Alex (Jade restaurant) and Teddy. What a great vacation.
M/M O’Hearn

Jade was mostly excellent and pluses for stunning rooms, customized services, excellent cuisine. We were pleased and impressed across the board.
M/M Becker

Outstanding services and amenities. The tub was slow to draw first night but thanks to Vito and Al it was already drawn for us after dinner 2nd night. I loved the activities planner and poetry left in sanctuary each night. I loved Molton products. Overall it was fantastic. Syracuse is a tireless worker and perfectionist –bravo.
M/M Horn

The resort is amazing, Edmund, Al and Angel and Kimberly made our honeymoon very special.
M/M Huguenin

The food at Jade Club was beyond phenomenal and best menu food l’ve ever had.
M/M Stalter

The sanctuary was amazing. The food especially at Jade Mountain club was terrific and service was excellent across the board. What a beautiful place.
M/M Mancuso

I had an incredible experience at Jade Mountain. We leave feeling we got very good value for the outrageous (or so it seemed when booking) room rates. The sax and clarinet on the Jazzy cruise and Club were both fantastic.
M/M Wahl

The room is breathtaking, we really enjoyed our stay. The staff was all very friendly and helpful. The food at Jade Mountain Club was amazing. We ate dinner there every night and really loved the atmosphere so beautiful.
M/M Diabola

The food at Jade Mountain club was beyond phenomenal and the best menus food I’ve ever had.
M/M Staler

Everyone here is warm and welcoming. You have an amazing staff and a breathtaking view! Keep doing what you do well! Thank you for everything.
M/M Garrote

Every single meal was excellent. The staff here are wonderful, friendly and so helpful, we had such amazing time and can’t wait to come back.
M/M Geraghty

We were very impressed by the staff. Their attentiveness, patience and friendliness were exactly what we hoped for our honeymoon. The Jade food was fabulous and we enjoyed every meal. We also loved the poems left on our bed each night. We hope to return again!
M/M Cedar

This is our third vacation in your beautiful island. We have enjoyed Ladera and Jalousie Hotels in the past. Jade Mountain has always just been a dream and we visited back when Jade Mountain was just starting construction. Our dreams came true and beyond our dreams. We loved the resort the architecture, the sanctuaries, the grounds, the beach, the people and staff and simply put amazing.
M/M Catapano

The most impressive part of this resort was the friendly staff. We never met anyone who was anything other than friendly and extremely helpful. That is saying a lot since we stayed in one of the nicest rooms in the facility. We loved our stay and we wish you all the best!
M/M Tozzi

A big thank you to all chef’s at Jade Club, best food I have eaten. Thank you! Thank you all for making our stay magical.
M/M Svensson

It was perfect!
M/M Hart

We had a wonderful time here. Everyone at Jade lounge was wonderful especially Earl and Alex.
M/M Robertson

