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Q and A with Nick Troubetzkoy

Share your creative vision of JADE MOUNTAIN with us.
NT: To create a cornucopia of organic architecture. It was imperative for us that this complex creative act was accomplished using the palette of indigenous materials lying at our very door step. Our mantra throughout, as well as being location, location, location, was as importantly also local, local, local.

Give us a word picture of JADE MOUNTAIN
NT: The traditional daunting hotel corridor has been transformed. The adventurous journey to your sanctuary is via a long suspended sky bridge to infinity which is yours and yours alone. Your entry door is a massive rough hewn slab of exotic tropical hardwood. Your first step inside creates an instant spiritual uplift. The infinity pool in front of you is a luminescent Persian carpet floating you out into space, to hover over the Caribbean Sea, hypnotized by St Lucia's magnificent Piton Mountains.

We understand that all 24 sanctuaries differ completely from each other. Are there any elements in common?
NT: The use of earth, air and water to give intense pleasure. The air has been cleansed by crossing countless miles of Atlantic Ocean. This air is the world's purest . If only you could bottle it and take it home with you. The Infinity Pool water is sanitized, softened and ozonated to the highest possible standard. The water's surface has been elevated well above your floor in a basin that puts it within arm's reach of your lounge chair for you to intimately interact with it. The earthy plants, stone walls and crushed coral finishes are all intimately connected to the environment.

When you combine earth, air, water and the ethereal view in this way, I believe you unlock a potential for an almost profound and magical level of enjoyment and celebration.


JADE MOUNTAIN and ANSE CHASTANET are under the same ownership. Nick Troubetzkoy is a Russian-Canadian architect hailing from the west coast of British Columbia where he studied at the University of British Columbia and worked with or studied under noted west coast architects such as Ron Thom, Bud Wood and Arthur Erickson. Troubetzkoy came to St. Lucia in the early 70’s when he was offered to work with a group of architects in St.Lucia to design vacation villas on the island. What was meant to be a brief stint in paradise, turned into a lifelong passion for the island and its people.

When an opportunity arose to purchase ANSE CHASTANET together with partners after his arrival on St. Lucia, Troubetzkoy did not hesitate and became the Managing Director. Revolutionary thinking runs in Troubetzkoy’s Russian veins, and from the outset, he was determined to revolutionize conventional thinking as to what a hotel room should look like and why one hotel room should not be a cookie cutter duplicate of the next.

Troubetzkoy’s love for large open spaces built in harmony with nature was first realized in his redesign of ANSE CHASTANET, and now has reached a new level of sophistication in his creation of Jade Mountain.

Jade Mountain is Troubetzkoy’s unique declaration of love for St. Lucia’s stunning beauty. From the outset, it was his foremost desire to create a unique living experience that would not only take full advantage of the unforgettable views of St. Lucia’s Piton mountains but to essentially allow the onlooker to float into space and become one with them.

At Jade Mountain, Troubetzkoy’s artistic creativity is seen in every corner and at every turn. He has personally overseen every aspect of the project, no doubt causing some of his team members to pull out their hair in the process. Troubetzkoy was determined to not only create a unique experience, but to give each suite a completely different personality. Not only do the suites and pools all differ in shape and layout, the furniture, wash basins and even the toilets do not repeat themselves.

Troubetzkoy has taken a particular interest in the recycled glass pool tiles which were designed in a symbiotic collaboration with David Knox of Lightstreams, an equally unconventionally thinking tile manufacturer, who – appreciating Troubetzkoy’s design approach – created a stunning iridescent reflective pool tile to match Nick’s revolutionary creations with some of his own. Each suite has different color pool tiles... from ruby red to amber to plum and to amazing shades of green and blue.

As with ANSE CHASTANET, it was Troubetzkoy’s determination to keep as much economic benefit as possible in the region. The entire project was hand built with work men from the local community of Soufriere. Troubetzkoy has a great respect for the woodworkers and masons of St. Lucia. The quality of the massive hand set stone work and wooden craftsmen finishes speak for themselves.

To create the unique individualistic effect intended for each suite, which all feature 15ft high ceilings, additional furniture pieces were brought in from a variety of designers to supplement the locally made furnishings. These designers include Environment Furniture, Janus et Cie and Box Furniture. By using a vast selection of pieces from these fine furniture manufacturers, Troubetzkoy was able to individualize each suite with an eclectic selection of furnishings.

In addition, Troubetzkoy collaborated with European bathrooms manufacturers Hans Grohe and Duravit. The suites feature dramatic faucets, porcelain sinks and toilets which also are different in each room. They are designed by the manufacturers’ teams of noted European designers such as Antonio Citteiro, Andreas Haug, Andreas Dimitriadis, Tom Schoenherr, and of course the ever ubiquitous Philipp Starck.

The living areas of the rooms are finished with tropical hardwood flooring and trims harvested in an environmentally correct way. JADE MOUNTAIN’s technicians actually visited the Rain Forest of Guyana and personally chose which trees to be used. A multitude of hardwoods has been used including Purpleheart, Greenheart, Locust, Kabukali, Snakewood, Bloodwood, Etikburabali, Futukbali, Taurino, Mora and Cabbage Wood.

The interior walls are finished in a crushed blush toned coral plaster quarried in Barbados. The exterior is in massive rough concrete and imbued with locally quarried stone, with all the window openings framed with massive 3 inch x 18 inch tropical wood mullions and muntins which are in -filled with movable jalousie louvres. Flooring exposed to the weather is finished in quarried coral tile.

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