Everything was super.
M/M Walsh

JUNE 2010
Everyone on staff was super friendly.  There was a great team up at the restaurant.
M/M Martire
We loved our stay!  Your entire staff was outstanding and went above and beyond to celebrate our honeymoon and a birthday (cake and candles in the room)!  You totally deserve every award, including most romantic resort.  I loved the tropical flowers, candles and whirlpool, afternoon snacks to room, jazz. 
M/M Hogue
Other two restaurants were great.  Jade Mountain club was the best.  Breakfast was great. 
M/M Boivin
The duty managers are a credit to the company as are Michelina, Earl and the shuttle drivers and porters.  They are all polite without being over polite and nothing is too much trouble.
M/M Jacka
Our experience was wonderful.  Thank you so much.
M/M Farris
We had the most wonderful time of our lives.
M/M Schwartz
Vito and Al were wonderful.  They were always one step ahead of us making sure we had everything we needed.  They really made this trip amazing.  We were very impressed with all of the friendly staff and the delicious food!  The facilities are incredible.  We can’t imagine another vacation that could possibly compare.
M/M Alexander
James and I would like to thank all the staff for making our first year anniversary trip wonderful.  It was so nice to see all the great staff that we met last year when we got married.  We truly love it here but what makes it so great is the staff and of course the scenery.  This is the best vacation ever had and we do hope to make it back again soon.  Jade is a place that we see ourselves coming back to for many years.  In many ways it feels like our second home. I look forward to seeing you soon!  Thanks again for a great visit!  I wanted to take a moment and comment on the service of our domo, teddy.  It was great to see the not have the opportunity to work with Teddy before our trip this year and he was in a word, exceptional.  In all matters Teddy brought a “can do” attitude to everything from small gestures in our room to scheduling services.  My wife loves the woman’s touch of our female domos, both this year and last year.  I simply loved Teddy’s attitude, receptiveness and most importantly his willingness to make all requests, no matter how small or simple, see important.  Please pass along our compliments to your management team and please make sure your entire staff knows that Teddy is an example to be followed.  He is truly another reason why we want to return to Jade.
M/M Smith
All Jade Club staff were exceptional.  Scuba shop service was great, dive masters were excellent (especially keither and Victor) were great.  We had a wonderful time!
M/M Mohl
Our stay was very easygoing and relaxed.  Everyone made us feel welcome and special.  All the staff is helpful and friendly.  We hope to return again in the future!  Thank you.
M/M Nicholas
Had a truly wonderful experience.  All staff was very helpful.
M/M Dalton
It was wonderful.  Service was wonderful, food was outstanding and spa was outstanding.  Spa treatments (Theo especially was the best we’ve had).
M/M Dempsey
Thank you for making our honeymoon/anniversary a memorable experience.  The staff was very helpful and nice.  Excellent room and location.  This was great vacation for us.  We were really impressed with the staff’s overall attention and willingness to help with every thing.  Thank you again.
M/M Nakanishi
Spa service was phenomenal.  Best massage had to date.  Housekeeping was always smiling.
Excellent stay.  Beach resort shuttle service is great.
M/M Harper
Major Domos service is a strong plus.
M/M Arnold
This was truly an amazing experience and we could not have chosen a  better place to honeymoon.
the amazing service, food and sanctuary was above our expectations and we hope to come back
to visit again.  The Jade Club food was great and the service was as great as the food.
Also, the spa service was fantastic, better massages than anywhere else we have stayed.
We hope to return in the future and will recommend to our families and friends.  Our stay
was everything we had hoped for and more.
M/M Laird
You guys went above and beyond and made our stay and our wedding more than we could have
Imagined.  From Allain and Vito taking care of our every need, to Angel calming all my nerves and
Fears.  It was amazing how you all seemed genuinely excited and so happy for our special day.
Thank you all again so very much.
M/M Gagnon
All the employees at Jade Mountain went above and beyond to make our wedding/honeymoon
Perfect and memorable.
M/M Joslin
Just Magical.
M/M Gray
The service at Jade Mountain was amazing.  Everything at Jade Mountain was wonderful.
We had a truly relaxing and romantic honeymoon.
M/M Matthews
Jungle Biking was awesome.  The half day sail was terrific.
M/M Rosazza
We stayed at both Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet.  As you already know, the service
is incredible.  Jade Mountain is perfection in every way.  Aspara, Anse Mamin and Jade Club
were exceptionally good.  Every person here is talented and we enjoyed learning much about
the island.  Who knew you could get such a great burger on a beach in St. Lucia?
your Anse Mamim restaurant and beach should be promoted.  Our best times of our trip
took place here.  Promote it!
M/M Kilgore
Jade was awesome for every meal.
We thought our sanctuary was incredible – the resort grounds are also beautifully designed.  The service was exceptional –we had our needs met constantly with a smile.  We enjoyed the activities including jungle biking and sailing - the jungle biking was very unique and great fun!  Vito was wonderful and the rest of the staff was very friendly and helpful at all times too.  We loved being able to have meals in our sanctuary at any time.  Amazing experience and thank you!
Thunen, JE2
We will highly recommend this place to our friends.
Kastner, JD3
The tours with Meno were great – he was very knowledgeable and entertaining.  All staff at hotel were very polite and friendly and always said hello.  Monica was outstanding at the breakfast restaurant. Jade Mountain food was outstanding.
M/M Graefinger
It has been an experience of the highest level for body, soul and mind.  The unexpected beauty of the room and the breathtaking vista of ocean, mountains and luscious plants and trees and flowers.
M/M Wohl
We would like to thank housekeeping for all their work.  They made our trip even better.  We truly enjoyed all the smiles and his that we got from everyone. We had breakfast at the treetop, the cook was great, and the girls were all very nice.
M/M Moore
The resort was gorgeous!  All staff is friendly and helpful and excellent interaction with the guests.  Thank you for your hospitality, we truly appreciate and recognize the excellence in service!
M/M Palmaymesa
Our stay at Jade Mountain has been too short.  The rooms are spectacular, service was excellent and the food is superb.  Our major domo –Okeda has been accommodating and kind in every way.
M/M Kimura
The service at the Jade Club and provided by our two major domos were excellent –very good.  The major domos were attentive and great.
M/M Mike
The resort is beautiful and the views are spectacular.  The service is outstanding and everyone is friendly and welcoming.  7 am yoga atop Jade Mountain was wonderful and the instructor was very accommodating and knowledgeable.
M/M Carpenter

MAY, 2010

Our stay was wonderful! We could have not picked a better place to come on our honeymoon! Edmund and staff were wonderful. The unique atmosphere and beauty is breathtaking and we were so impressed by the pride and kindness your staff had to Jade Mountain and your guests. We will be back.
M/M Richardson

It was beyond what I imagined for our honeymoon. Everything was beautiful, the staff and all we; so nice and helpful.
M/M Webster

Everything has been absolutely perfection.
M/M White

The entire staff at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet were exceptional. We really enjoyed the Steel Band, Harmony Trio and Jazz at Jade Club on Thursday which was amazing.
M/M Marose

We especially loved the ½ day sail and the highlights of our days were the amazing meals at the Jade Mountain Club. We also loved meeting Chef Jonathan when he came out to greet guests after dinner one night. We also loved our daily snack box, what a fun surprise! The housekeeping staff is stars! Can we bring them with us?
M/M McDonald

Overall service of the facility is excellent.
M/M Glazak

Our guide for the jungle biking on the morning of May 13 names was Joval was really amazing and devoted. Explained and taught us about jungle fruits, plantation and St. Lucia history. The entire experience went beyond our expectations. Absolutely incredible room and view and service.
M/M Langlois

What an amazing place, view and staff and food. Thank you for a lovely experience. Your staff is amazing especially on the beach. It is very special and a unique place.
M/M Cox

The staff is very nice! Sabine the guest relations manager was very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.
M/M Griffeton

Just a few superlatives: a little slice of heaven joyously relaxing luxuriously. Need I say more?
M/M Bohlser

We had a great time here at Jade Mountain.
M/M Coleman

Our visit to St. Lucia was exceptional. We are so glad to have chosen such an excellent resort to stay at. You can definitely tell that customer service is number one. All staff is so friendly, always had a smile and a greeting when we passed. Thank you again for making this vacation 25th Anniversary so memorable.
M/M Labensky

Everything about Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations. The level of service was impeccable. The facilities were amazing. The staff is the friendliest and most welcoming we have ever encountered.
M/M McDonald

All staff was excellent, friendly and knowledgeable. Amazing that people got to know and address us by name.
M/M Ewalt

Everything else was incredible and incredible. The nicest staff I’ve ever experience in any travel.
M/M Dan

The trip was superb. Our honeymoon could not be better. The service was unparallel and the food and drinks kept us quite full. Thank you.
M/M David

We will be back this winter.
M/M Pratt

This place is so incredibly amazing and caters to your every need. It’s fantastic!
M/M Casey

We had a fantastic honeymoon at Jade Mountain. We loved the boat that the experience is fully flexible to our whims; we relaxed when we wanted to relax and were active when looking for some excitement. We enjoyed kayaking, diving, biking, and hiking and also loved the cooking class with Chef Jon. Finally we loved dining at Jade Mountain club, the food was fantastic and diverse and the service was perfect. Thank you.
M/M Stern

It was a very enjoyable experience.
M/M Racanelli

Jade Mountain is a truly special place. One that actually lives up to all the good reviews that we read about before coming. It manages to be unique and still have all the necessary/desired extras. We loved how private all of the Jade Mountain felt – a lot of days we felt like we were the only ones around even though the hotel was full, we had a yoga class all to ourselves and some days we were the only two at breakfast. This is a very rare thing when on holiday in a tourist location and we would like to sincerely thank all the amazing staff at Jade Mountain for making this the best holiday we have taken. We never felt rushed or crowded or herded about like cattle even on our activities we even got to jungle bike and scuba alone! Thank you for a memorable experience.
M/M Cudmore

It was fantastic. It would be nice to have more signs to tell us how to get to beach spa etc.
M/M James

The food was good, the grill fish was excellent especially enjoyed your buffet for lunch. The fact everyone greets you everywhere is so nice, your overall staff and staff friendliness is a winning factor. Jade Mountain rooms are unbelievable.
M/M Kantor

Every little touch from the moment we arrived was truly appreciated. I feel the entire Jade Mountain staff went above and beyond to make us feel at home and answer any questions we may have had. We will definitely recommend Jade to our family and friends.
M/M Barbour

We love for service here. Everyone was so friendly. Customer service with a smile.
M/M Root

Thank you for a wonderful stay in an amazing location for our 25th wedding anniversary. We won’t forget it and hope to be back in the future.
M/M Hansell

On the positive the staff is amazing, the architecture is sublime and the views of the Pitons are fabulous.
M/M Henderson

We have had the best holiday. The service is superb with friendly and efficient staff. The food is excellent. It does make you feel very special where the staff (particularly in the restaurant) remembered your name.
M/M Khilton

This place is my wife’s most favorite place in the world. Our first visit was wonderful, this one was even better. All of the staff is lovely and the service is incredible. Jade is perfect place to unwind, forget real life for a while, and most importantly, reconnect with each other. Romance thrives here.
M/M Dickinson

One of those very special experiences when the reality more than exceeded all expectation and when the term “elope to paradise” could genuinely be applied. We were made to feel well attended - the service, organization and attention to detail were exceptional. The concept, the architecture, the detailing and selection of materials were a joy to behold. We were so very fortunate to have Chad the wedding of your dreams at Jade Mountain. A very inadequate but heartfelt thank you to Monica and all at Jade Mountain for having made our dreams come true –and more – on the most important day of our lives together. Few couples could have been as fortunate as Angela and I as we enjoyed a wedding day in paradise. Only Jade could have made it possible! Organization like clockwork, attention to details, kindness and thoughtfulness were just the starting point as we were blissfully married at the Treehouse sailed into the sunset and dined under the stars. We cannot thank you all enough.
M/M Foden

A wonderful place to spend our honeymoon. We were truly spoiled and enjoyed every minute. The bird watching tour with Meno was fantastic.
M/M Harris

Overall whole say was beyond expectations and fantastic.
M/M Griffiths

Everything was fabulous with a magical place. Okeda was great. She truly made our stay far our 30th very memorable.
M/M Cady

Excellent experience and exceeded our expectation. First visit was only 2 days we were not sure of the whole no phones, TV and radio but now feel confident we will stay longer on our next visit.
M/M Kean

This is the most luxurious and beautiful place. We felt so pampered the while time! I can’t wait to come back.
M/M Murray

The saxophone entertainment was excellent. The service across the board was excellent. The facilities are always extremely well kept and clean – a testament to all service employees adhering to a very high standard and very well done. The butler personal service was an incredible touch. They really take service to another level. Thank you!
M/M Cafera

Service was excellent and by all of the staff members. We had a great trip in St. Lucia and Jade Mountain. We especially enjoyed the jungle biking and zip lining tours!
M/M Ormond


APRIL, 2010

While we have named a few specific people – without exception the staff was truly amazing. If there is a heaven on earth, this is it. We will be writing about our wonderful stay on tripadvisor.com.

Thank you for making our honeymoon an experience we will treasure forever. The people of St. Lucia and Jade Mountain are so generous and hospitable. We especially enjoyed the dining experience here at Jade Mountain –especially Dwight, Earl, Tyre, and the bartender and hostess made our evenings so fun and enjoyable. The staff that led the trip and tours were fantastic as well –Monty, Jungle, Tyson, Kerwin and the taxi driver Anthony.
M/M Phillips

Paradise! Thank you for making our honeymoon so wonderful. We’ll be back.
M/M Cope

We don’t want to go home! Everyone was wonderfully gracious but if you could point out the special people that would be: Vito, Al, Olivette and Meno.
M/M Williams

Otherwise taste, service and presentation were great.
M/M Winterberg

The room is incredible.
M/M Granatell

All the staff at Jade Mountain was so friendly and we noticed quite a difference in service and attitude over Anse Chastanet below. Overall Jade Mountain is the place to be – it is paradise and by far the best hotel on the island. We did venture out a few times despite the very bad road, but coming back was always a delight.
M/M McCourt

We love our stay.
M/M Patterson

A most spectacular vacation and very relaxing. It is beautiful, exquisite views to wake up to every morning.
M/M Peters

Being upgraded to Jade Mountain was a delightful treat we very much enjoyed. Thank you for the surprise! The extra space and additional facilities were delicious and appreciated.
M/M Park

The shuttle service (beach to pavilion) was quick and very helpful. All staff was very friendly and helpful.
M/M Black

Our airport reception and taxi arrangement were through barefoot holidays which gave great service. This place is very special; the view of the pitons is spectacular!
M/M Stiles

We loved everything! The best resort we have been to.
M/M Holdship

Thank you most of all for your cordiality, was fabulous “Seeing is Believing Package” and the opportunity all St. Lucia offers. You entire staff were courteous, kind and pleasant!
M/M Moran

We had an excellent stay and all of the staff were friendly, polite and went above and beyond.
M/M Fox

A superb facility with wonderful staff and magical experience. I will inform others of this experience.
M/M Blossom

It is unbelievably amazing –the sanctuaries are beyond relaxing –just what we needed.
M/M Feldman

Jade Mountain was nice hotel –great and very welcoming. The facilities are breathtaking, well-appointed. The food was excellent. Chef Jonathan was outstanding, cooking was great.
M/M Perlini

Where does one begin to say how much we always enjoy our stay here! This trip was no exception! In addition to Victor special praise should be noted for Captain Felix boat mate, Joevan and the adventure desk staff, particularly Natty and Vanessa. Fredrick always carries the loads with a smile and Teddy was an excellent major domo. All the waitresses provided time service; Marilyn, Kimberly, Gemma are all treasures. I can bring my groups just about anually. I return here again and again not only for the audience of resort itself but particularly for the time attitude and performance of the staff.
M/M Pugzles

In general, a very positive experience with lovely facility and lovely people. The food of Chef Jonathan was superb and the service at Jade Mountain was excellent.
M/M Cotton

It was outstanding service and very friendly staff at all levels. The very best vacation we ever took!
M/M DiStefano

Everything was wonderfully relaxing.
M/M Thomatos

We spent our first week in Anse Chastanet (9A) and find it to be as great as ever. Then we moved up here to Jade Mountain for 3 nights to include our wedding vow renewal. The move was done seamlessly. Our stay and the ceremony were beyond our description. We had a wonderful, marvelous time. Thank you!
M/M Gambescia

We would like to thank the staff of Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain for accommodating our needs. This being our honeymoon, it was our most important vacation. Thank you for everything this was without a doubt the best place we have ever stayed!
M/M Lee

Everything was phenomenal! The staff that made up our room was exceptional and the staff who so diligently delivered our food was amazing. I cannot believe they can carry all that they do and walk up and down these stairs! Just an amazing experience and the food are phenomenal.
M/M Peccia

Overall, Jade Mountain was like no place we had ever stayed which was precisely why we chose our stay here. We thought the sanctuary was fabulous and the pool was amazing. The whole experience was unique. It was a relaxing vacation. We also enjoyed the variety of excursions/activities that were available. Jungle biking was a memorable experience and Anse Mamin was beautiful and peaceful. The staff is outstanding.
M/M Lawless

Our room is fantastic and we were very pleased with the upgrade. Thank you, reception has been fantastic in particular Gifter. Everything we requested has been arranged by Teddy with no fuss. Thank you and housekeeping is excellent and very unobtrusive.
M/M Craig

( Major Domos) Vito and Al were the best. We will request then we come back. This place is amazing and everyone here is a class act and the service is unlike anywhere else in the world. Thank you for a wonderful honeymoon.
M/M Dorenbos

Other services/accommodations are amazing. We can simply put it – its beautiful butler service is `fantastic.
M/M Atkinson

The first activity we had was the Jazzy sunset cruise which was excellent. Our jungle bike and Tyson was very good. The waitresses at dinner had excellent conversation with Dwight, Earl, Ramiah. We enjoyed them very much. Daniella was very insightful about the island culture and menu selections.
M/M Boedy

Peter and the whole of Jade Mountain team, thank you so much for having me here and giving me a chance to experience Jade Mountain. I’ve had the most beautiful and amazing time right from the start, fantastic rooms, amazing setting and great facilities which made everybody’s holiday so special! Thanks again for making me feel so welcome. Thank you again for inviting me to stay at Jade Mountain. This is really amazing experience for me and highlight of my holiday. I don’t think I can find right words to express my feelings. Thanks again for the most wonderful welcome. I’ve had the greatest time and also huge thanks to all your wonderful staff. They made everything extra special. Please do keep in touch and let me know all the news about Jade Mountain.
M/M Sakarya

We have stayed in many highly rated establishments around the world, including the Caribbean and this is probably the best accommodation we have had for a “beach –type” holiday.
M/M Johnson

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Jade Mountain! The service was beyond our expectations and the beauty of the natural scenery is just incomparable!
M/M McClure

I loved it at Jade Mountain. Okeda and Teddy were amazing. Ty was great too! I loved it all. Maura and Dwight from dinner were also great!
M/M Rutchile

Everything about Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations. The level of service was impeccable. The facilities were amazing. The staff is the friendliest and most welcoming we have ever encountered.
M/M McDonald

The massage therapist was outstanding. The best in the profession.
M/M Rudolph

Thank you for everything and both the service and accommodations exceeded our expectations. We had such a wonderful time that we will definitely be back!
M/M Kane

What a wonderful stay! We can’t say enough good things about the service and friendliness of the entire staff at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet. Every meal was unique and delicious. The scenery can’t be beat and we loved the variety of activities offered including scuba, snorkeling, sailing, biking and just beaching it. We couldn’t have asked for a more memorable experience especially for our honeymoon.
M/M Monson

Hard to describe this was excellent to be sure. I am going to write a review for a traveler magazine. I will forward you a copy. All the best!
M/M Mills

We loved having major domos Al and Vito are the best and a pleasure to speak with. Kerwin was always an excellent captain and we will be sure to spend more sailing time with him on any future visits.
M/M Baxter

MARCH, 2010

No matter how many pictures you see of the property online –it is 100 times better in real life. Our experience was absolutely surreal and the staff made our trip. Thank you. We barely left our sanctuary as we were in awe of the view, facilities.
M/M Bhatia

To say that our stay was a rare experience would suggest we’ve had an equal –at least once –which we haven’t. Few could have thanks to the extra ordinary views, accommodations that redefine the very spirit of romance and service that brings all the lovely pieces together with class, distinction and the all important good humor. You folks have pampered us in a way that will make our honeymoon the epic and timeless event that most truly experience. Our deepest and sincere thanks to all.
M/M Goddard

Our vacation at Jade Mountain was extraordinary experience. The accommodations combined with the excellent service created a very rare and special time for my wife and I. Thank you seems far too insufficient.
M/M Cooper

The staff is very friendly and made us come with our soon at Jade Mountain feel welcome. Jonathan food was excellent. Thanks for my wife’s birthday cake!
M/M Campbell

Spa is great - there was good therapists.
M/M Abberley

It was a very relaxing romantic holiday. A different setting than the normal Caribbean resort made for an excellent holiday. Paradise at one with nature and very friendly and helpful staff! Architecture and ambience is outstanding. Thoroughly enjoyed Meno’s tours!
M/M Sell

It was lovely and service was exceptional.
M/M Richard

Service in the restaurants especially Jade Mountain was exceptional. Kimberly definitely brightens each morning with her smile and pleasant nature at breakfast. Earl, Jerome, Dwight, Alex and others always made dinner special but major domos made sure we had a wonderful time. Vito and AL were always able to provide what we needed.
M/M Loy

Overall an exceptional week. Service was excellent and the room was beyond our expectations. Services –tours, scuba, and spa were excellent. There was really nothing not to like. Every meal at the club was delightful.
M/M McManns

Everything was as perfect as usual.
M/M Vlasto

From the moment we stepped into the sanctuary we were transported into a permanent state of relaxation and happiness. Every single staff member exerted peacefulness and attentiveness. The architecture was mesmerizing but without the underlying resort ethos, it wouldn’t have been the same.
M/M Andrew

We loved staying at Jade Mountain. It was a real treat for us and now we are not sure how anything else will live up. We really felt comfortable here with the beautiful scenery, the amazing sanctuary, great food and wonderful service and people. It was everything we hoped for!
M/M Morrone

A beautiful setting with nice people and terrific service.
M/M Field

Everything else was wonderful.
M/M Funnell

We had the best vacation ever at Jade Mountain/Anse Chastanet. The understated but extremely elegant style of the sanctuaries, the restaurants and all the facilities was a welcoming respite, an oasis really. Your attention to detail from the afternoon tea to the Wifi, the electrical converters to the poems in bed at night make Jade Mountain a first class place to stay. We have been to the plaza and every other “exclusive” holiday, none has topped this.
M/M Shaikh

I loved the cool mint towels.
M/M Godin

Another very enjoyable stay all staff has been helpful and friendly and it is good to see some familiar faces.
M/M Turner

We stayed at Jade Mountain for last evening and it was breath-taking and awesome. The rest of the vacation was in Anse Chastanet and it was excellent also. We had an air-conditioned beach front room and it was magnificent. No complaints at all.
M/M Fernandes

We were so glad for the shuttle bus, they were very prompt. Wonderful service all very polite and excellent.
M/M Dehera

Anyway, the Jade Mountain is an incredible experience. The rooms seem directly taken from a movie. We loved it!
M/M Mattei

We have been coming to Jade Mountain for over 2 years and it did not let us down. Being able to be inside, yet outside in our sanctuary was fantastic beyond words. Gazing at the star filled night sky was breathtaking. I have never seen my husband this relaxed on any other vacation we have taken. At Jade Mountain Club the service and food were wonderful in preparation and service.
M/M Lebwoh

It was amazing; we will be back for sure!
M/M Mogal

Everything here at Jade Mountain was great from beginning to end. The sanctuaries are beautiful, quiet and peaceful. I can’t remember being as relaxed and contented as we have been here. The food in every restaurant was excellent – Jade Mountain Club was exceptional. Your staff is very friendly and out going, making every lunch and dinner a very enjoyable experience. The Anse Mamin beach was our favorite. The Anse Mamin beach was our favorite -#1 chef and #1 beach waiter were excellent and the cheeseburgers lived up to their reputation. The stone work around the palm trees is awesome. We were told the security person does this all himself. He has singled handedly made that beach spectacular and unique. He should be commended for his initiative and talent.
M/m Falajtar

Thank you for the night at Jade Mountain. Our stay on the beach was lovely but this was a fantastic way to end a very nice week. Hope to return.
M/M Howzeker

Dinner at Jade Mountain was excellent. The Indian restaurant on the beach was superb.
M/M Gliddon

This hotel outdid our expectations. The warmness of the staff, the pure romance of the sanctuary and the attention to detail ensured a fabulous vacation for us! It seemed that you wanted us to have a wonderful vacation as much as we did. We love that your hotel has limited guest capacity ensuring that your staff would recognize us and many even knew our names and room number when we encountered them. This made for a feeling of belonging and really is a special touch. Thank you for a fantastic experience at Jade Mountain.
M/M Salabor

We had an amazing time. The room was absolutely breathtaking and our stay was exactly what we needed to relax. We can’t put into words how delicious the food was. We live in New York and have thousands of excellent restaurants to choose from and we both agree that we had some of our favorite meals ever here.

We loved our experience here! Thank you for making our time here so special. We only have good things to say about our stay here at Jade Mountain!
M/M Smith

The food at Jade Mountain Club was the best in my opinion compared to the entire resort. Most of our lunches were at the beach. I will definitely recommend Jade Mountain to my friends and
co-workers in the US. Thank you so much for such an excellent service!
M/M Seelye

Heaven on earth which was fantastic with exquisite dining at Jade Mountain. A restful and a rejuvenating stay.
M/M Jeffrey

Another fabulous stay at the resort. We will be back and it was so good to see so many familiar faces, excellent once again.
M/M Franks

We loved our stay here!
M/M Scatdino

Love the cool mint towels!
M/M Godin

It is a very u unique resort set-up. The rooms are beautiful. The staff gave exceptional service. All staff was very friendly, courteous and accommodating.
M/M Humphrey



Amazing trips, be back next year and everyone was wonderful.
M/M O’Connor

The room was beyond the online description and pictures. It far surpassed our expectations. It truly was very restful, peaceful sanctuary.
M?M Pryors

All the staff was perfect, professional, friendly, make you face that there are no problems anywhere and that everything is done to make you feel good.
M/M Stoffaneller

A fabulous stay –surrounded for the most part with wonderful staff that are friendly and warm and helpful.
M/M Collins

This was our (30th anniversary) luxury vacation (Feb. 8, 1980). We had a wonderful time and hope to one day come back again. We will definitely promote this resort for honeymooners and romantic getaways.
M/M Zeron

We had a wonderful stay. The rooms are gorgeous.
M/M Martin

Overall we had a great experience. Everything was exceptional.
M/M Mann

Thank you for making our stay a dream to remember. Everybody that works here always have a smile on their faces and always make us feel important to have our stay perfect. We will be back next year for sure and I will tell a lot of people about this place. Thank you!
M/M Cardinal

Our stay was perfect. We would mention that everyone here was so helpful.
This was a most incredible vacation and we will be telling everyone!
M/M Schreiber

One of the most wonderful short vacations we have ever had. Environment, staff and everything was perfect!
M/M Frankel

We loved this resort –we’ve stayed at many quality places and this one is special. It was very romantic and delivered on many levels including the room, food and view. All were very impressive. St. Lucia has wonderful views and very nice people who clearly love to work at Jade Mountain.
M/M Bretz

The maid was very friendly and helpful. Sea and land tour particularly good guide in Anthony and sailing also excellent.
M/M Ranger

Breakfast in room was excellent.
M/M Wurzel

Our stay at Jade Mountain was heavenly. This was the classiest resort we have ever stayed at. The sanctuary was spectacular. All staff was extremely friendly and competent and the food was unbelievably good. Amazing cuisine, really and service was excellent.
M/M Zaldin

We had a delightful stay! Okeda and Teddy were very attentive to our needs and wishes. We so appreciated their efforts in making our vacation restful and memorable.
M/M Cudahy

The saxophone/jazz boat was great. I like the variety and quality of food in all restaurants we ate at Aspara twice. The security staff was friendly and always there –made your feel secure especially Donna. All the people who bought things to our rooms were polite, friendly and efficient. I remember Davidson in particular.
M/M Goebel

The best thing about Jade Mountain is the staff. Nothing was too much trouble.
M/M Pennell

The choice of nearby walks and activities was very good. Excellent staff. It is obvious they are very well trained.
M/M Durham

A breathtaking experience. The facilities (especially the sanctuaries) are gorgeous. I would definitely come back! The food was incredible and every single service staff member has been outstanding.

It is difficult to express in words how wonderful our experience was. Thank you for an amazing honeymoon. We will spread the word to our friends on our return and we will be back.
M/M Busbee

The friendliest of staff and the most beautiful accommodations and grounds. We loved our private infinity pool and breathtaking view. We enjoyed the excursions –jungle biking, zip lining and sunset sail.
M/M Anderson



We discussed this and decided that this was the best vacation we have had in 30 years of traveling. Thank you very much.

The Chef (Jonathan) at Jade Mountain made a significant difference to our stay. The culinary offering and wine list were superior to many comparable Caribbean properties. The Butlers are an outstanding service. Allen and Vito were perfect!
M/M Hasenoehrl

Both Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain have the most wonderful staff. The resorts are beautiful we enjoyed celebrating both Christmas and New Year here with superb food celebrating music. But most importantly all of the staff who looked after us made for a fantastic holiday. Your staff is un-improvable. Many thanks!!
M/M Macfarlane

We had the time of our life –will hopefully be back.
M/M Krull

All in all it was still absolutely fabulous!
M/M Brenninkmeyer

Everything at Jade Mountain was beyond our expectations. We were thinking about going to other places for our honeymoon but were told “there is nothing like it” and we couldn’t agree more. The staff was always courteous and helpful. The food was amazing. We will miss all of the great meals!
M/M Salame

It was an excellent experience. I will highly recommend the hotel.
MM Kijek

Earl at the Jade Mountain Club was exceptional. He always had a smile, whether serving breakfast or evening breads was always cheerful. Just a fabulous employee.
M/M Clarke

It is truly impossible to find the words to describe this amazing experience. From the food to the people to the structure itself, this has been a trip of a lifetime!
M/M Prutschi

The sunset private sail was great also. The captain and first mate were very courteous and made our last evening great.
M/M Sherri

Thank you very much to upgrade us in Jade Mountain, we appreciated it a lot! It was a very good and excellent moment.
M/M Jousset

After taking two trips and catching blue marlin on Friday and 2 white marlin and 2 blue marlin, though the resort and captain mike’s fishing. It was fantastic fishing in good company. Perhaps more clients would fish if you promoted fishing a bit more. Perhaps you should advertise the fact that big game fishing from the resort is fantastic.
M/M Farrer

Our sun sanctuary (JB6) was really stunning and we couldn’t bear to leave it. We were given it a day earlier than planned and that was massively appreciated as the contrast between here and our beach room in the Anse Chastanet was huge. The food and service in Jade Mountain was exceptional and the best last 3 days to our fantastic honeymoon. Thank you!
M/M Chambers

We were pleased with the service at Jade Mountain.
M/M Darvin

Wonderful experience compares only to Bali in friendliness and service. We stayed at Ladera for 4 nights but felt that service and friendliness was better at your 2 facilities. The food and was more to our liking than Dasheen.
M/M Johnson

The facilities were wonderful. The staff was so friendly and always helpful. We were loved being here.
M/M Scally

I wish we could clone the staff and bring them house to Ireland. The facilities were excellent but staff makes the vacation memorable.
M/M Linnane

We would just like to thank everyone right from the initial booking enquiry all through our vacation everyone has been outstanding. Everyone on reception Charles at the beach all at Jade club are a credit to the resort. Our room upgrade was much appreciated and my wife had a truly memorable birthday.
M/M Davison

This has been the ultimate relaxation vacation. The sanctuary view was breathtaking. The food was fabulous and the service unbelievable. Thank you for a true escape.
M/M Hair

The service is extraordinary. We only wish we could have stayed longer. We loved the food Apsara. Our experience was very positive.
M/M Palmer

Service in the evening at dinner was perfect! We had a dinner on the Celestral Terrace and our waiter Dwight went the extra mile to make it extra special. Service at breakfast on beach was very good. We really enjoyed the guitarist.
M/M Jackson

Randers and beach waitress did an excellent job! Always friendly as was Daniella and waitress at Jade Mountain.
M/M Pate

Outstanding design!
M/M Colley

Once again, a week in paradise! We loved our stay on Jade Mountain. The service is superior! Staff is all very helpful and friendly from taxi driver to boat captain and all workers in between –never had anyone that wasn’t just so nice and the accommodations also awesome! Jade Mountain was great!
M/M Noonan

We received 5 massages (Swedish) during our stay. Jonathan was the best out of what we experienced.
M/M Smilen

From the moment we arrived until the time we sadly had to leave – sheer heaven on earth, not just a wonderful hotel but a work of art. Thank you to everyone for making a truly memorable stay.
M/M Lawrence

The chef did a great job! I really appreciate the selection of vegetarian options. The day and evening housekeeping was great.
M/M Westbrook

We were in JC1 which was a fantastic room and your staff is really exceptional. The house keeping teams, waitress and waitresses, drivers, gardens, reception and concierge were fantastic.
M/M Robertson

Jade Mountain is absolutely amazing. We could not believe our eyes. I will be posting my pictures and comments on your face book site.
M/M Goodrich

In room breakfast was excellent. The sanctuary JE3 was breathtaking, surreal and the best view in our world travels, the staff was always “how is your day” –gracious and friendly.
M/M Waters

I loved our stay, which included our wedding on the beach service through our entire stay was perfect. We rarely needed major domos other than wedding day preparation. Food and service at Jade was fantastic. Our room was perfect. Overall, we were very impressed, felt pampered and relaxed throughout our stay.
M/M Reyer

The food at Jade Mountain Club was excellent.
M/M Sells

The staff made the week very special. This is the type of resort that you never question how much you spent due to the exceptional service and beauty of the resort.
M/M Snavelt

It is beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. Firefly phone was great, shuttles were great and all of staff we met was courteous and friendly.
M/M Marsha

Everyone is wonderful from the airport to the sanctuary. We were greeted as soon as we arrived with cold towels and a smile within minutes the drinks arrived that is when we knew we made the perfect choice. The entire staff should be congratulated on their performance always upbeat and pleasant always making sure your day is wonderful. We could not ask for more. Thank you!
M/M Saunders

From receiving a cool towel to the honeymoon bed display, Jade Mountain had indeed proved that they are truly “nothing but the best.” This is the first resort ever where the picture we saw on the website did not disappoint us. In fact everything was better than what we saw line! The service was exquisite (special thanks to the lovely concierge who escorted us to the hospital when I wasn’t feeling well). Thanks to you guys, St. Lucia is leaving unforgettable memories with us. As one person do perfectly put it. “It’s not St. Lucia itself that makes it great, it’s the people and we couldn’t agree more God bless you all.
M/M Kim



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